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A   Coaching/Mentoring Program

Answering Your Soul’s Call After Fifty:
For spirit-led women who know your time is Now!

If you have a vision of bringing something of value and beauty into the world…
If you feel called to do something bigger than you even know how to imagine…
If you know you are here to contribute to global transformation . . . even if you don’t know how…
If you feel you have a mission but you haven’t received your instructions yet… 

. . . then it’s time for you to take your inner promptings seriously and take the next step.

This is the time you were born for.
It’s the time when humanity’s task is to “bridge Heaven & Earth” –
to wake up, remember who we are and why we are here, and
to bring our higher potentials and visions into manifestation.
I believe you are one of many born at this time to help change the world.
Yet you are the specific one that your potential clients, students,
or followers have been waiting for… and are still waiting for.

Below you can read about
some of the ways I work with clients.

I hope you will say Yes to your highest potentials, despite your doubts.
Because the world is calling you. And your Soul is calling you. 

This is a highly customized program. If you join me on this journey, the emphasis will always be on those areas that are most urgent for you right now. You will get exactly what you need at the time.

The five aspects of this work encompass a spectrum of elements – from the most spiritual to the most practical – to help you bring your soul’s vision into manifestation.

This is how you “bridge Heaven & Earth” using your divine gifts through the medium of your business or creative expression, whatever form it takes. You first connect to your highest vision, and then bring it all the way down till it “lands” on Earth! (These elements are not strictly sequential but will be interwoven, according to the need of the moment.)

Humanity is now on an urgent mission to wake up, grow up, and bridge Heaven & Earth – in order to turn things around while there’s still time! And YOU are part of this great enterprise.

Connecting to your soul’s inspiration, honing a vision of what’s possible, and learning to express that vision in practical and concrete ways that benefit others and shines light in the world is your next step. It is one of the greatest ways you can contribute to the global shift and the emerging new reality. You will prosper and others will gain and the ripples will continue to spread out. You CAN do this! You wouldn’t be here with these inner longings otherwise. 


Answering Your Soul’s Call After Fifty~
For spirit-led women who know your time is Now:
It’s time to b
ring your Soul’s gifts Into the world!


1.  Hone Your Highest Vision

Find the source within yourself where your inner flame lives and turn up that light. Opening to your past, present, and possible future, we will allow the seeds of your potential to flower into a vision. You will connect to what is most alive within you, and what is calling you on a soul-level, and you will become fueled by your own inspiration.

  1. Turn up the flame of your inspiration. What’s calling you from within (from within your own soul) and from without (from the world)?
  2. What are your gifts, your skills, your loves? What “basket of gifts” do you bring to the table to choose from? What are you uniquely designed to do that brings you joy and can help others?
  3. What is your Big Why? What kind of world do you want to help create? What is your highest purpose? What really drives you?
  4. Discover your Seed Vision of how your gifts might manifest, that expresses your optimal potential as well as who you want to become in the process. (Let my guides – those I channel – add to your clarity.)

The Result:  You will feel energized and motivated, with a clear sense of direction, and what your next steps are. You will gain confidence and inner peace about your path in life. You will feel powerfully motivated and on fire, knowing what you’re here to do, and ready to do it! You will have access to reserves of energy that you didn’t know you had. (A lot of this will be begun in the Intensive Deep Dive Session.)


2.  Clear the Blocks That Hold You Back

As soon as we feel called by a vision, often the next thing to pop up is all the reasons why we believe we CAN’T have or achieve that. So then we need to identify and dissolve your inner blocks and barriers, so you can get unstuck and move forward freely. 

  1. Identify the main obstacles – limiting beliefs, patterns, self-talk – that may be keeping you stuck or conflicted. Learn to heal wounds and dissolve deep-seated imprints.
  2. Learn how to work with the Inner Parts that get in your way, so you can change lifelong patterns.
  3. Rewrite the story of who you’re not and open to your greater potential.
  4. Learn techniques to clear energy barriers, clear karmic and ancestral imprints, and to transform limiting beliefs and replace them with new, empowering ones. 

The Result:  You will gain clarity about what’s in your way, and the power to free yourself, so you can move forward unimpeded. You will liberate enormous energy when you dissolve blocks that may have been stopping you for your entire life. You will stop using distorted, false beliefs to create what you don’t want and become free to choose what you do want, instead. And you will feel empowered and confident when you know how to dismantle limiting beliefs whenever you need to. (The Intensive Deep Dive Session may include some of this material.)


3.  Cultivate Your Spiritual Connection

Connect to your Higher Self, access Inner Wisdom for guidance and direction, and learn to raise your vibrational frequency. Expand your sense of identity to include your spiritual or divine Self. You are more than “merely human.”

  1. Learn to relax into a meditative state that makes you feel held in safety.
  2. Use guided meditations to meet and connect with your Higher Self/ Inner Wisdom/ Future Self, and the Soul of Your Business.
  3. Learn the simplest method for opening a two-way dialogue between you and your source  of  wisdom, for guidance and direction.
  4. Learn several methods to quickly elevate your energy to maintain a high frequency of              positivity, joy, and spiritual connection – needed for manifestation.

The Result: You will start to experience greater inner support and confidence. Your life will begin to flow more and you will trust in your ability to receive guidance for clarity and direction. You will never have to remain “stuck” again, for you will have the skills to shift out of negative states and into positive ones whenever needed.


4. Embrace the Earth Plane and Anchor Your Vision in the 3-D World

Often we don’t see the patterns or habits which we’ve grown accustomed to, but which act as brakes on our energy. We will take a clear look at your life and start to address whatever issues may be blocking you on the material plane, so you can truly bridge Heaven & Earth.

  1. Look at issues of space and time in your physical environment.
  2. Look at issues of self-care, health, and bodily energy.
  3. Look at issues of relationship, obligations, and healthy boundaries.
  4. Look at issues around money and manifestation.

The Result: Identify energy drains and areas of blockage, avoidance, denial or conflict, so you can start to close the gap. By coming into balance with the physical laws, you will empower yourself and start to mobilize much greater power to manifest. To bridge Heaven and Earth, you must have both feet firmly planted on the ground.


5. Ground Your Vision; Create a Blueprint for Your Inspired Work (whether a Business, Creative Project, or other Initiative)

Whatever your gifts or vision, there are practical steps to bring those gifts into the world so you can make the contribution you are here to make. We will together create an outline or first draft of your “business plan,” including the Why, Who, What, and How.

  1. Expand your Core Vision, using the Core Elements of Why, What, Who, and How.
  2. From the Core Elements, start to design a potential business model, including services and products that you can offer the world.
  3. Start to develop the Message at the heart of your business, that will form the basis of your communications.
  4. Create a plan of Action Steps to take and schedule the first ones.

The Result:  You can develop the underpinnings of your whole business or creative project, outline the essential components, and start to find the language to communicate with. You will develop a realistic action plan and will start walking down the path of action, grounding your vision – a.k.a. Bridging Heaven & Earth. (This aspect of our work can take many forms and will often be the bulk of our time together.It also will point to further work that will be needed.)


Two KumquatsBelow is a breakdown of the Coaching Program.  


Answering Your Soul’s Call After Fifty
**Including Channeled Reading**

Starts with an Intro session and an optional 3 hour Intensive Deep Dive, followed by 10 sessions to go further. (Or 14 sessions spaced however works best for you.) 

What might you accomplish in 3- 6 months of inspired and focused action?
What if you joined with the creative loving power, the wise and purposeful will of your soul?
What if you also cleared away the habitual blocks that have stopped you for most of your life/?
What if you used Higher Guidance as your partner in creating your inspired expression?
And what if you took practical strategic action in a supportive space of accountability?
If you are being called, you owe it to yourself to say Yes!
You will be amazed at the huge leaps you will make once you commit!


What are the specific features of this program?

  • Powerful Channeled Reading and Visioning Session!  
  • Start to connect all levels of your desires, skills, gifts, potentials, in a single compelling purposeful vision. 
  • Learn new skills, healing methods, and self-empowerment tools you can use forever to free yourself and align spiritually.
  • 10-12 coaching sessions going through the steps of building your dream.
  • Sessions are usually 60-75 minutes long, sometimes go to 90 minutes.
  • Alls sessions by Zoom live video conferencing.
  • Video and/or audio recordings of all sessions
  • Email support several times a week if needed
  • Regular accountability as needed   
  • Optional supplementary written and audio material (e.g. tools, guided journeys, meditations, resources, info)
  • Delivered in 2, 3, or 4 sessions per month (flexible schedule to fit your needs)

Initial Intensive Deep Dive Session
Optional: You can choose to jumpstart our work together with a 3 hour “Deep Dive” session, including a Channeled Reading and Visioning Session, to clarify your gifts and highest potentials, as well as identifying your biggest blocks and how to clear them.

This packed session may give you insight into:

  • the guides’ spiritual perspective about your purpose and potentials;
  • your personal basket of unique gifts that you bring to the table;
  • your possible business vision and best next steps;
  • the connection between your life experience, your purpose, and your business;
  • insight into what is holding you back, including possible past life causes;
  • clarity on your goals to focus our work together;

  • prioritize your needs, save time and maximize efficiency;
  • new possibilities to motivate and mobilize your energy.

This Intensive VIP Session will start us with a deep plunge into the heart of what is calling you – and what is stopping you. It will energize you enormously and will insure that we use our time together for focused, targeted action, implementing exactly what you need most, and making the swiftest possible progress towards achieving your goals.

Here’s what some clients have said about my work: 

My Channeled Reading and Visioning Session with Tomar was one of the most insightful and amazing processes that I have experienced in my 26 years of being on a Spiritual Path. I knew that I was ready to see, feel and experience my Soul Purpose and Tomar was the perfect facilitator for this.
– Jim Parker, Master Certified Coach

This has been one of the most helpful things I’ve ever done. It was not only deeply insightful, but some of the best advice and brainstorming I have had.
Christine deCamp, Visionary Artist

I had an amazing session with Tomar this afternoon! She added so much clarity and depth to my vision. Wow! Not enough words and exclamation points to express the experience!
-Bill Fox, Higher Perspective Tools

FEE: The total fee for this program is $2,250. (Payment plans are available.) 
That equates to $160/hour. Contact me if interested. 

Click here to contact me for a complimentary consultation so we can explore together what you most need at this time, and whether this program is the right fit for you.



What will I get from working with Tomar?
With me as your coach/mentor you will get an array of services not often found in one person.  You will get:

  • an experienced life purpose and career guide;
  • a long-time healer, spiritual practitioner and intuitive;
  • an inspirer and enthusiastic empowerer of others;
  • a deeply empathic listener who sees deeply into others;
  • a channeler of spiritual wisdom;
  • a brilliant brainstormer, business strategist, idea generator and creative catalyst;
  • a gifted writer and copywriter;
  • a visionary big-picture seer;
  • a facilitator of many psychological, energetic and coaching modalities;
  • a long-time student of Internet marketing for conscious entrepreneurs;
  • a highly pragmatic problem-solver.

In fact, my clients have called me “one stop shopping!”

What makes this program unique?

My work combines intuitive wisdom and grounded practicality, a balance of inner spiritual and energetic tools and outer practical actions.

Using the clarity of guidance, we will put the focus on where you need the most support right now! No waste, no delays, no distractions. I respect your time and will laser in on the most optimized actions and strategies you need, both inner and outer, so you can make the greatest strides possible in our time together.

I will  maintain the vision of your highest potential for you, so you can always find it again. I know that transforming patterns and pushing through limits is not easy. (I have worked on my own for years.) We will do this together!

You will receive from me both cut-to-the-chase insight and direction, and huge infusions of enthusiasm, celebration, and joy as you move towards fulfilling your soul’s potential and purpose, and making your unique contribution to the world.