Is love sweet or harsh? What is Love anyway?

Is love sweet like candy? Or can love leave us feeling imprisoned in the cold? 

What do we mean by Love anyway?

On the surface, love would appear to be the most ubiquitous, familiar, obsessed-over, celebrated and despaired over, intoxicating and infuriating, talked about, written about and sung about human experience, bar none.

I’m referring to “Romantic love,” of course, the kind being honored by hearts, chocolates, and cards today.

But is that really Love? If not, what is it? And if not, then what is love?

If you look at our chakras, you see that the human heart center is the pivot between the lower and the upper – between the animal, egoic, and survival-based aspects of our nature and our more expansive, generous and inspired potentials, that can open to the Infinite.

The dramas of Romantic love, so broadcast by popular culture, come from the fear-based, contracted, possessive-addictive needs of the separated ego that craves union, merging, value, and release – because it doesn’t have any of those things itself.

It’s like our lower aspects are longing for our higher ones without being able to transform and actually get there. No wonder it’s frustrating!

When we are in the trance of thinking we are only our ego, we can only crave – but we cannot truly love. Part of what we crave is a taste of merged bliss – the same merged bless we experienced as infants – which is really a taste of our own Divine essence.

That longing for merged bliss combined with the explosive sexual instinct creates the brew of need and passion reflected in our popular culture. It is based on the trance of being the separated ego, which is why it can lead to so much suffering.

Only Essence can really love. Only who you TRULY ARE can experience, give and receive true love without pain. For who you truly are lives in love, and IS love.

Because who you truly are resides in the unchanging, it can give without fear of loss, without need to control. When you are fully anchored in the Divine Love aspect of your nature, you exude love as a flower exudes its fragrance.

Fortunately for us human beings, we don’t have to be fully enlightened to have access to the great effulgent goodness of the Divine Love that is our true nature.

Fortunately for us, Divine Love is the one higher dimension that most easily seeps through into every-day human experience. 

Feeling true love – whether for a partner, a child, an animal, or anything else – is something we humans are actually good at. The human heart is open to feeling love, tenderness, compassion, and generosity. These are Divine dimensions, the ones closest to the human domain. And they are also every-day experiences available to everyone.

Feeling true love is blissful in itself without thought of reward. It is its own reward because consciously being our True Nature is bliss. And when we are our True Nature we automatically are filled with love which flows out of us naturally – so long as we don’t contract in fear and revert to the ego-trance.

This is the dance of humanity right now. We are on a perilous and magnificent edge of possibility – to enter more fully into our Divine nature and highest potential as powerful beings of Love.

For love is also a power – as the Divine is powerful. Love is the creative force of the universe!

What can the full range of human relationships look like, feel like, be like when we all wake out of the trance of limitation and remember who we truly are?

Do you think this might change the world?

It is up to you and me to lead the way.

*     *     *     *     *      *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

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My best card reading ever! (Are you a lighthouse too?)

The two cards shown here have been sitting on my night table for almost a year. I don’t look at them often, but when I do it’s usually  because I need a lifeline to help me keep going.

In fact, I’ve not consulted any other cards since I pulled these two. They told me all I needed to hear, in a miraculous way.

At the time, I had just taken a huge step in my business. I had decided to change my brand – from Your Time to Bloom to Soul Guidance For Your Business.  Out of Doreen Virtue’s “Life Purpose” deck, I pulled the card to the right, “Career Change.” 

The message was one I longed to hear: “You are embarking upon a career that brings you the joy and abundance you desire and deserve.”

Then, from the Goddess Guidance deck, I pulled – of all things – the goddess of Blossoming (looks like Blooming). And the message? “You are just getting started, so have patience with yourself and the process, and do not give up.” 

And that’s not all. . .

Not only did reassurance come from “Blooming,” my old business – but the “new career” card showed a Lighthouse. And I knew that my rebranding was a decision to finally step into my role. . . as a Lighthouse. 

A lighthouse is “a beacon of light and pillar of strength,” words I had been hearing in my head for decades. Now, finally, the time had arrived and I felt ready to commit to playing the role I knew my soul was here for (along with many other souls at this time of transformation).

That’s still not all. Weeks after I had placed those cards by my bed, I noticed something that now seems embarrassingly obvious.

The Celtic goddess of Blossoming, Aeracura, is depicted as an orchid. It doesn’t take much imagination to see that orchid as a symbol of female sexuality. After noticing that, glance over at the lighthouse. I don’t have to spell out the male nature of that image.

Together, these two cards hold the essence of male and female energy– which I take to represent the union, partnership, or divine marriage of my own inner male and female energies. This union is absolutely needed for wholeness, and for the fulfillment of one’s highest potentials, the receptive and active, yin and yang.

Why do I share this with you?

To let you know that :

  • stepping into one’s purpose is a process; 
  • fears and doubts keep arising throughout that process;
  • what is most important is that you don’t give up; 
  • it’s okay to sometimes need reassurance and reminders to keep going – in fact, that’s normal.

And to let you know that support – and messages from the Divine – can come from many sources.  And they do come!

In fact, the more we commit, the more help we get.

I have decided to finally take those cards down from their place on my table and return them to their decks. I feel their job is complete, they have carried me to the point of stepping in.

Now the work begins!

How about you and YOUR sacred work? How about what YOUR soul is here for? Are you ready to begin?

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What sack of stones did you grab from Heaven?

It’s the beginning of February – one month into the “rocket-ship” year of 2013, in which it will be easier than ever to manifest our purpose and birth our Sacred Work. Because of that, we must eliminate the obstacles that continue to hold us back.

I had a vision recently that puts a radical re-frame on those obstacles.

It came to me one day when I was thinking about my own “issues” – those behavior patterns, limiting beliefs and self-images that seem to have conspired to keep me “stuck” for what seemed like eons. It was like I was living inside of invisible walls made of impenetrable plexiglass. So long as I didn’t try to venture beyond those limits I was fine. I could even delude myself into thinking I was free. But whenever I contemplated going beyond them I hit up against all the “reasons” why what I wanted was impossible or doomed to failure. So much so that I even stopped wantingcertain things. The plexiglass walls always stopped me.

I bet you know what I mean.

So here’s what came to me:
I don’t believe our “stuff” is meant to stop us. Just the contrary. It’s here to be transformed. It’s here to provide the resistance that will help us develop stronger “soul muscles,” capacities that will allow us to do what we came here to do, and to evolve our souls.

Then I saw that when we transform our personal issues we not only free ourselves, but we also do a service for all of humanity. I know this to be true because of the energetic nature of reality and the matrix of collective consciousness in which we are all inextricably connected.

And then the next piece came to me. Maybe what we’re working on is not really ours in the first place. What if we’re doing this work mainly as a service? What if it actually comes from the collective consciousness as much as (or even more than) it comes from our own individual life path or karma?

There’s an image I often have when contemplating my soul’s choices. In this image I’m in Heaven, sitting on the edge of a cloud with my legs dangling down, looking down at Earth, deciding to do another dive into a human body for another incarnation.

This time I’m ready to jump down there, very excited and joyful, thinking of all the wonderful things I’m going to do, people I’ll see, and the great work we’ll accomplish. I’m just about ready to jump, with my knapsack over my shoulder (I’ve never figured out what’s in it), when someone reaches out to me and say, “Oh, would you mind taking this with you too?”

“What is it?” I ask.  “It’s a sack of rough stones. We’d like you to polish them during your life time. Along with your other work – it’s one more assignment, if you’re willing.”

“Oh, sure, I can do that, easy,” I declare, and grab the bag and leap down.

And so in this vision I saw that part of our “assignment” in incarnating was to take some rough stone – some issue, some obstacle, some part of the collective thought form – and polish it until it gleams – on behalf of all mankind. What a gift!

Some of us took on anger, some took on feeling outcast, some took on a fearful nature, or an abusive parent, being born into poverty or even an illness – whatever.

The point is, if this vision is correct, a lot of what we struggle with is not really “ours.” Or it’s not ONLY ours. And it’s not a curse – but an opportunity. And not only an opportunity to transform and strengthen ourselves, but an opportunity for service, on a level that we can’t see or even comprehend.

Since I received that vision, I have viewed my personal struggles in a completely different way. It’s just not possible to feel like a victim anymore, when I see how eagerly I agreed to take that bag of stones and do a little extra service. Nor can I beat myself up for having had such a hard time in certain aspects of my  life. It’s not my fault! (In fact, you could say it’s kind of noble to have agreed to take this on.)

What about you? What are your rough stones? How does it feel to contemplate this radical re-framing of what you may have felt was your “curse” or may have blamed yourself for as your failure? Can you see the nobility of your soul’s willingness to take on that extra effort for the sake of helping in the transformation of humanity?

When you see it in this way, it can give you renewed energy to engage with those issues, without your inner critic harassing you. It gives you more hope and determination too.

Because you know there’s nothing wrong with you!

It’s time to move beyond staying “stuck” in our “stuff.” We don’t have time to keep hiding our light – for whatever reasons. After a while that becomes an indulgence. 

And there are plenty of ways to polish those stones till they gleam. If you’re too close to see how to do it – ask for help!

(In fact, if you want help identifying and polishing your rough stones, inquire about a Free Discovery Session with me.)