The Epiphany That Changes Everything!

Image-Heaven:Earth2Do you ever feel like you don’t really belong here on Earth? I’ve felt like that most of my life. But I had an epiphany yesterday that changes everything!

Recently, as part of my preparation for stepping into my soul’s purpose in a bigger way, I have been engaging in some heavy-duty clearing of my own blocks. (Something I strongly recommend to everyone who longs to live their highest purpose.)

After several days of deep inner work, dredging the depths of my refusal to fully incarnate, my reluctance to take responsibility for my physical existence, to fully show up, give my gifts and do what I came here to do….

…I heard in my inner consciousness a phrase and realization that changes everything: Dual Citizenship!

And I heard myself saying: “I declare myself a dual citizen of Heaven and Earth! I accept dual citizenship!”

What I now see is that in order to bridge Heaven and Earth – the work we are here to do in this moment of history – we must hold dual citizenship and reside in both worlds equally. When we go back and forth, entering one zone often means losing the other. I have continually lost touch with practical reality when spending a lot of time in meditation, and have lost all sense of my spiritual connection when I got hunkered down in “regular life.”

Furthermore, to do our Sacred Work we must learn to stand fully in our power. But how can we do that if we’re not willing to really be here? It’s impossible. (Do you know what I mean?)

In my history this dilemma showed up early when, as a youngster, I was told by my parents and society that I had to choose. I had to accept the way things are, get a “real job” and be a “responsible citizen” – or be doomed to a fairly marginal existence without much power.

There was only one choice I could make – I chose Heaven.

What that meant was I lived as an artist and spiritual seeker not solidly rooted in the world of daily responsibility and getting by in pretty sketchy ways.

Actually, I lived much of my life frozen in a state of perpetual childhood because I refused to grow up. As a result, I gave up my right to participate fully in the world as an equal. I watched from the sidelines while others participated, burdened by the gifts I couldn’t give. That was the price of seeking escape from the harsher densities of Earth.

In recent years I’ve stepped more and more into the world, as the call to live my purpose and give my gifts has grown increasingly powerful. Yet still, as I did my clearing, I found remaining strands of fear, unwillingness, and doubt that I really belonged here. I was still holding back.

Until finally the revelation came – I can claim dual citizenship and live in both worlds at the same time. I can allow my soul to inhabit my body fully, and open wide the container for what wants to come through, rooted in Earth and open to Heaven.

I can now take a stand for all those seeking safe harbor in this most exquisite and fragile of worlds that divides body from spirit and love from survival.

I can do my best to help lift the energies and to heal what is split, so that all may freely live in both worlds at once. So that all may claim dual citizenship in Heaven and Earth.

Will you join me?

I’d love to hear from you about how these thoughts affect you. Do you have some of the same issues? If you do and would like help thinking them through … or if you’d like to know more about the powerful clearing tool I’ve been using and how you can benefit from it too  – please contact me!

What is TRUE Freedom?

Yesterday was the Fourth of July – our Independence Day in the United States. I even went to see the fireworks display in NYC, where I live (see above).

Here in the US we talk a lot about freedom, 
pride ourselves on being “free” and get very riled up when we feel our freedom is being threatened. 

But are we free?

I could be asking that question on many levels, but today I’m thinking about the kind of freedom that means the most to me – internal freedom. I believe that is the fundamental freedom.

I don’t know about you, but I am very aware of the ways that I am NOT free. Even to get triggered when I feel my freedom is threatened is a sign of not being free. For whatever triggers me controls me, and I then react in habitual ways that have been conditioned in me over time. Where do my feelings, ideas, and reactions come from, anyway? Do I freely choose them?

I’ll give you an example:

One thing about me is that I don’t like being told what to do. I have a feeling of my freedom being infringed when that happens. (Perhaps you can relate?) I can feel indignant and convince myself that I am a “free spirt” who needs to “follow my intuition” and “be in the flow” and should not have to follow rigid rules.

And some of that may be true – in an ideal world. In fact, I have created a life that supports that ideal, to a large degree. That’s part of why I became an entrepreneur. 

But as an entrepreneur, there are still many things I “have to” do. And I may still rebel against them.

Who is rebelling? I would say it is my inner teenager, conditioned by a lifetime growing up with a controlling mother – simple as that. I am in fact still being controlled by those patterns laid down in my childhood.

And if I have no choice about how I react when I am triggered – then I am definitely NOT free. I am more like a puppet at the end of a string being jerked around when something pulls that string.

So where are YOU not free? What patterns, habitual ways of reacting, feeling, believing have been conditioned in you over time that you may take to be your truth – even a sign of your freedom?