Remote Healing Services


Two Powerful New Technologies to Help the World

Lightworker Healing Protocol
Deep Subconscious Channeling/ Trauma Resolution


The Lightworker Healing Protocol is a vast, comprehensive advanced healing technology unlike anything else available. It works through Divine Partnership, using high level, scientific prayer requests to harness the highest level healing there is – the Divine Source itself. Through our requests, we unleash the full power and love of the God force, guided by out alignment and intention.

LHP addresses the widest range of challenges for individuals, the collective, the planet, and beyond – with requests for specific actions to be taken by the Divine realm, spanning the gamut from the most personal to the most cosmic.

Healing interventions include energy rebalancing; removal of all spirit attachments and emotional/energetic attacks, karmic repair; clearing negative thought forms and energy cords, restoring soul fragments, dissolving curses and pledges, as well as protection against spirit re-attachment, environmental hazards, and much much more, including the client’s specific healing requests. This healing even travels across time and deals with parallel lives (past, present, and future).

LHP works with humans, animals, locations, and lost souls needing rescue. It also implements healing for the negative entities who afflict humanity in order to restore them to the light. It is designed to help lift the energy of humanity as a whole, heal Gaia, and release humans from negative forces – but at the same time can address a client’s most intimate personal issues regarding health, relationships, finances, career, etc.

Whatever your issues are, LHP is the best first step in your healing journey, for it addresses not only your personal concerns, but many hazards you may not be aware of.

Some of the most remarkable features of the protocol are that it is structured to repeat indefinitely in perpetuity, and to include the healing energies of all light beings working together with us, so that the effect of the healing is exponentially amplified.

When you receive an LHP sessions the efforts of the whole Divine team will continue until your healing is achieved.

LHP is truly a unique, one-of-a-kind tool that goes far beyond treating personal complaints. In fact, we are told that this is the means by which humanity can finally be freed from our long history of suffering, since we prioritize healing the perpetrators who keep us suppressed.

$222 as a stand-alone treatment with consultation and follow-up for one person
$250 for a family group
DISCOUNT: $120 for one

DISCOUNT: $175 for family

Deep Subconscious Channeling/ Trauma Resolution is a powerful healing modality that goes deep into the roots of any issue troubling you, done remotely for a single individual. It utilizes a facilitator and a channeler who can contact your deep subconscious mind (a level of mind deeper than the normal subconscious contacted in hypnoses, guided meditation, etc.)

The deep subconscious, the largest portion of our consciousness, is in direct contact with our Akashic Records, which are filled with traumatic memories. As a result, the deep subconscious transmits warnings to the conscious mind through feelings like free-floating anxiety, depression, etc. that may seem to have no clear origin.

Partnering with the Divine realm, we ask the deep subconscious to bring up the most significant life events contributing to your most pressing issues – most often from past lives. The event is witnessed, then reframed and transformed so that the emotional signature is changed permanently in your Akashic Records, erasing the former harmful imprint. It also transforms the internalized limiting beliefs (that have been continuing to undermine your well-being) into positive, empowering, life-affirming, enhancing ones. Dramatic changes often result, as a deep unconscious wound is healed, and a powerful transformation occurs.

Receiving an LHP treatment is a prerequisite for having a Past Life Trauma Resolution session. You will receive a record (written or audio) of the session upon request.

$250 – Single session: consultation, healing, and follow up (with two healers).

$400 together with LHP session (required for first session)

Packages of 3 DSC/TR sessions: $650/ $800 with LHP
DISCOUNT: Package of 3: $495

DISCOUNT: Package of 3 with LHP: $615

Comments from Recent Clients:

A dramatic healing of an emotionally disturbed boy
“I just want to thank you for your work on my friend’s ten year old son. He is s child of a coercively controlling, violent father and has been traumatized on every level. While his nature is sweet, he had become behaviorally precarious, treating his mother like a slave, screaming at her, stomping on her broken toe, lighting fires next to gas cans and laughing maniacally, and detailing all the ways he could fatally shoot himself in the head with his father’s guns.

After the Deep subconscious session, I  asked my friend how her son was (she didn’t know I’d asked for the session), and she told me he was massively improved.  No longer suicidal, no fire-setting, not screaming at her or treating her like a slave, but calm, peaceful, and asking to take on a shared home decorating project. He snuggled up with her and fell asleep with his kitty.
Thank you! “ 
~ Kati N.

A deep sense of inner freedom
“Thank you for doing multiple subconscious channellings on my behalf – it works!  For me personally this is one of the most effective healing modalities because it goes directly to the core, our inner-belief structure. .. which stems from traumatic past lifetime experiences.

With each session I felt more complete and uplifted. …It reminds me of peeling back the layers of an onion where you rediscover yourself, to return to a state of forgiveness and unconditional self-love. 

The sessions have given me a deep sense of inner freedom and strengthen my partnership with the Divine.  Your skillfulness, great care and pure intention makes this healing modality very successful.“
 ~ Marijn Covers

Everything has changed so much (after an LHP healing)

“I wanted to deeply thank you for your precious help for my daughter and the whole situation last weekend. I felt something so strong on Saturday and I really wanted to thank you from all my heart. Everything has changed so much, day after day. Your help, your presence is a gift for us.” ~ Camille M.


Both of these powerful healing modalities – the Lightworker Healing Protocol and the Deep Subconscious Channeling/ Trauma Resolution – were developed by Karl Mollison of in partnership with Source Creator and the divine realm.