Akashic Guides on Taurus Earth Energy

aa Blossom clustersI asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about the Taurus New Moon. This is what I received:

There is certainty in the rising of the buds out of the earth each Spring and as such there is in the field of Taurus the power of the planting. That is: What you sow, that will you reap. 

It is the creative action that is paramount. It is taking action in the physical dimension of your reality that is needed. And for many people that holds you back, for you have not fully graduated, not yet emerged into completely being here. 

Yet look around you and behold the beauty and the glory of the garden of life. It is no accident that brings you here. It is all on course and on purpose.

Therefore enjoy and rejoice in the plenitude of Earth. Enjoy that your cup runneth over – and it does with every breath you take. Enjoy and partake of the golden energy that flows throughout this realm. And open your arms to receive that downflow. It is yours as much as anyone’s. 

You are here on trust and you deserve to receive all that is part of this reality.

For that to happen, though, you must enjoy this realm and receive it. If you are judging and rejecting, that holds your goodness at bay and all that you want. Those seeds do not get planted in the rich earth that is waiting for them. 

Do not hold back the seeds of your life but plant them now and watch your harvest grow. 

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