You are pregnant with the seeds of a new reality. Plant them!

Happy Solstice – For those in the northern hemisphere it’s the day of greatest light and the beginning of summer. And for all, it is the midpoint of the year.

Let us pause and take note of this midway moment.
For as we hurry towards the future, more change is in store.

We need to not just be carried along by the flow, the overwhelm, the distractions, the constant demands of daily life. We need to take the time to gather ourselves so we can remember that it is up to us to steer and CHOOSE.

This midpoint is a perfect time to take notice and make a choice.

In fact, we are being invited to look beyond the old familiar expectations of what reality has always looked like. This is huge and takes practice. (And I’m offering you a practice here.)

We are also invited to look beyond what feel like dangers or the frightening aspects of our world. (Not to avoid them – we will come back to how to deal with them another time.)

But right now we need to recognize that we have the right and the power to choose.

Imagine that you hold an anchor in your hand connected by a cord to where you stand in the present moment.

You can throw that anchor into your possible future – your next expression, your next creation, your next reality that is calling you, that you wish to embrace.

If you do nothing you will continue along the path you are on now.

Now you are being invited to look for your highest vision – especially for the next six months and beyond – and to toss your anchor into THAT reality, that timeline, that potential.

When your anchor lands in the field of your highest potential it will seed your energy there. It will also open a pathway between where you are now and that potential future.

And along that pathway the energy from that higher potential will flow back to where you are now, so that you become infused with that energy (if you continue to nurture it). You will also be informed by the inner nudges that you need to follow to arrive there. (If you ask and listen for them.)

We must learn what it means to truly live in freedom.

We must learn that we carry within ourselves the seeds for any potential – and they are infinite. And we must learn to activate and potentiate those visions that we carry the seeds for within ourselves – for our own greater expression and joy and for the liberation of the world.
Do not be shy or cautious in choosing where to throw your anchor. It does not have to seem logical or even possible.

Just throw your anchor to your highest most desired possible future. That includes your personal life but also the world around you and the direction of life on Earth.

See it in your imagination. See yourself tossing that anchor high and far till it reaches the destination of your heart.

Choose what you truly desire and hold that vision daily and affirm your connection.

Connect and re-connect to that vision. Strengthen that golden thread that leads from where you are to your heart’s desire. Open to receive the energies that flow from the field of the possible.

The world needs more midwives of the Possible!

We are being called now to discover and explore our true powers as humans. These are vast, and far greater than we’ve dared to believe.

Start by conquering your passivity regarding life and reality, and dare to affirm and claim that which your soul desires – for you and the world.

We are already pregnant with the seeds of a new reality. Let’s plant them!

*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *   

Dear friends, how does this message land with you? Are you ready to throw your anchor into the far reaches of the possible?

It has taken me the better part of a lifetime to understand this, and then to start acting on my own visions. I know how deeply entrenched our old habits are – habits of passivity, of disbelief, of low self-esteem and giving up.

I also see this with the clients I work with, who are inspired to bring their light into the world and often feel blocked, confused, and uncertain. This is the work we’re supposed to be doing now, dear ones. We are being given opportunities like never before to transform ourselves and our world.

My role as a Soul Guide and Soul’s Calling Guide is to help beautiful beings of light like you to become more free, and to activate the amazing potentials within you. Your soul has already brought into this life everything you need.

My commitment is to help YOU anchor YOUR visions in THIS world!

I invite you to contact me if this speaks to you. Let’s talk!

*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

P.S. If you would like help identifying and releasing the outworn beliefs, stories, and other ancient imprints that constrict your soul – this is one of my specialties, and the results have been amazing! Just respond to this email and I’ll be in touch!