How does compassion heal?

  One of my ongoing clients recently complained “I still think I’m that little kid!” What she meant was, she had trouble not believing that was still who she is, even though in our sessions she could see the bigger picture. (This client’s issues make her process gradual.) I explained to her how our consciousness is a shape-shifter. It believes itself to be whatever part of self is up at the moment – and it always calls that part ‘I’ or ‘me’ because we don’t have another word for it. Like most of us, you probably tend to say “I am … Continue reading

Am I Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

  I’ve had quite a year – for the better! And I want to pull back the curtain for you a bit now. In the past year my work life has had a 180 degree positive change, NOT due to any initiative of my own. I was “recruited” by two different organizations to do healing work for them, providing me with wonderful clients and many new opportunities. In the process I’ve become part of two different teams of healers, enriched my learning and my healing abilities immensely, taken a deeper dive than ever before into the very source of what … Continue reading

Pray for World Peace

  I just created the above social media post and decided to share it with you too. In fact, this is a quick dive into what I’ve been referring to as Empowered Prayer. Now it’s more important than ever – so why not have a crash course? The prayer I’m sharing with you has a magic ingredient. We call them “mega” prayers – because they’re long. Too long to memorize, obviously. Kind of bulky and detailed and even technical. That’s because we’re spelling out exactly what we wish the divine realm to do for us. This is not about poetry … Continue reading

The most important thing you need to know

  Is there anything today that we can know for sure? In a world in which it is harder and harder to know what is true, whom to trust, what to believe….  … in which language keeps losing its meaning… … in which up is down, right is left and there are no shades of gray….  … where can you find anything stable on which to rest? What can support us in a time of flux, chaos, and often seeming madness? Is there any anchor in this storm?  Yes, there is one thing and one thing only that you need … Continue reading