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March 24th – April 1st, 2015

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“Mini versions” (45 minute sessions) of some of my most popular offers, such as:

* Akashic Reading for Your Business!
Consult the Akashic Record guides for insight into your business purpose and potentials. Normally I offer this as a package for $450, and it is my MOST popular service (with many rave reviews).

* One-Shot Business Strategy Session
Do a laser dive into any aspect of your business – your niche, brand, marketing – that you’re uncertain about. People have come away with a new business plan in one session.

* Belief Closet or EFT Session to transform beliefs (or other blocks/issues)
Limiting beliefs are the central block that keeps business owners stuck. We can quickly identify a core belief and do some work on unraveling it in one session. I am passionate about working with limited beliefs. Unless we get free of these, we stay stuck, no matter how brilliant, talented, loving and spiritual we are.

* Inner Child or Past Life healing
Sometimes our blocks are being held by wounded inner parts – including unconscious past life memories. It’s possible to heal and release those imprints through applying loving compassion in a targeted way. This is deep and beautiful work and utterly transformative.

* Fingerprint Analysis for your Life Purpose & Lessons
Our fingerprints hold the information about our life purpose and lessons. If you send me photos I can interpret them for you. This is fun and amazing – and can be life-changing!

* Soul Guided Copy Writing (branding message, web copy, etc.)
One of my “genius” gifts is language, including strategic writing for business. Combined with my intuitive gifts, this often leads to downloads of inspired words that you can use directly for your copy, tag lines, and more. I love doing this, and it helps you – so let’s do it!

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PRODUCTS ($100 for all of these)

Single Bundle includes:

Five of my most powerful Audio Seminars & Guided Journeys and Meditations

1. Sack of Stones – “Life-changing” perspective-shift on your “problems” or whatever you have blamed or shamed yourself for! Very powerful paradigm-shifting process plus complete call.
2. Weaving the New Tapestry –
Find your particular thread in the new creation!
3. Your Soul’s Decision to Incarnate –
Connect with the energy of your soul and its joy and excitement about this life time!
4. From the Dark Room to the Sunlit Garden –
This is key to making the shift from your conditioned ego self to your Higher Self and all its possibilities.
5. How to Bust Through Your Fears – I share numerous creative and unusual ways to deal with fears when they come up.

Plus 3 PDF essays on Late Blooming and Spiritual Business – What you need to know, to be an Inspired Entrepreneur.



MY ORIGINAL ART!!! ($100 for each piece of art)
**Something you may not know about me is that I was an
exhibiting artist in NYC for 20 years.**

Click on images to enlarge.

All works are on museum-quality materials.
Giclee silkscreen prints are reproductions of my paintings.
TransferCollages use unique Polaroid image-transfer prints onto paper or silk,
mounted on painted paper, silk, or muslin, and are based on details of my paintings.


Snuff Bottle:Moth SnuffBottle&Moth
Giclee SilkscreenPrint
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The Quest The Quest
Deckle edges
Giclee SilkscreenPrint

*Quest, straight edges The Quest
Straight edges

Night Journeys Night Journeys
Giclee SilkscreenPrint

Two Kumquats 2 Kumquats

on Paper

Shell on Gold Ground SOLD
Shell on Gold
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Etching w Orlando 2 SelfPortrait w Cat

Self Portrait in Convex Mirror SOLD
Self Portrait in

Convex Mirror
Oil on Board
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collage paper blue bird TransferCollage:
Bird- Blue
Print on paper
collage paper Aegean SOLD

Athena Head
Print on paper
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collage paper bird:wine glass TransferCollage:
Stuffed Bird
Print on paper

collage paper lily bud TransferCollage:
Lily Bud
Print on paper

collage paper tulip TransferCollage:
Print on paper

collage paper poppies TransferCollage:
Print on paper

collage silk apricots TransferCollage:
Print on silk

collage silk dragon fly SOLD

Print on silk
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New Rabbit TransferCollage:
Rabbit Mold
Print on silk

collage silk Victorian girl TransferCollage:
Victorian Girl
Print on silk

Fish re-do TransferCollage:
Print on silk

collage silk fish + book TransferCollage:
Fish + Book
Print on silk

Standing Carnations TransferCollage:
Print on silk

Carnations 4 TransferCollage:
Carnations 2
Print on silk

new poppies TransferCollage:
Print on silk

collage silk:white blossoms+bottle SOLD

Print on silk
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collage silk Jewish Star SOLD

Tibetan star
Print on silk
(Traditional Tibetan

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* Creating the Change You Want in 8 Powerful Steps
* 14 Keys to Birthing Your Sacred Work

* Energy of Abundance Invocation + Audio version
* Are Any of These Inner Parts Keeping You From Success? (with Cartoons)
* 7 Keys to Belief Transformation: How Healing the Wounds of your Chakras Will Free Your Passion, Purpose, Power, and Prosperity.


*Tomar video shot 2Tomar Levine is a coach, writer, speaker, teacher, and visual artist. She was an exhibiting artist in New York City for 20 years before changing direction and becoming an Intuitive Life Purpose and Career guide. She is currently the owner of Soul Guidance for Your Business, where she helps women in midlife and beyond discover and give their gifts to the world in the form of a soul-inspired business.

She will soon publish an illustrated parable, It’s Never Too Late to Bloom – and she’s the expert on that! You can learn more about her work at

Akashic Message: Solar Eclipse 3/8/16

Solar Eclipse
I asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about the powerful energies of the solar eclipse in Pisces. This is what they said:



There is nothing to fear, dear ones. 

As the powers gather in the heavens we reach out to you in love. 

We open a doorway for you to step through. And another one.  And another. 

These opportunities to transcend and ascend do not stop coming. 

There is reason in the timing, and for each their perfect portal will be the one they say yes to. 

Saying yes is the first step. Trusting deeply in the rightness of all that unfolds, despite appearances. 

Say yes to honor your own perfect path that you have come to walk. 

When there is fear, listen within to the voice who keeps you company.

Speak in the still hours to the voice within you and it will respond.

You are not alone. 

Be not afraid for all that is coming. Your voice will bring light to others. 

Step into the light within the darkness and let it purify you. 

Be of good cheer, the crowning light of the sun is near 

and it blazes in your heart. 

This is for each and every one –

You and you and you are being called now, tenderly, fiercely, and for all time. 

You are not alone. Remember that. 

Let the light of the sun’s fire 

bring you higher

into your own desire.

Solar Eclipse – Huge Transformative Energies 3/8/16

Solar EclipseI’m no longer in the “new moon” business but I HAD to share with you what’s happening this week and this month. 

What’s happening today is a “super” new moon (when the moon is closest to the Earth) combined with a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE (visible in places like East Asia and northern Australia, but affecting the entire globe).

It’s happening  on Tues/Wed, March 8/9 – at 5:54 pm PT, 8:54 pm ET/ 1:54 am GMT

You know that new moons signify new beginnings. Well, solar eclipses do so even more – much more. Especially this one! This might be called “the big one.” 

This new moon/Solar Eclipse is in mystical, oceanic, empathic, compassionate Pisces. Not only the sun and the moon but Neptune, Mercury, the asteroids Chiron (wounded healer) and Ceres (Earth mother goddess) and the south node of the moon (the past) are all in Pisces – that’s a lot! And being opposed by Jupiter conjunct the north node (the destined future) just makes it all more expansive and powerful. 

There is a lot of information which I’ve tried to synthesize, and I’ve added some quotes from three of my favorite astrologers to give you an idea of what this eclipse means.

It’s powerful!

Pat Liles writes: This is the month of a solar and then a lunar eclipse bracketing the powerful Sun at Equinox.  It’s one of the biggest astrological months of the year.  We are being reset in a big way to hold more love, to integrate all our past experience that has gone before and forgive any remnants of the past that cling to us.

An eclipse can release monumental amounts of energy. … This eclipse period has the potential to be a great leap forward.

From Lynda Hill:  A total solar eclipse is even more powerful than a new Moon. It is a powerhouse of energies that can bring about change, disruption, the birth of the new and the death of the old … Events that happen in the next month or so can have effects lasting long into the future. …A total solar eclipse is a powerful event, especially one that has the signatures that this one has.

Pam Gregory says: Eclipses are a time when the light and electro-magnetic energy of the sun is temporarily halted and we get rebooted, often to a point further on [in our journey]. Sudden opportunities can move you ahead very quickly… it can be fast moving, exciting.

... This is a really important solar eclipse…A super big new beginning!

It’s mystical

With the double whammy of Pisces and Neptune, you will be more connected to your intuition, imagination, dreams, creativity, higher consciousness in general. So spend time connecting within.

Use your creative  imagination to form the visions of what you want to create, for the energy fueling your visions will be amplified.

The mystical impulse of Pisces is to merge with the higher realms and surrender to a higher intelligence. Work with your higher awareness and pay attention to your guidance.

It is a time for healing

The close involvement of Chiron, the wounded healer, makes this an opportune time for deep healing. In particular, pay attention to the stories you tell yourself, your inner dialogue, your unchallenged beliefs – and challenge them.

Chiron, half man, half horse, can bring us wholeness and unite the parts of our nature. He is also conjunct the south node of the past, so there may be ghosts emerging that need to be dealt with. Do so – that will allow you to move forward.There is an opportunity not only for healing of wounds, but for karmic completion, which sets the stage for evolutionary leaps. Beware of Pisces’ desire to escape and avoid this “shadow” work.

It’s a time for letting go

Because the south node (representing the past) is part of this eclipse, this is a perfect time to let go of things from the past: physical possessions, habits, environments, old ways of being,  beliefs… whatever has been outgrown and needs to be cleared to make space for the new. Also, the heightened sensitivity of Pisces may cause you to choose to associate with people who are more on your vibrational wavelength, and part ways with those who aren’t.

Apparently, letting go of some of the old is a very strong message of this solar eclipse. 

It’s a time for inspiration

Linda Hill: With Jupiter conjuncting the Moon’s north node [our destined future], we may feel a need to get going, to get in the race, to travel, to grab life by the horns, to take a risk, to step out of our usual comfort zone.

Pam Gregory:  We may be getting sudden insights, perceptions, revelations, so we can suddenly view things in a different way, see ways of doing old things in a new way. There’s a liberating, strong sense of newness.

It’s a time for fulfillment of destiny

With the opposition of the past and the destined future, the expansiveness of Jupiter bringing in the new and the Piscean access to higher realms, and the jet propulsion of the eclipse itself, which is about new beginning, re-setting our lives and leaping us forward, there is a strong sense of destiny about this powerful cosmic event.  

Pam Gregory: It’s like we’re being jumped forward or swept along towards our destiny at this big new beginning. 

Pat Liles:  Our intentions now can have humongous power behind them and blast us forward on our evolutionary path.  (Always use what you’ve got to further your intentions and what we’ve got is an expansive eclipse window!) 

Are you excited too? Don’t forget, the effects of this eclipse will be lasting. It can shift our trajectory and the speed of our ascension.
At the same time, don’t forget to set your intentions, the same as you would for any new moon.  I hope I’ve given you some ideas of where to focus.

I am indebted to the following astrologers:
Pat Liles (in 
Pam Gregory, whose videos I love watching ( 
Lynda HIll (
And thanks to visionary author Nicolya Christi for bringing the magnitude of this event and Lynda Hill to my attention.