About Tomar

About Tomar

In this latter phase of my life, my path and my purpose have become crystal clear: to help lift up humanity so we may enter our next phase of evolution and step into our higher destiny; and to support those who are also here for that reason.

I love to inspire, guide, and empower those who are spiritually awakening, who feel called to contribute to the healing and upliftment of our world … and who know our time is NOW!

I believe that many of us on the planet now are here to help heal the world and to bring humanity to its next stage. We are here to bring more light to Earth by shining our own light in our own unique way and by being a conduit for higher energies.

One way we can help heal the world is with our own inspired work.

What I’ve noticed, though, is that many gifted and spiritual people lack the clarity, confidence, and knowledge they need to turn their gifts into visions and then into concrete realities. Even if they feel “divinely inspired,” they may not know how to ground their visions to help others.

And so their potential, to express their gifts and serve the highest future, is put on hold, sometimes forever.

Often these are women over fifty…
Like I was, when I got started.

Here are 2 things I’ve learned:

   1. Spiritually gifted evolutionaries, visionaries, and creatives have many wonderful and powerful gifts to give that the world desperately needs, that people are waiting and longing for. They brought these gifts on purpose to give at this time and have often taken a hard and long route to get here. 

    2. These same gifted people often have trouble bringing their contribution fully into the world. And when they do offer their gifts, they often struggle professionally and financially. There is a gap between their inspired vision and their reality.

There are several reasons for this. For one thing, many inspired healers, messengers, and service providers are women, who were raised to put others first, to not seek the spotlight, to doubt our own truth. We often lack clarity, confidence or courage, feel unworthy or inadequate. We often fear being visible and prefer to hide.

Does any of this resonate with you?

Both women and men who are spiritually oriented are often highly sensitive, not materialistic, and feel we don’t fit into our culture, let alone the business world. We’re not  ambitious. We’re not true “entrepreneurs.”  (I coined the term “nontrepreneur” instead.)

In addition, we’ve all had many lifetimes, many of them as lightworkers in which we’ve been persecuted, harmed, or even killed because of our gifts. This is a hidden reason why many people hesitate to move forward on their path in this life.

Yet we are being called – called from within and called from without.

Metallic Spiral

We’re being called from within by our own souls, wanting to express what is inside us. And we’re being called from without by the world, inviting us to play our role in global transformation.

If we can:
~ pay attention to what is calling us, 

~ clear the blocks that stop us, and
~ take inspired action…

…then all parts of our being – spirit, mind, and body – will be in alignment and we can experience the joy of expressing our highest potentials, and the fulfillment of playing the role we came here to play. 

I’m Tomar Levine,
a lifelong spiritual student, writer, artist, and now a spiritual entrepreneur in the second half of life. I’m also an official “late bloomer” who took a long time  bringing my gifts into the world.

Today I am a Divine Source channel, healer, and mentor for other change agents and spiritual creatives – through programs and courses like  Answering Your Soul’s Call After 50, and Five Ways to Connect with Your Higher Self.

I help spiritual entrepreneurs and change agents:

  • clarify their sense of purpose;
  • identify their unique combination of gifts;
  • understand and dissolve the blocks and barriers that have held them back (maybe for lifetimes);
  • connect to their spiritual source for support and guidance; and
  • create an inspiring vision and a blueprint for their own “sacred work” (their small business or other creative venture) as a vehicle for bringing their gifts into the world.

[If you’re wondering how I might be able to help you, please CONTACT ME and we’ll set up a time to talk.]

Often, past a “certain age,” we fear it’s too late for us to listen and respond to what is calling us. We have internalized cultural myths about aging. I am here to tell you that none of that is true. In fact, I will prove it to you!

I’ve followed a winding path myself – exhibiting artist, spiritual seeker, healer and channeler, therapist, teacher… and now finally as an intuitive soul purpose and empowerment guide, Divine Source channel, and way shower for spiritual entrepreneurs.

I know what it’s like to feel lost, for I’ve struggled with my own self-doubts, discouragement, and fears – a lot. When I switched from visual art to the helping-healing field I found myself in a meandering and confusing landscape.

I often despaired of finding my way.

The Quest detail

I went from being a precocious young artist to thinking of myself as a lost late bloomer and wondered if I would ever bloom. In the process I studied, learned, practiced and got certified in many healing modalities and spiritual methods. It was a period of rich personal, spiritual and professional growth, but I continued to be frustrated… until I discovered coaching.

Coaching and mentoring allow me to combine many abilities:
~ my intuitive, spiritual, psychological, empathic and healing gifts with my love of pragmatic solutions and down-to-earth strategies;
~ my big-picture visionary seeing with attention to practical details;
~ my love of depth with my penchant for clarity;
~ the intimate personal connection with clients balanced by the power of public communication.

I have even made room for art again in how I share my content (for instance, all the art on this website) and in my portraits of people and pets incorporating channeled messages.

As a “solopreneur” I’ve had the freedom to design my own vision but also the challenge of learning how to run a business, master technology, and the need to be grounded and practical in ways I never had to before.

However, I’ve also learned that we don’t have to do it alone!
I’ve even become part of a team and a soul-inspiring business partnership.

This stage of my work and life has proven to be my greatest time of personal and spiritual growth. I guess I could say I’m finally blooming. And the richest part of all is touching lives in such deep, powerful, and transformational ways.

And now I want to tell you a BIG SECRET:
When I first discovered coaching and entrepreneurship and learned to create an Internet -based business… When I finally unpacked what my soul was calling me to do and started to find ways to blend my gifts in fulfilling and inspiring ways … I was already past 60!

(I told you I could prove it!)

My painting, The Quest, symbolizes the spiritual journey

My painting, The Quest, symbolizes the spiritual search

Having gone through a long search for my own sacred work, I understand the frustration of others who, despite their yearning, continue to feel confused.

Like you, I long to help create a better world. In fact, I KNOW that’s why I’m here. My own inner and outer call is to be an Agent of Awakening and Transformation on this planet.

The Shift of Consciousness is underway and we all get to contribute to it in our own ways! And the stakes are high – the world needs us!

To that end I support the inspiring women and men I work with to free their power, energy, and brilliance to become “midwives of the possible,” spreading ripples of light out in ever widening circles to change the  world. 

And that can happen at ANY age! You can definitely “Answer Your Soul’s Call After Fifty!” – as I did!

Gold Heart on Metallic GreenYour light is needed now, more than you can know.

I hope you will also become a midwife of the possible!

Are you curious to explore your highest potential? Are you ready to say yes to your double call – from your soul and the world?

If you could use some inspiration and insight, clearing of obstacles, wildly enthusiastic encouragement, spiritual wisdom and grounded practical strategies…

… I invite you to contact me for a Clarity Insight Session that could be life-changing!

The time for hiding and playing at being inadequate is over!
If you long to contribute to the birthing of a better world, I invite you to step into the next level of who you are capable of being. All the conditions are right, for this is the time you were born for! You are one of the many souls gathered now on this planet to contribute to global change. We all agreed to meet at this moment of history. So you are right on time!

It’s time for us to wake up from the trance of believing we’re “not enough” and to see ourselves through the eyes of the divine. It’s time to start to remember who we really are and to shine our light, as we promised to do before entering this life. 

I assure you, it is not too late.

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I can’t wait  to talk with you and discover what is calling YOU.
To contact me, use the Contact form or book a Clarity Insight Session.

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Comments from Clients:

“I can’t speak highly enough about the block-busting, encouraging, attuned support I have received from Tomar Levine. Where there was despair, there is now hope; where there was frozen inspiration, there is now flow. . .  Her coaching is really about earthing inspiration.”
Elizabeth Russell, Poet and Photographer, Miami, FL 

“Tomar Levine has an exceptional gift to articulate concepts that ring so true, yet no one has put in such clear language. Such clearly expressed concepts that resound so strongly make me wonder why I am only now receiving my owners manual that has eluded me my entire life.”
Patrick Fitzsimmons, Author
“Thank you from the depths of my heart and soul for that profoundly beautiful process… I’ve experienced a LOT of guided visualizations, but this was the MOST beautiful and the MOST powerful! “
Wendi Knox, author, coach, speaker.
“She is a mystic, a wise, seasoned counselor, a wonderful source of inspiration and ideas, and, above all, a very compassionate and enlightened soul. If you have the opportunity to work with Tomar, take it!”
Dave Evans, Psychotherapist
“Thank you so very much Tomar.
You are truly an inspiration- such a courageous intuitive, deep, sensitive and very creative woman. I love your work. it has been life changing for me.”
Rhonda Ohlson, healer, author