Renewal and Rebirth

It’s Easter – a time of rebirth, renewal, Spring –  and the Goddess! (Even Jesus is now seen by many as an embodiment of the female or Mother aspect of God!)

The egg as a symbol has always been central for me, including when I was an artist.  I painted many eggs, shells, and other natural objects which, in retrospect I recognized as belonging to the realm of Female Divinity.

More and more we are moving into a time of renewal, and of the rising of the Feminine Divine essence. Whether we are male or female in our current body, the energy of the Divine Feminine can flow through us as a stream of living light that fills and overflows our heart. For in that way we will help heal the world.

I also see that in order to be that channel for healing that we were born to be, most of us still have some work to do within our own psyches – and a lot of it has to do with overcoming the residual fears and sense of limitation that we have inherited from our culture and lineages. At core, it comes from identifying with the separated ego, thinking that is who we are. 

I just recorded a 24-minute segment for the radio show, Monday Morning Coffee (part of the Creating Calm Radio Network, in which I am honored to participate).

In  that segment I review my four favorite (and very powerful) ways to banish fear. I’d love for you to listen to this – I think it’s the best short audio I’ve done so far.

As my gift to you, I’m offering that segment for you to listen to right here:

You can also access the whole wonderful broadcast by clicking HERE.

 Wishing you much joy of renewal and rebirth now and going forward. I’m so glad we’re all here together to help bring in the new world! I know that together we can do this!

The Sublime Mystery of J.S. Bach

I have been luxuriating in a very healing experience – an immersion in the music of J.S. Bach for the past week, as WQXR-FM, a classical music station in NYC (my home town) has been playing ALL of the master’s music 24/7, from March 21st (his birthday) till Easter Sunday.

Bach has always been my favorite – and I know I’m not alone.

I’ve been pondering today what it is about his music that affects us so deeply, placing it for many in a category all its own. And something became clear to me.

What I hear in Bach’s music is an insight into the workings of the Universe – or (as he would doubtless prefer to say) into the mind of God.

What I hear is perfection and power of Mind combined with fathomless depth of Heart, embodied in endlessly varied Form.I hear mathematical complexity, order, and fractal patterning infused with total Love. I hear each dimension expressed at full throttle, holding nothing back – with each new invention adding to the inexhaustible creative drive, energy, and resource of the Creator.

I hear infinite tenderness, passion, joy, freedom, power, playful delight, and serene detachment expressed in turn, personal and impersonal at the same time.

I hear vast structures and intricate particularity, macro and micro expressing with the same precision even to the cellular, or atomic level.

I hear fully released intensity and unstoppable forward propulsion – just as the relentless creativity of Great Mind hurtles ceaseleslly, unfolding itself through evolutionary space/time.

What is the mystery that allow a “mere” human being (he looks ordinary enough in the images passed down to us) to bring through such vast, interconnected perfection?

I bow to the mystery and accept the gift of music, as I accept the gift of life, of cosmos, of Mind, Heart, and Form.


What if your fear isn’t really yours?

I’m working on some themes around how to deal with fear.  This is part 1 – having to do with the idea of Collective Consciousness as a source of much of our fear.

With all the influx of intense new energies, deluge of information, instability of our familiar institutions and uncertainty of the future – to say nothing of the financial shakiness many are experiencing now – there’s a lot of fear and anxiety going around.

This week I’m starting a series of messages on the topic of fear, because it’s been up for me and I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

Here’s one radical conclusion I’ve come to: Most of the fear we experience is not really ours. It doesn’t even belong to us.

I know because I speak to lots of people – and because I’m not immune to it myself.We live in a sea of collective consciousness – though few of us realize that. And that field of consciousness is like a blanket surrounding the planet made up of accumulated energies and thought forms, mostly having to do with fear and discord.

It’s kind of like Eckhart Tolle’s concept of the Pain Body, but on a planetary scale.

We are influenced by it, of course through the media and those we talk to. And we’re influenced by it energetically – just as we in turn can have a positive influence on that collective field every time we raise our own consciousness.

But it is important to know that not everything we’re feeling is really ours. We tend to take it very personally, and this compounds our suffering.

Also, there are ways to deliberately disconnect from the collective thought field. This form of “mental hygiene” is as important as washing your hands when you’ve been out in public touching doorknobs and handrails.

I’ve gotten in the habit of noticing when that happens and protecting myself from germs. Lately I’ve also started to tell those collective thought forms to be gone, as well.

I talked about how I do that in last week’s Monday Morning Coffee. So if you want to know my method, you can listen to it right here.

Then make a habit of listening to the show every Monday by connecting HERE.

Will Women Save the World?

Today, Mar 8th, is International Women’s Day!

This got me thinking about the role of women in global transformation, and why women are so essential to creating a new reality on Earth.

Some of you know that the Dalai Lama said “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” (Yes, it’s true – he said that at the Vancouver Peace Conference in Sept., 2009.)

I don’t know what he had in mind, but I’ll tell you what think.

At this momentous time in history many souls have been born with a time-release capsule deep within our soul, programmed to go off, telling us “I must do something more with my life.. .the world needs me, how can I help?” 

Many women in particular have this time release going off now.

I believe that those of us born female chose this birth because we could contribute something desperately needed now, that is natural to women.

You may have heard that little girls are instinctively drawn to bonding and connection, while little boys lean towards individuation and competing. We’re actually hard-wired this way,it’s not just how we’re trained. 

Well, that’s just what the world needs if we are to survive:more bonding and connecting, and less separation and competing. This is what the “new paradigm” is all about.

That’s why it’s time for the female perspective to gain ascendancy: These innately female values are  actually needed for the survival of the species!

It’s time for humanity to reverse its priorities:

  • from short term gain to sustainability,
  • from wealth to life,
  • from competition, dominance, and the love of power to cooperation, collaboration, and the power of love.

From “me or you” to “me and you.”

And why is it the Western woman who will save the world?Third World women are making incredible advances too. But it’s the Western woman who, for the first time in history, has the education, affluence, and opportunity required to have real impact on the global stage.

We women finally have the freedom to develop our brilliance, creativity, and power, our genius and spirituality.

I don’t think it’s an accident that all these influences are converging – the urgent need of the world, a spiritual influx of energies, and the maturation of the Western woman.

I believe there is a force that is helping us to not just survive but thrive, and ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

You know, that instinct for cooperation, collaboration, and benefiting the whole that is natural to women? That is also the way of Nature. And Nature has always been personified as female, as mother. The Earth and Nature embody that female principle.

I think we are being helped by cosmic and spiritual energies and by the consciousness of Earth herself.

Not only women, but also enlightened men are now looking through this unitive lens. (Take the Dalai Lama as one example.) The holistic view of reality is even starting to be embraced by science!

Because of all of these amazing shifts happening together, I have great hope that we can birth the new reality in time! But only if each and every one of us does our part!

Are you doing YOUR part?

What is YOUR role in global transformation? I know you have one!