You were born for this time.
Do you know what your role is?

Do you feel called to contribute to a better world?
Do you know you have a purpose that you must express?
Do you long to give your gifts and be all you can be?
Do you sometimes fear dying “with your music still in you?”

Are you ready to answer the call of your soul and the world? … to offer your sacred gifts to those who are waiting for them?

No matter what time of your life this is, we all have a “rendez-vous with destiny” for this precise moment of history. Some of us arranged to be here in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s some in our 50’s, 60’s, or beyond.

If you feel the call, then you know I’m talking to you! And that your time is NOW!

You are called to be the light in this world that only you can be. 

This is the time you were born for!

Even if it’s taken you a while to get here, you’re right on time!
The Quest detailIf you know you have a calling...
If you long for the more beautiful world your heart knows is possible
If you fear that time may be running out (especially if you’re past fifty)…
If you can no longer stand the pain of ignoring these inner promptings…

Then you’re in the right place!

You are passionate to help the world, and live your full potential. But something keeps holding you back. Is it…

~ Lack of clarity about your gifts and your purpose?
~ Self-doubt, not believing in yourself, or fear of being too visible?
~ Not knowing how to create a business, where to start, or who it’s for?

I went through all of these… and not as a young person, but well past the age of fifty! 

It took me a while to get clear on exactly what I’m most passionate about. And when I realized I could base my business on THAT – what a Eureka moment that was!

I also had to work through my fear of rejection, my lack of confidence, and other emotional issues which had kept me afraid to step forward for years.

And of course, as a spiritual-creative, I knew nothing about business and felt “allergic” to money and marketing.

Those three issues – lack of clarity, lack of confidence, and lack of business savvy, held me back. And they’re what holds most of us back… at first.

PURPOSE & HEALING & SPIRITUAL CONNECTION are the three pillars to liberating the light within you. Those form the major focus of my work with clients. After that, we can work on CREATING YOUR SACRED WORK if that is how you are called. 

I’m Tomar Levine, founder of Soul Guidance for Awakening.
I’m a channel, healer, and empowerment guide and mentor for spiritually sensitive and gifted people like you, who are ready to explore their potential and discover the unique magic they are here to contribute to the world. Or simply to heal what is hurting inside. 

I can help you harvest your gifts, hone your vision, turn up your confidence and design the right form of expression for you. I can help you find greater harmony, peace, and joy and connect you to your highest potentials.

            I can lead you on the journey 
            from connecting to your Soul
             to healing your Heart
            to finding your Purpose
            to crafting your Vision
            to translating that into a Business or Creative Expression
            that is just what you long for, and the world needs! 

Within you is a light that is unique to you, a strand of energy that is needed by the whole. You have capacities of heart, mind, and spirit that, once released, can transform the lives of others – and your own life. 

I know that you are here to make a difference. You have heard the call and you are eager to respond.

Once you have attained your soul-based clarity, your emotionally-healed confidence, and the practical steps you need to take …

... you will be able to hold up the torch of your unique genius, your gifts, your contribution to the world.

Guide w torch pastelI want to help you achieve:

~ the relief of knowing what it is you’re here to do;

~ the empowerment and confidence to take action;
~ the joy of feeling your gifts fully expressed;
~ the fulfillment of finally living your soul’s purpose.


If what I’m saying here speaks to you, let’s talk!
Here’s how to connect:

Explore my Mentoring Program, “Answering Your Soul’s Call After 50”  or start with a very affordable Clarity Insight Session or a Channeled Reading by clicking here: Services.