Bridging Heaven & Earth: Is Your Needle Blunt?

Needle + Thread graphic If you’re a spiritual entrepreneur we’re basically in the same business. I call that business Bridging Heaven and Earth.

What does that really mean?  Here’s how I see it:

Your soul has a unique thread of light, with its own color and texture, to contribute to the transformation that is happening now. Without your thread the fabric of the new reality will be incomplete, there will be a gap in the design that is taking form.

It’s your job to bring your thread of light down from the Heavenly realm of your inspiration and have it enter the Earth plane where it can be part of the weaving of the new reality.

How do you bring your thread of light into the world?  How do you add your thread to the new fabric that’s being woven?

You need a needle so that your thread can actually be sewn into the fabric, not hover above it.

And your needle is your business.

Your business is how your light can enter the world. Your business is one of the best vehicles for bringing your soul’s light into the world.

But first you must bring your thread down from the vast, sometimes amorphous, field of Heavenly inspiration and spin it until it is fine and focused enough to go through the eye of the needle.

And the needle itself must have a sharp enough point to pierce the fabric of reality and enter it so that you can deliver your contribution.

If your thread is fuzzy or your needle is blunt your light will not enter the world, but will hover above it. You will not be truly bridging Heaven and Earth, but just thinking about it.

This means that your vision and your business must be clear – super-clear, specific, and focused. The clear, sharp focus of your business is the pointed end of the needle that brings your soul’s light into the world where it can help people and create real change.

Then you will be doing your job of Bridging Heaven and Earth.

I see too many spiritual entrepreneurs who have fuzzy threads and blunt needles.

We need your light! We need you to sharpen your focus and clarify your business so that your amazing gifts can do the most good. And so your soul can have the impact it longs for and took birth for.

I help people like you clarify their vision and their business. I can help you do that too.

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I wish you great fulfillment Bridging Heaven & Earth.