CLARITY – Leaving Victimhood Behind Forever!

*Quest, straight edgesIt’s time to leave victimhood behind – forever!

I never thought of myself as a victim when I was younger in any obvious way. Yet I now see how much the attitude of victimhood permeated my self-image, in the sense of not knowing I had power over my own life.

Like many “sensitive souls,” I thought those who had a knack for life in the 3-D plane had it together. I found it harder to compete and put more energy into my inner life than my outer. I was a “victim” to my fears and inability to trust life and myself. 

Fast-forward many decades and I now understand much more about what’s possible in life and more about the role of “victimhood” generally.

I understand that even those whom the world deems successful are often “victims” too – reacting to pressures, expectations, and values coming from outside of themselves, not from authentic autonomy and choice.

And on a deeper level, the prevailing idea of what it means to be a human being – a limited personality contained in a mortal body – is a delusion based on victimhood, for the basic model is one of fundamental helplessness. (Do you agree?)

The only way to leave that fundamental victimhood behind forever is to step into our True Identity as spiritual beings, and start to experience the freedom, power, and joy to be found there. 

I can’t give you a formula for how to achieve that, but I came up with an acronym that may be  helpful: C.L.A.R.I.T.Y.

Here are some rules of thumb that are genuine antidotes to the unconscious victim mentality that most of us have without even knowing it:

C: Have Compassion for yourself and all you experience.

L: Choose Love for yourself, the world, others, and your divine source.

A: Pay Attention and be Aware of your feelings, thoughts, body, and actions, and of how you interpret your experience (what you say to yourself), and of what you really want.

R: Take Responsibility for where you put your energy: what you focus on, what you think and say, what you do that affects others, your environment, and yourself.

I: Be Intentional in what you choose to create and call into your experience.

T: Trust the higher Truth of your being as the Touchstone of your life and keep Turning Toward That and Turning Things Over to That. 

Y: Say Yes to the infinite potential of YourSelf with joY and plaYfulness. 

Or if you want a shorter version: 

Choose Loving Awareness, Responsibility, and Intentionality. Trust YourSelf. 


CLARITY – Leaving Victimhood Behind Forever! — 2 Comments

  1. Not knowing you have power over your own life is the victim mentality that is prevalent and pervasive in our culture, as you already know. I love this CLARITY model. It helps with my focus. Compassion, Trust and Yes really jumped out for me. Thank you for blessing our world with your guidance and support.

  2. Thank you, Dianne. I’m so glad Compassion, Trust and Yes jumped out at you. Rereading this after a long time, those are the ones that jump out at me too! 🙂
    Blessings to you.

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