Pray for World Peace


I just created the above social media post and decided to share it with you too.
In fact, this is a quick dive into what I’ve been referring to as Empowered Prayer.

Now it’s more important than ever – so why not have a crash course?

The prayer I’m sharing with you has a magic ingredient. We call them “mega” prayers – because they’re long. Too long to memorize, obviously. Kind of bulky and detailed and even technical. That’s because we’re spelling out exactly what we wish the divine realm to do for us.

This is not about poetry or praise or rapture or uplift.
It’s nuts and bolts requests. 
You can make them too. The magic comes from the “trick” of attaching a single word or phrase by which you can invoke the entire prayer after you read it thorough once (preferably out loud) and with intention.

You want to make sure you read it with intention and meaning, because whatever you put into that reading is what will be conveyed energetically each time you say the magic word after that. That code word – in this case ‘World Peace’ – will carry the energy of the last time you read the whole prayer. So if you don’t like how you did it, just do it again!

Here it is:

                                      Prayer for World Peace 

Source Creator, each and every day, prevent or render harmless
every intention, plan, energy or action to trigger a global war or 

any war of significant size and danger to humanity.

Employ the extreme measure permitted against intentions and plans
for such a war.

Protect all nations from manipulation, coercion, and propaganda 
leading to armed conflict with each other. Strengthen human defenses
against such propaganda used to induce fear, mistrust, hatred, and a
misguided quest for domination or retaliation. Heal and free all leaders
from mind control, manipulation, and corruption.

Help humanity to see through deception and into the futility of war.
Harness all negative energies and intentions used to promote war-
mongering, transmute them from malevolent to benevolent, and utilize
these energies for healing instead of harm, for all victims and 
perpetrators alike. 

Strengthen us to feel the power and conviction to partner with you to
demand and create a safe and peaceful world for all. 

Repeat this prayer request as often as feasible, invite all others wanting 
the highest and best outcome for humanity to join their prayers with ours
and pool our requests for maximum momentum and effectiveness. 

Link this entire prayer to the code words “World Peace,” so that every 
time I say or think these words, this entire request is made, including its
indefinite repetitions. Thank you. 

I hope you will really use this prayer.

It doesn’t matter if it’s not all perfectly clear to you. Each part of it means something very specific that will be clear to the divine, and that’s what matters.

Read it through a few times, then attach the code word – and you can just say “World Peace” to yourself over and over all day long – how wonderful is that!

It will make you feel better and it will have a powerful effect, I’m certain.

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