How does compassion heal?


One of my ongoing clients recently complained “I still think I’m that little kid!”

What she meant was, she had trouble not believing that was still who she is, even though in our sessions she could see the bigger picture. (This client’s issues make her process gradual.)

I explained to her how our consciousness is a shape-shifter.

It believes itself to be whatever part of self is up at the moment – and it always calls that part ‘I’ or ‘me’ because we don’t have another word for it.
Like most of us, you probably tend to say “I am X” or “I feel  Y .”  (Try saying “a part of me feels ___” instead of “I feel ___” and see what difference that makes.)

I get caught in this too. On days when I feel great I may think “I can do anything!” And on days when my energy is low I may believe “I just don’t have what it takes.” We make temporary conditions seem permanent because our consciousness believes itself to be whichever part is currently in the driver’s seat.

This is called identification.

We take on that identity. And, as you know, we have many possible identities, many inner parts, many sub-personalities – choose your term. They have been conditioned in us since childhood and we keep a closet full of different outfits we put on, different roles we play, different self-images we believe ourselves to be. One minute we’re up, the next we’re down, depending on what someone says to us and what that triggers in us.

You see, the self appears as a multi-faceted package.

Each part of us has its own story, its own beliefs, its own feelings, its own behaviors, its own energy. That’s why we can feel like different  people at different times. And we’re not crazy – everyone does this!

Our negative identities hold special power over us – the ones that make us feel bad, sad, unworthy, less-than. These get imprinted early and have a way of resurfacing throughout our lives, even when we think we’ve healed them for good (have you noticed?).

But there’s good news too!

In addition to  our familiar ego-structures – the wounded parts and protective parts that show up in different ways – we also have a True Self, a Big Self, a self more anchored in who we really are as spiritual beings.

It is by bringing these two together that we can heal.

So when my client said “I still think I’m that little kid” she meant, she was caught in that old identity again. It was so convincing that she had trouble separating from it and she let it pull her down into the quicksand of negative emotions, beliefs, and conclusions about herself and life. She kept forgetting who she truly is – and then she blamed herself for that too.

Do you ever do this?

In Compassion Key we have a great method for dealing with these inner structures and actually giving them what they need, so they can transform permanently.

it’s called the Figure Eight, where you sit as the Big You (with your Higher Self’s support) and connect to that wounded part across from you. And you and your higher self together send it love and compassion.

It sounds simple but it’s way deeper and more powerful than I ever expected, reaching back into past-life karma as well as this-life pain and trauma.

In fact, I am continually blown away witnessing the transformations in my clients that come from this simple interaction. (One which I facilitate with a flow of compassion statements that the client repeats.)

  ~            ~            ~            ~            ~            ~            ~            ~

So I told her:
This is a great opportunity to practice the art of dis-identification, remembering to put that part in the opposite loop of the figure eight and looking at her from a distance, witnessing her pain, sending her love and compassion, asking her what she needs. And, above all, inviting in your higher self and angels to surround her and you.

We all have to learn to do this, it’s not easy for anyone, not for me either.

A friend once said “Healing is when the part of us that most needs love and the part of us that IS love touch and meet.”

Our job is to HOLD BOTH of these parts in our consciousness at the same time, rather than going back and forth like a ping-pong ball from ‘being’ one to ‘being’ the other. Expanding into the holy divine compassionate loving Self… and then letting the little wounded one approach, like coming to a lake and stepping into that water of Love.

You need to stay anchored in the Great One.. .and ask your higher self and angels to help you do that. Keep returning to your place as the Compassionate One and put your loving arms around the one who’s in pain. This takes practice and the more we do it the stronger and more rooted in love we will become. Then we can do it for others too (which is always easier than for oneself).

  ~            ~             ~            ~            ~            ~            ~                             

If you have some inner parts that keep surfacing and giving you trouble. . . that you thought you healed but which keep popping up again when you least expect them. . .

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Am I Buffy the Vampire Slayer?


I’ve had quite a year – for the better! And I want to pull back the curtain for you a bit now.

In the past year my work life has had a 180 degree positive change, NOT due to any initiative of my own.

I was “recruited” by two different organizations to do healing work for them, providing me with wonderful clients and many new opportunities. In the process I’ve become part of two different teams of healers, enriched my learning and my healing abilities immensely, taken a deeper dive than ever before into the very source of what ails people, and clarified my sense of mission and direction.

One year ago I got introduced to an amazing group called Get Wisdom, based on Divine channeling, which has two unique forms of healing that clear past life karma and all forms of negative energies, entities, attachments, psychic attacks, and all sources of discord. I can’t enumerate the scope of this method, it is so vast – there’s virtually nothing it cannot bring healing to – not just for individuals but for the entire world and all of humanity. Needless to say, I became deeply engrossed in this work,

I have gone on to  form a business partnership with one member, (my “partner in prayer,” Lance Lee), and last month we launched our series of free monthly healing calls with a webinar we will offer several times a year. Here’s what some participants wrote:

Tomar and Lance create a beautiful container of love and reverence, where prayer is experienced at a high level of vibrational frequency.

It felt sacred… I was in stillness and bliss, waiting for what would come next.

It helped alleviate my stress, anxiety and depression.

We plan to teach a course on Secrets of Empowered Prayer, continue our healing work together, and I offer channeling services to our clients, including answers to questions for their higher selves and for loved ones (including pets) on the other side.

At the same time, about two months ago I was approached by the founder of a healing method I was certified in back in 2015 called Compassion Key to ask if I’d join a team of “master practitioners” (I didn’t know that’s what I was) to offer sessions to students in a new training with over 300 participants.

I had drifted away from this modality, but as soon as I started again I was blown away by its power, way greater than I remembered (I’m sure due to my own growth over the years). In the past six weeks I’ve given over forty sessions with different clients, many with very traumatic histories, in which I’ve repeatedly witnessed dramatic, even miraculous breakthroughs in a single session. I love the deep intimacy and the feeling of being in flow that this method allows me, of being guided seamlessly, surrendering to each new client challenge and “surfing” it with confidence.

When I discovered Get Wisdom a year ago it was to find resources for a client I was sure was under psychic attack – and whom I did not feel qualified to help. I didn’t know I would soon be part of their team, working as a channeler doing karmic healing, or that I would train in and learn to use their powerful all-purpose healing tool.

Now, a year later, I am the healer people turn to for all kinds of esoteric and troubling problems of uncertain origin. When a client says to me that he thinks his father was possessed and asks if I believe in such things, I say “Not only that, but I know what to do about it.”

I have recently been gifted with helping many clients with dark and upsetting histories, and I’ve started to feel like a version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I don’t feel in danger myself because, thanks to Get Wisdom, I’ve learned how to stay safe by always asking for divine protection in the right way. This is the first thing I now teach people who come to me for help.

I started channeling divine messages in my early thirties and have returned to doing so in the past year. My whole life has turned around.

If you are interested in some miraculous breakthroughs of your own, or to inquire into what ails you, of whatever nature, (or can think of someone who might benefit) I am still offering sessions of 60-90 minutes for under $100.

You can find my Compassion Key profile at this link, and get 30% off your first session. There you can read what some clients have said about their experience with me, such as:

Tomar helped me access healing for emotional pain that’s been resistant to everything I’ve tried. I feel so much more at ease now with that weight lifted. I’m so grateful, Tomar. Bless you all your days…. NC

Wow! What an amazing session. Tomar is an exceptional practitioner. .. LW

My session with Tomar was a break-through healing event for me… AB

Such a deep experience to work with Tomar! … As we worked I felt my whole body sigh in relief…LK

You get the idea!
I am so excited about this simple and powerful healing approach, bolstered by the extraordinary long distance methods I use through Get Wisdom (I believe they’re better together)… that I wanted to share this info with you.

And if you’d like to chat with a deceased pet, that can be arranged too.:)


Pray for World Peace


I just created the above social media post and decided to share it with you too.
In fact, this is a quick dive into what I’ve been referring to as Empowered Prayer.

Now it’s more important than ever – so why not have a crash course?

The prayer I’m sharing with you has a magic ingredient. We call them “mega” prayers – because they’re long. Too long to memorize, obviously. Kind of bulky and detailed and even technical. That’s because we’re spelling out exactly what we wish the divine realm to do for us.

This is not about poetry or praise or rapture or uplift.
It’s nuts and bolts requests. 
You can make them too. The magic comes from the “trick” of attaching a single word or phrase by which you can invoke the entire prayer after you read it thorough once (preferably out loud) and with intention.

You want to make sure you read it with intention and meaning, because whatever you put into that reading is what will be conveyed energetically each time you say the magic word after that. That code word – in this case ‘World Peace’ – will carry the energy of the last time you read the whole prayer. So if you don’t like how you did it, just do it again!

Here it is:

                                      Prayer for World Peace 

Source Creator, each and every day, prevent or render harmless
every intention, plan, energy or action to trigger a global war or 

any war of significant size and danger to humanity.

Employ the extreme measure permitted against intentions and plans
for such a war.

Protect all nations from manipulation, coercion, and propaganda 
leading to armed conflict with each other. Strengthen human defenses
against such propaganda used to induce fear, mistrust, hatred, and a
misguided quest for domination or retaliation. Heal and free all leaders
from mind control, manipulation, and corruption.

Help humanity to see through deception and into the futility of war.
Harness all negative energies and intentions used to promote war-
mongering, transmute them from malevolent to benevolent, and utilize
these energies for healing instead of harm, for all victims and 
perpetrators alike. 

Strengthen us to feel the power and conviction to partner with you to
demand and create a safe and peaceful world for all. 

Repeat this prayer request as often as feasible, invite all others wanting 
the highest and best outcome for humanity to join their prayers with ours
and pool our requests for maximum momentum and effectiveness. 

Link this entire prayer to the code words “World Peace,” so that every 
time I say or think these words, this entire request is made, including its
indefinite repetitions. Thank you. 

I hope you will really use this prayer.

It doesn’t matter if it’s not all perfectly clear to you. Each part of it means something very specific that will be clear to the divine, and that’s what matters.

Read it through a few times, then attach the code word – and you can just say “World Peace” to yourself over and over all day long – how wonderful is that!

It will make you feel better and it will have a powerful effect, I’m certain.

The most important thing you need to know


Is there anything today that we can know for sure?

In a world in which it is harder and harder to know what is true, whom to trust, what to believe…. 

… in which language keeps losing its meaning…
… in which up is down, right is left and there are no shades of gray…. 

… where can you find anything stable on which to rest? What can support us in a time of flux, chaos, and often seeming madness?

Is there any anchor in this storm? 

Yes, there is one thing and one thing only that you need to know. 

There is one fundamental, unfaltering truth that you can count on and of which you must be certain if you are to survive the chaos of our times and even thrive, if you are to help humanity rise and prevail in a time of peril.

And that is: You  must know, for sure, WHO YOU ARE. 

If you are armed with that knowledge, I promise you, you will be able to find a resting point, a confidence, and a source of guidance. You will become an inner and outer light that will shine not just for yourself but for all those around you.

Ultimately, knowing the truth of who you are is the most important thing for any person to achieve in these destabilizing times. 

And who are you? What am I pointing to?

You are a Divine Being. 

I know we can hear and even mouth those words without grasping their full import. So what does it mean to be a Divine Being?

It means you are yourself part of the grand design of creation, emanating from the source of all. You are part of that energy, that consciousness, that impulse of love to create.

It means you have within you a spark of the Divine reality itself, like a tiny pilot light in your heart that can never go out, and which you can turn up higher and brighter whenever you wish.

It means you are not separate from the universal intelligence behind all that is.

In this creation all is sacred, because everything that exists is backed and supported by Divine intention. All exists by virtue of a thread of communication and pure love energy flowing into it, sustaining it, from a source that is everywhere at once, far beyond the physical and energetic planes of existence.

That is true of you too. But you are not just some artifact, one of many dispensable experiments, perhaps a failed experiment – as we are sometimes tempted to believe.

You are an actual extension of that divine substance that is love and consciousness, embodied as you.

That spark within you is a flame that will never be extinguished, for you are an immortal soul, part of the divine plan. That is who you are.

Why would beings of light, beings of divine origin like us, wind up in this world of mayhem? It clearly wasn’t just for a joy ride, as some would have you believe.  We came here as representatives of the divine realm, to add our own light, our own brand of love and consciousness, to raise the energy of our world and to help heal what is broken.

This may seem like a daunting task, and it is for the puny weaklings we so often take ourselves to be. The self-image that has been drummed into us is far, far from the truth of who we are.

We grovel instead of soar.
We quiver in fear when we could rise in courage and lead.
We shrink in isolation and loneliness when we could join forces with all of Heaven in joyful celebration. 

What will it take to remember?

It starts with being reminded. It starts with an open-hearted invitation from the divine to step into the loving embrace and harmonious partnership waiting for us – for divine partnership is our destiny and our calling.

When we forget who we are we become easy prey to the whirling storms around us.
When we remember who we are we become a lighthouse in the storm. 

Remember who you are.
Be a lighthouse.