One-on-One Sessions

One on One Sessions

How to work with me individually

Below are the main ways I work with clients.
If you’d like to hire me for any other kind of coaching,
spiritual or healing support, just ask me about it.
We can create a CUSTOMIZED program just for you!

The focus of my work is to help you…

~ Gain clarity about your soul’s calling and your gifts…
~ Clear emotional barriers, fears, and limiting beliefs that hold you back…
~ Clear karmic imprints, past life trauma, and negative energies from your field…
~ Connect to your Higher Self, the voice of your Soul…
~ Become empowered to activate your highest potentials…
~ Form a vision to move towards, to bring your highest potentials into reality…
(whether as a business, a creative project, or some other form of expression).

Clarity Insight Session
Book a 45-minute session (for only $80) to gain clarity and insight about your issues – what’s ailing you, what’s calling you, and what you need right now – and to see if I’m the person to help you. The fee is 50% off my usual one-hour charge. Plus, the fee will be deducted from any service or package of $300 or more, if you choose to purchase one. This is a “get to know you” session, not a “solve your problems” session – but one in which there is often some counseling, coaching, and guidance involved as I respond to what you share. And if I see a clear path forward for how I can help you more, I will let you know what I see.

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Soul Plan Readings
A Soul Plan Reading is what I recommend as the perfect first step on your journey of discovery, healing, and empowerment!

A Soul Plan Reading will help you discover your life purpose and soul’s gifts, as well as challenges that may be holding you back – and how to move beyond them. You will receive guidance for how to activate your highest potentials so you can live your purpose and most fulfilled life.

Soul Plan is a modern form of esoteric numerology based on ancient  Hebrew Kabbalistic knowledge, A Soul Plan reading will reveal to you your worldly and spiritual challenges, talents, and goals, as well as your Soul Destiny – your core essence and purpose.

This method answers many questions and reveals hidden secrets of your soul. It will show you the highest potentials of your soul for this life. You will learn valuable insights into what has been blocking you and how to move forward. You will learn where to focus your attention and energy to fulfill your highest potentials.

Depending on where you are in your current life’s journey, a Soul Plan Reading will explain many of the difficulties you may have grappled with earlier – and perhaps resolved. And it will show you what is waiting for you as you continue to evolve.

A Soul Plan Reading is a perfect first step to working with me, as it will reveal which aspects of your life may need healing and what direction your soul is calling you in. It is a perfect way to clarify your highest potentials, what is in the way, and how to move forward to fulfill your Soul Destiny.

Following a Soul Plan Reading, we can more easily discern what would be your next best step on your healing and transformation journey.

Single Session: $175
Follow-up Sessions (relationships, etc.) : $100 each

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Channeled Sessions
As a Divine Source channeler, I will channel your Higher Self or Source Creator directly
to shine a light on any situation. We can look at work-related issues, creativity, relationships, spirituality, your purpose and how to express your innate gifts. We can help you see new possibilities for your life. These powerful sessions can take you in new directions. They are 90 minutes (or more) in length. Starts with a free consult, followed by either a live 1-1 session, or remote channeling sent in writing with an optional follow up live session.

Channeling Loved Ones on the other side.
Do you have loved ones who have passed on with whom you’d like to reconnect, ask questions, receive their guidance, love, and wisdom? I can pierce the veil and contact your loved ones for you and establish a two-way communication. We can work together to develop a series of questions to be asked either in a 1-1 session or remotely.

Single Session: $225 – includes consultation and follow-up call
Two Sessions: $400
Three Sessions: $575

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Compassion Key – Healing with Self-Directed Compassion!
We all carry wounds from our childhoods that may play out in lifelong limitations, harmful behavior patterns, or emotional suffering. Our  traumas and wounds are often hidden or frozen, making it hard for us to heal and move forward.

Compassion Key is my premiere method of healing and I have witnessed many miracles facilitating sessions for clients.

It is an amazingly powerful yet simple method that is the most liberating form of inner child healing I’ve discovered. It helps you clear wounds from this life and past lives, as it goes deeper than most modalities, to work with the karmic roots of your issues. As you apply your own heart energy to dissolve painful memories, patterns, and karmic imprints, the frozen inner part receives your love and compassion and undergoes a deep transformation, softens, and is ready to be re-integrated into your being, so you can become more whole. Oppression can lift and lifelong patterns can dissolve in an instant.

There is nothing this method can’t address, as your higher self is guiding the process. Many people report life-changing results in just one session. If you have not experienced Compassion Key yet, I would love to share the miracle of this magical modality with you.

As a Certified Compassion Key Master Practitioner and Circle Leader I can honestly say that CK is one of the most effective tools in my toolbox – among very many I have learned.

Single 90 minute Session:  $175
(Packages available – please inquire)

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Soul Guidance Coaching/ Mentoring ~
with Healing & Channeled Guidance

You are a unique soul and deserve attuned sensitive attention to what you need on a personal and on a soul level.

My integrated approach to mentoring is designed to help you move forward on your soul’s path.

I recommend starting with a Soul Plan Reading.

Depending on where you are in the process, you will
~ gain clarity about your vision and how to shape it,
~ see where you may be stuck,
~ use skillful means to clear those blocks,
~ determine your next steps,
~ make a plan to move towards them, and
~ go about implementing that plan.

Whether your goals are emotional freedom, spiritual evolution, or practical advances and change, such as creating a business, we will access the highest guidance to help you get there.

Using a combination of insightful exploration, wise counseling, career planning, emotional support, spiritual guidance and healing, connecting to your higher self with channeled guidance, while clearing blocks with Compassion Key and other tools – this creative and dynamic approach is designed to accelerate your breakthroughs.

The work can be structured in different ways, depending on  your need.

My approach is fluid and flexible, responding to your needs and desires and drawing upon my intuition and ample toolbox. We co-create what it is right for you, and pivot when we need to. I am known for being highly attuned and able to “see” another person deeply and truly, in a way that is rare. Each adventure with a client is unique, as your soul is unique. I emphasize insight, healing, and connection to your Soul’s essence.

Contact me or book a Clarity Insight session (above) to discover if this is right for you and what’s the best way to proceed. Whichever way it goes, you will gain more clarity and more insight into yourself and your situation.

P.S. One of my specialties is clearing negative energies and entities, if that is one of your concerns.

Single 2-hour Session: $225
Three 90-minute Sessions: $525 
Six 90-minute Sessions: $900
Ten 90-minute Sessions $1200 (best deal)

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“Answering Your Soul’s Call After Fifty” Mentoring
This three to six month mentoring program is designed for women past 50  who are ready to finally answer their inner call, who are seeking clarity about their purpose, and wish to make a contribution to the world. They know their time is now and are not willing to put it off any more!

Includes channeled guidance.

Total program: $2500

CLICK HERE to learn more about this program.

Contact me if interested.

We can also create CUSTOMIZED programs just for you to fit your time and budget. CONTACT ME if you’d like to create such a special program.