Which “horse” is giving you more trouble?

Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 5.40.33 PMTwo forces are equally important if you want to live your highest potential. I think of them as the two “horses” pulling the chariot of your life and work.

One is the Horse of Purpose and the other is the Horse of Power.

The Horse of Purpose is an expression of your soul. It holds the vision,  inspiration, and joyful energy of your True Self saying Yes to its mission. This horse steers your chariot with its own built-in GPS and will guide you to your destination.

The Horse of Power, on the other hand, is ruled by your ego. It is also known as the Horse of Action. With its will, willingness, intention, and cooperation, it moves your chariot forward on the course provided by your soul’s direction.

Together these two horses form an unbeatable team and will carry you swiftly towards the fulfillment of your dreams.

But what if one horse is missing, or refuses to move? Or, as sometimes happens, what if they both are AWOL?

Sometimes our Horse of Purpose is asleep in the barn and we have to find and rouse him. Sometimes he has a Pegasus Complex and prefers cavorting in the clouds to being tethered to an earthly chariot.

And sometimes our Horse of Purpose is awake, harnessed, and rarin’ to go, frisky and full of energy. That’s when we’re ready to pursue our purpose!

However, even a lively and eager Horse of Purpose needs its partner. And all too often the Horse of Action is on sit-down strike, refusing to budge.“You want me to go THERE?” he asks. “Are you crazy? Don’t you know that’s dangerous? No way, Jose!”

What ails the Horse of Power? That horse is spooked by all the fears and limiting beliefs which, while only shadows, he takes to be real. These fears and beliefs, originating in your history, family lineage, culture, and collective thought fields, are preventing the chariot of your life from moving forward!

This is true of everyone. We all have these two horses, and they both must be harnessed, well-fed, and aligned together as a well-matched pair if we are to fulfill our desires and great visions.

And almost everyone I know has at least one horse, if not both, who are NOT functioning!

Which horse is giving you more trouble? Do you have a vision of what you want to do but something keeps stopping you?

Or does your vision elude you too?

The work I do focuses on getting these two horses to function as a powerful team, drawing your chariot forward swiftly and surely.

For the month of July I am offering 12 complimentary Wise Woman Waking Empowerment Sessions, where I will help you get more clear about your two precious horses and the relationship between them – and how you can get them to work together and make your chariot fly!

To book one of those sessions before they disappear, CLICK HERE!

Are you one of the Wise Women Waking?

The Quest InsertAre you one of the Wise Women Waking?

There is a movement happening throughout the world that you may not be aware of.

It is the movement of wise women awakening to their power and answering the call of their soul to contribute their gifts to the world. A lot of those women are in midlife or beyond. 

I want to give voice to this movement, and help activate this energy, of wise women who are ready to become the collective force that we are. Each of us is adding our particular essence to the awakening that is already changing the world.

Can you relate to this? If this is you, or you’re drawn to what I’m saying, I’d love to hear from you. 

How close are you to stepping into your full expression? 

Do you know what your full expression might look like?

Is something preventing you from moving forward?

What do you want more than anything? 

What would support your giving your gifts to the world?

How important is it to you that you achieve your dreams?

I want to know what you are grappling with and need, and I want to help you get clear and feel more empowered.


During the months of June and July I am offering some free Wise Women Waking Empowerment Sessions. 

At the end of this free 45-60 minute session, I guarantee you will have more clarity about:

  • your gifts,
  • your deep desire to help the world, 
  • the fears or doubts that hold you back, 
  • what you can do about those fears and doubts,
  • how much closer you are than you realize to achieving your dreams,
  • your next possible steps. 


Akashic Guides on Gemini Communication Energy

Screen shot 2015-02-04 at 7.47.14 PMI asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about the heightened communication energy of Gemini. This is what they said:

Communication is all around you, surrounding you in your world.

The airwaves are abuzz with the vibration of communication, sending and receiving all manner of information, connection, and cross-fertilization, implanting new seeds of life into the ever co-arising community of life. 

As you step into a field of heightened mental alertness, playfulness and receptivity it is well to remind yourself of the natural sources of communication as the basis of life. All is energy, all is the conversation of units of being, consciousness, and life pulsing around you. 

It is the most natural thing to be part of the ocean of movement to and fro. You do it silently with your thoughts and feelings, and you do it verbally and through all the means at your disposal. 

Life is communication, is sharing, is touching and being touched. See it this way and remove all thoughts of judgment or needing to be right. There is no wrong in the garden of life. There is just the blooming buzzing frolic of co-creativity that you all are part of. 

Enjoy that as summer reaches its zenith in your northern hemisphere and feel the life force you are all part of. 


Heightened Communication of Gemini New Moon

New Moon GeminiGet ready for a burst of energy and lots of great new ideas for communication projects – that means writing, teaching, speaking, broadcasting, connecting with others, networking.

Get ready for ideas to fly and your thinking to be supercharged with creative insights, plus a desire to ACT on them! 

The New Moon in Gemini (conjunct Mars, the planet of Action) happens Tuesday morning, June 16, and my FREE CALL about it will be Sunday, June 14th at 7 pm ET.  

Here’s the link to register for my call: 

The June 16th new moon conjunct Mars will help with:
Re-booting mental energy and taking action after Mercury retrograde put things on hold. A lot is ready to burst forth now. Get moving and do something!
Focus on career goals and big exciting projects.
Exploring multiple options. Be ready for change! 
Stimulation, activity, projects, networking.
Reconsider your priorities. Notice your thoughts and words that create your reality.
Journaling for creative ideas.

This coming New Moon in Pisces: 
Tuesday, June 16th at 7:05 a.m. Pacific, 10:05 a.m. Eastern, 3:05 p.m. GMT. (The intentions are best set around that time, or within 8 hours after, but within the next two to four days is fine.)

The areas to focus on when setting intentions include: 

  • Communication – This is a great time to work on writing, creating projects, teaching classes, public speaking. It’s also good to focus on communication skills like clarity, personal contact, and conscious listening. It’s a perfect time to mix and meet with colleagues or prospective clients, to network, to share, to be curious.
  • Learning – Focus on taking in useful information, researching, using the Internet, the print media and taking classes to expand your ideas and further your career. Be curious and expect unusual sources of knowledge to come to you. 
  • Motion, Mobility – Transportation of all kinds, and short trips and vacations (perfect for summer) may be on your wish list at this time.
  • Social Ease – The perfect place to practice those communication skills and share your creative ideas is meeting with people, enjoying quick-witted conversation, but also really listening to the other. Use acceptance and tact and enjoy the moment.
  • Logic – Your mind may feel sharper, your words more clever than usual, but make sure that logic is in balance with kindness. Use your logical clear insights to impel you into action on the projects that thrill you.  
  • Neighbors – Easy and friendly connections with friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers is part of the social ease of this sign.
  • Calm Overactive Mental Activity – Notice tendencies to get caught up in excessive questioning (when you could listen within and know the answers),  superficial cleverness for the sake of impressing or playing tricks with words, and impatience or criticalness. 
  • For health it concerns hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, lungs, breathing, (hay fever) and the nervous system. 

Here are some tips for how to use the New Moon energy to plant effective wishes/ intentions/ visions:

1. Write them by hand. (You might want to keep a New Moon Magic journal – that’s what I’m doing. Or you could write them on cards and keep them in a drawer.)

2. Choose more than one but no more than ten wishes or intentions. (To activate but not dissipate the energy.)

3. Wait until the actual New Moon time or 8 hours after (between 10:05 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern, on June 16th) or within 48 hours after that (through Thursday, June. 18th around 10 a.m. ET). Let the wishes form and choose the ones that feel most harmonious and right to you at that time. 

4. In phrasing your intentions feel free to use words such as “I choose, I intend, I create, I wish or want to experience, I request, I ask for, I call to me…..”  One good choice is “I accept these things — or something better — into my life now, for my highest good, and for the highest good of all concerned.” And then list what you want in the present tense. 

5. You might want to say them out loud after you write them down. 

6. Some recommend lighting a candle. Or picture the paper you’ve written your list on irradiated by light burning away all anxiety around your desires. 

Keeping our written intentions where we can refer back to them later, to see which actually came true, is part of this experiment. It’s also advisable to keep your intentions in mind, especially as the Full Moon approaches, the time for action. These intentions will also be powerful to review at the end of the year!

I have also created a NEW MOON MAGIC FACEBOOK PAGE for sharing our New Moon Intentions, if you’d like to do that. Please click on above link to join me there – and click “Join group” in upper right corner if you want to join.

I hope you’ll join me on MY CALL on Sunday at 7 p.m. Eastern.