The most important thing you need to know


Is there anything today that we can know for sure?

In a world in which it is harder and harder to know what is true, whom to trust, what to believe…. 

… in which language keeps losing its meaning…
… in which up is down, right is left and there are no shades of gray…. 

… where can you find anything stable on which to rest? What can support us in a time of flux, chaos, and often seeming madness?

Is there any anchor in this storm? 

Yes, there is one thing and one thing only that you need to know. 

There is one fundamental, unfaltering truth that you can count on and of which you must be certain if you are to survive the chaos of our times and even thrive, if you are to help humanity rise and prevail in a time of peril.

And that is: You  must know, for sure, WHO YOU ARE. 

If you are armed with that knowledge, I promise you, you will be able to find a resting point, a confidence, and a source of guidance. You will become an inner and outer light that will shine not just for yourself but for all those around you.

Ultimately, knowing the truth of who you are is the most important thing for any person to achieve in these destabilizing times. 

And who are you? What am I pointing to?

You are a Divine Being. 

I know we can hear and even mouth those words without grasping their full import. So what does it mean to be a Divine Being?

It means you are yourself part of the grand design of creation, emanating from the source of all. You are part of that energy, that consciousness, that impulse of love to create.

It means you have within you a spark of the Divine reality itself, like a tiny pilot light in your heart that can never go out, and which you can turn up higher and brighter whenever you wish.

It means you are not separate from the universal intelligence behind all that is.

In this creation all is sacred, because everything that exists is backed and supported by Divine intention. All exists by virtue of a thread of communication and pure love energy flowing into it, sustaining it, from a source that is everywhere at once, far beyond the physical and energetic planes of existence.

That is true of you too. But you are not just some artifact, one of many dispensable experiments, perhaps a failed experiment – as we are sometimes tempted to believe.

You are an actual extension of that divine substance that is love and consciousness, embodied as you.

That spark within you is a flame that will never be extinguished, for you are an immortal soul, part of the divine plan. That is who you are.

Why would beings of light, beings of divine origin like us, wind up in this world of mayhem? It clearly wasn’t just for a joy ride, as some would have you believe.  We came here as representatives of the divine realm, to add our own light, our own brand of love and consciousness, to raise the energy of our world and to help heal what is broken.

This may seem like a daunting task, and it is for the puny weaklings we so often take ourselves to be. The self-image that has been drummed into us is far, far from the truth of who we are.

We grovel instead of soar.
We quiver in fear when we could rise in courage and lead.
We shrink in isolation and loneliness when we could join forces with all of Heaven in joyful celebration. 

What will it take to remember?

It starts with being reminded. It starts with an open-hearted invitation from the divine to step into the loving embrace and harmonious partnership waiting for us – for divine partnership is our destiny and our calling.

When we forget who we are we become easy prey to the whirling storms around us.
When we remember who we are we become a lighthouse in the storm. 

Remember who you are.
Be a lighthouse. 

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