Happy Solstice!

It’s hard to believe that it’s here! –  the famous Solstice of 2012, the End of the Mayan Calendar, the end of a 26,000 year cycle and beginning of a new one.

I’m hearing from so many trusted spiritual guides that we have an opportunity during these days – between Dec. 20th and 23rd – to release a lot of our “old baggage” and absorb some high-level energies that will allow us to move into a higher dimension.

I know you and I were born for that purpose. I know that you and I have been waiting for lifetimes for this opportunity.

And yet I also know that it’s not so easy to just say “Yes” when opportunity knocks. It’s not so easy to know HOW to go through that door

In my teleseminar last week on “Birthing Your Sacred Work: Finding Your Calling” (and thank you, all who attended and helped make it such a success!) – I described you to yourself  this way (see if you recognize yourself):

“You feel called to make a difference in the world and maybe even to contribute to global awakening. You know it’s time for some kind of transformation in the world and in yourself. You long to find your own sacred work, something you can devote your life to that would make a real contribution and give your life meaning, joy, and fulfillment.

But you have difficulty getting your gifts into the world.  You often lack confidence in the value of what you have to offer. 

You may have felt stuck and dissatisfied for years, but you’re determined to break through that now! You can no longer stand the pain of ignoring this inner prompting. You sometimes fear “dying with your music still in you.” You are determined to finally live your purpose!”

If that sounds at all like you, then this is truly the time you’ve been waiting for. It’s the time when there’s more spiritual help available on the planet than ever before,helping you make that inner and outer shift.

And it’s the time when the world NEEDS your gifts more than ever before!

I’ve been on the same journey you’re on. And we’ve arrived at this incredible moment in human history, together!

If you’d like to explore how to finally walk through that door that’s being opened for all of us, please contact me. This opportunity is too important and too precious to waste! 

To help you take advantage of this powerful opportunity, I am happy to make available to you a *free* Sacred Work Discovery Session – now, for the first time with a bonus Mini-Akashic Record Reading included . 

In this session you will turn up the light of your inspiration, identify what has been holding you back and what to do about it, and get clear about your next steps.

To apply for a free Discovery Session plus mini-Akashic Record reading, just click on this link:  http://workwithTomar.com

Are you as excited as I am about the huge energy portal being opened? Are you as excited as I am about the new world that is approaching?

Are you willing to make YOUR personal contribution to help bring this new world into being?

I hope you say YES!

Join me for the 12-12-12 Portal!

Oh my! It’s almost 12-12-12, a portal of heightened energy leading up to the “Big One” – the 2012 Solstice, the famous end of the Mayan Calendar!

Of course, that famous “end” is really a beginning – a beginning of a new chapter in human evolution. We get to choose, this time, which way the Shift will happen.

And we’re getting lots of help from “on high.” And SO MUCH awakening is happening around the globe – it’s truly awesome! (I rarely use that word. :-))

This influx of cosmic energy is affecting all of us individually and as a culture. Things are speeding up. Many of us are feeling unstable, positive and flying high one moment, catapulted into anxiety the next.  (Sound familiar?)

I believe these energies will keep increasing over the next few years. And certain moments – the “portals” of 12-12-12 and the Solstice, for instance – may fling open the doors even wider, allowing in even bigger boosts of light.

Among the effects of all this energy is the enormous potential for all of us to move more quickly into our own highest potential, to evolve our own consciousness and start to enjoy the life of our dreams – and our purpose.

To make the most of this opportunity, keep your own vision and frequency as high as you can by remembering Who you are and Why you are here. And by tuning in to appreciation and gratitude for everything in your life and your world, as often as you can remember to.

To help you remember “Who you are and Why you are here,” I am offering a FREE Teleseminar on the auspicious date of 12-12-12, called Birthing Your Sacred Work: Finding Your Calling.

This is the time you were born for! If you are feeling agitated, it is probably because your soul is feeling the call to step up, to start living your purpose and giving the gifts you came into this life to give.

Join me on 12-12-12 (and again on Dec. 15th) for an exploration of what is needed to Birth Your Sacred Work, and what may be keeping you from Finding Your Calling and some next steps you can start taking now.

By the way, not only is 12-12-12 a portal date – it’s also the last NEW MOON of the year. So it’s the perfect time to plant new seeds, going into the new incredible year of 2013!!

Healing yourself heals the world!

I did a channeling yesterday from the Divine Source Collective, a group of light beings who like to teach.

What they told me was very interesting. It has to do with the fact that we are all so much more connected than we realize – when we work on what we think of as “our issues” we’re actually healing the collective consciousness of humanity. Because that’s who we are, what we’re part of. That’s part of the “work” we’re here to do.

Who knew?

You can listen to the channeling here: (it lasts about 7 minutes).



Here’s some more of what they had to say:

You are all much more interconnected than you recognize. There is really no separate individual consciousness apart from the collective consciousness of humanity as a group soul that has developed and continues to unfold and evolve. And you, as a unique part and particle of that … have the singular honor and power to work upon the malleable substance of human consciousness through working out your own personal issues.

That’s right – what you have always thought of as your own. .. Not only are you influenced by the collective, but you influence the collective

Now especially, at this time of heightened spiritual power and potency, the power you have now to affect change on planet Earth and thru the collective consciousness is truly unprecedented. Never has it been granted to so many souls at once and in harmony together.

For you form a united coalescing pattern of light, increasingly intricate and beautiful a you surround the Earth w your awakening.  …

Your job is to stay lifted in your perspective, to not be deceived by appearances, no matter how dark they may seem at times, into believing the voices of fear. But rather to believe that which is calling you from within your heart, that you hear and recognize, that has your unique soul vibration name calling to you, from within and from above.

This is the time to activate your power as a soul, which is being reinforced by tremendous amounts of love and light pouring into your world. Blessings to you.


Akashic Records on Gratitude – Part 2

Last week I asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about Gratitude.  Part 1 of their comments included these points:

Gratitude is the “easy path” to higher consciousness. 
The trick is in: 

  • trusting gratitude first
  • having the courage to act on faith
  • believing in gratitude no matter what is being shown outwardly in one’s life.
    In fact, being grateful for EVERYTHING is the key! 

    This theme is continued  this week in Part 2…

Thoughts on Gratitude – Part 2 

You are a soul here to discover your purpose and grow soul-muscles of knowledge, courage, love, and joy. Therefore everything placed in your path is simply material for your journey. And everything is something to be grateful for.

If you look through the eyes of the so-called mortal, the one you take yourself to be, naturally fear wins the day too easily.

But if you recognize your life for what it is – a period of deep learning and growth for the soul to redeem and turn into riches of the only kind that matters – then every circumstance would be greeted with enthusiasm as an opportunity to triumph and transcend. 

You are a soul here on a journey of initiation into the next level of your being. Do not cower before the appearance of what you have been taught to fear. You are greater than that. You have control over circumstances if you remember who and what you truly are.

One of the roads to that remembering is through aligning your frequency with that of gratitude.

Fear is the result of forgetting, getting lost in the illusion.

Gratitude is the fruit of awakening. And it is also one of the paths to awakening. 

Awakening is what all are being called to do right now. Now is the time of greatest awakening ever in your history. So much depends on this awakening of planet Earth. 

It takes courage to embrace the path. But you were born at this time for exactly this reason.

Therefore, welcome all circumstances with Gratitude and see how your life transforms.