Akashic Records on Scorpio Solar Eclipse, New Moon

I asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about the powerful energies of Scorpio and this Solar Eclipse/New Moon. This is what they said:

Yes, there is much power arising and opening in this occurrence on your planet. It is an opportunity for all to step through a certain portal that is opening wider, an opportunity to express your soul’s intent from a deep place of knowing, powerful emotions, and true connection with others. 

This is a time for all to go deep within themselves and find there the purpose and intention of their souls. It is a time for honesty and completion, for trust and anchoring in the inner knowing of the heart of what is true for you and what you need. The time is right for stepping out and claiming the truth of who you are in your inner power. It is a time for many to bring the deeper passion of their hearts into the open. 

For on this planet nothing will be completed without a complete revelation of the heart’s knowing. You live in a heart-based planet, one in which the emotions are as important as the rational mind. Bringing those two together forms the basis for the wisdom of the human energy. One without the other does damage and creates imbalance. 

The inner guidance of the heart may take you through some passages of pain and discord, but as you graduate to your next level of wisdom, the heart becomes a source of knowing, not danger or pain. Trust the wisdom of your heart and let that deep feminine grounding in what is true – that which cherishes all life with exquisite tenderness and intimacy – let that guide you in your choices. 

This time of empowerment and attunement of the heart gives rise to the emergence of what is best in you – your love living in connection to all. Step through this doorway and bring your knowledge and love together, for that is where your true power lies. 

Blessings to you.

Solar Eclipse + Scorpio New Moon = Major Transformation!

a EclipseTransformation alert! This is a big one!

The New Moon happening Thursday, Oct. 23rd, 2014 is no ordinary new moon. It coincides with a partial Solar Eclipse, a heavy-duty cosmic event with effects lasting as long as 6 months to a year.

Not only that, but this is all happening in the sign of Scorpio, signfiying transformation, death and rebirth, deep feeling, and exposing the hidden. Softening the effects of this “dark feminine” water sign is a conjunction with Venus, bringing her softer feminine emphasis on love and beauty. So the transformative effect of the feminine is very strong now, part of what is being re-born in our world.

This is a powerful time for deepening relationships – love or business partnerships. There is a potential for intimacy, trust, and empowerment – including with yourself –  and for powerful creative new beginnings.

The seeds you plant now and the significant events in your life this week will have a stronger impact than usual. So choose well what you put your focus on. 

Of course, I’m still using this New Moon Magic experiment to plant seeds of change relevant to each moon’s sign. And this is no different – just with a much bigger wallop!.

This coming New Moon in Scorpio:
Thursday, Oct. 23rd at 2:58 p.m. Pacific, 5:58 p.m. Eastern, 9:58 p.m. GMT. (The intentions are best set around that time, or within 8 hours after, but within the next two days is fine.)

This week’s New Moon in Scorpio (supercharged by the Solar Eclipse a few minutes earlier, conjunct with Venus and trined with Neptune) will help us dive deep, value those we’re close to, feel greater intimacy, challenge power relationships, and assert our true desires. It is a time to speak our truth both in relationships and out in the world and to allow rebirth to occur. It is a time to claim our power and stand for what we know we’re here for and to develop the skills to ride the waves of transformation that are coming. 

The areas to focus on when setting intentions this week include: 

  • Power – Empowerment, group politics, awareness of others’ needs, charisma, holding secrets;
  • Transformation – Riding with change, letting go of the old, forgiveness, new beginnings, re-birth;
  • Crisis Skills – Takng risks to achieve goals, handling crisis with competence, intensity, living on the edge;
  • Self-Mastery – Self-discipline, strength, depth of character, commitment, choosing the good;
  • Bonding – Sexual relationships, soul-mates, deep emotional connections, mutual validation;
  • Financial Partnerships – Loans, debts, grants, inheritances, contracts and business;
  • Overcoming Mis-use of Power – Issues of revenge, jealousy, power struggles, fear of abandonment, suspicion, guilt.
  • For health it concerns colon, bladder, organs of elimination; sexual organs and diseases; PMS and menstruation.

This a powerful time to go deep within yourself and with those you’re close to. Plant the seeds of what you truly want to create in your partnerships and in your own expression in the world, with trust, intimacy, and deep feeling. Allow for the magnetism of deep connection and the resurgence and rebirth of what you’ve kept hidden and truly desire. Let go of power struggles and let love guide you to being your true self in the world. 

Here are some tips for how to use the New Moon energy to plant effective wishes/ intentions/ visions:

1. Write them by hand. (You might want to keep a New Moon Magic journal – that’s what I’m doing. Or you could write them on cards and keep them in a drawer.)

2. Choose more than one but no more than ten wishes or intentions. (To activate but not dissipate the energy.)

3. Wait until the actual New Moon time or 8 hours after (between 5:58 p.m. and 1:58 a.m. Eastern, on Oct. 23rd-24th) or within 48 hours after that (through Saturday, Oct. 25th around 5:58 p.m. ET). Let the wishes form and choose the ones that feel most harmonious and right to you at that time. 

4. In phrasing your intentions feel free to say “I choose, I intend, I create, I wish or want to experience, I request, I ask for, I call to me……” or any language that feels right to you. 

5. You might want to say them out loud after you write them down. 

6. Some recommend lighting a candle.

Keeping our written intentions where we can refer back to them later, to see which actually came true, is part of this experiment. It’s also advisable to keep your intentions in mind, especially as the Full Moon approaches, the time for action.

I’m wishing you many wonderful rewards in your dive into the deep renewing waters of Scorpio.