Being the River – We Are Waking Up!

We’re at a turning point, another moment of the unknown. Once again, we don’t know what the future holds.

It’s been like that all year, hasn’t it?

This has been a very strange year – but not a year we’ve been sleeping through.

You know how when you travel to a new land, everything is strange and different? That means you can’t zone out like we do in our normal life where things are familiar. When everything is “same old,” our consciousness tends to snooze and the day goes by without our noticing much.

But when we’re on vacation, every moment is one of awakeness, alertness, full consciousness. And every moment of wakefulness is one when you’re fully alive.

In a new environment every experience is heightened. You have an expanded sense of time, intensified sensations, the colors are brighter.


The events of this year have been unexpected, strange, shocking. It’s brought lot of upheaval and anxiety. But mostly it’s brought a lot of unknown and newness.

That newness is waking us up – which is a good thing. This is a time on the planet for awakening.

Everything happening in 2020 is causing a shift of consciousness. We’re not snoozing anymore. We’re wide awake, looking around, engaged in what’s happening. It’s part of an awakening that’s happening on many levels (too many to count).

Humanity’s consciousness is shifting – collectively and individually. We’re not going to be the same on the other side. We won’t go back to the old normal. We’re heading towards something new.

And you are part of it!

It’s like a river is flowing thru our experience. We’re not on the banks, we’re not watching from the shore. We’re not observers or bystanders at this event – we’re participants. We’re in the flow of the river.

In fact, you could say we ARE the river. All of us.

Including you – you are the river! You are part of this energy of newness that’s flowing and changing and taking us somewhere we’ve never seen before.

And each of us has a say in where that river will go. With your consciousness and your energy you are helping to steer the flow of the river – whether you know it or not.

So keep visualizing and affirming and calling in the more beautiful world that your heart knows is possible. Keep calling in the Golden Future that is humanity’s destiny – if we choose it.

Be encouraged. Be excited! This is an extraordinary moment, a historic moment in the lifetime of humanity as a species.

We are at a turning point – THE turning point we’ve been awaiting, that has been predicted and anticipated and hoped for. We just never knew what form it would take, or when it would appear.

This is not the end. I believe it’s a new beginning – or the transition to that new beginning that we are co-creating together.

Keep flowing. Take heart. Be of good cheer! … Trust the River.