Are you here to help create a better world?

Your soul is calling you to express more of who you are.
The world is calling you to be of help in this time of need.
Will you answer those two calls? 

This is the time you were born for!
Are you ready to unpack your gifts and find out why you’re here?
Or maybe you already know, but feel stuck.

The Quest detail
You are here to be the light in the world that only you can be.
Even if you’re scared.
Even if you don’t think you’re good enough.
Even if you’re terrified of being seen or heard.
Even if you don’t know where to begin.
Even if you don’t think you can do it.

I’m Tomar Levine, and if you’re a light worker, a spiritual change agent or on the path of awakening, I hear you. Many people like you, who are here for a very important reason, are struggling. I know how hard it is to be highly sensitive and empathic in our harsh reality. You may also still be dealing with unhealed wounds, as most of us are. You may lack clarity about what you’re here to do, or lack confidence if you know. You may sense negative energies around you. I offer my care to help with all of that.

If you are here to help heal and uplift the world, in your own unique way, you are one of those most needed on the planet now. But that doesn’t make it easy to live here. As a ‘highly sensitive’ light worker myself, and a late bloomer who didn’t launch my career till past fifty, I have studied, trained in, and practiced many spiritual, psychological and healing modalities as well as business approaches for the highly sensitive. I’ve even trained in ways to deal with some of the gnarlier energies out there. As a result, I have developed many ways to support people like us. You can read about some of my current interests below.


Fulfillment depends on 3 core elements:
Purpose + Emotional Healing + Spiritual Connection
Remember, you are a soul on a human journey. You are both human and divine. The human part of you needs healing and compassion, and the divine part needs to be accessed and consulted for its guidance, wisdom, insight, and love. Part of that guidance points to your mission in this life. And of course, we also need human connection. That’s where I can help – we can do this together.

The central features of my work with clients are:
~ I help you identify your gifts and clarify your purpose.
~ I offer powerful, effective emotional, karmic, and spiritual  healing.
~ I help you reconnect with your soul/spirit/source.
~ I affirm and expand your sense of hope, meaning, and personal value and hold the energy of enthusiasm and joy for all you are!
~ I see you deeply and allow your process to unfold while I keep my eye on the big picture vision,
~ I help you walk your path to personal expression in your life, whatever your next steps are.

Within you is a light that is unique to you,
strand of energy that is needed by the whole.
You have capacities of heart, mind, and spirit which,
once released, can transform the lives of others –
and your own life.

You are here to make a difference.
You have heard the call and it is time to respond.

It’s time for you to
hold up the torch of your unique genius,

your gifts, your contribution to the world, and to
fulfill your soul’s mission. This is your birthright!


How to get started: Book a Clarity Insight Session here: Services.

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