A Home for the Soul Community

A Home for the Soul:
A membership community of Vision, Healing, & Empowerment for Lightworkers and spiritual change agents. 

Do you feel an inner calling that you can’t ignore?

Are you filled with the desire to use your gifts to help others, to be of service to the greater good, to help this world lift itself higher? And… is something stopping you from bringing out your gifts, stepping fully forward, or being all you can be?

If you can relate, then I have designed something especially for YOU – the sensitive, gifted, highly spiritual beings so dear to my heart, who are here to contribute to a better world and who often struggle with issues of self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

I know who you are because I’m one of you and I’ve struggled with my own self-doubts for years. And frankly, the world doesn’t have time for that anymore, and neither do we!

I know you carry within you powerful medicine that the world needs. So.I am committed to helping you liberate your light, free your gifts and step fully into your soul’s purpose, now. We can’t keep waiting!


I also know these are scary times and it’s easy to fall prey to fears and doubts when we’re on our own. One of the failings of our current culture is how alone, separate, and vulnerable many people feel. It’s hard to find the support that used to exist in prior times. Therefore, we need to create those structures of support for ourselves!


A Home for the Soul is designed to do just that.
It will be a very affordable virtual environment whose, purpose is to provide a home base of support for spiritual exploration, empowerment and healing, and to help you activate your highest potentials. We need a place to gather in soul community, to join our light to help the world and each other,…don’t you agree?

If this sounds enticing, SIGN UP HERE to get on the Waiting List!

I’m excited to announce the launching of A Home for the Soul, a low-fee monthly group I’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

This community of sensitive, gifted, spiritual beings here on a mission will feature many forms of support and inspiration, including healing and co-healing, teachings, experiential and interactive processes, accessing higher consciousness, creating positive visions of your (and our) future, and co-creating a sacred and catalytic space for kindred souls.

This is not a program with a set curriculum and I am not planning to teach a particular system. Rather, I will be drawing on my forty years of experience in the psycho-spiritual-healing fields as well as my intuitive gifts and years of inner exploration, along with YOUR requests and needs, to guide our journey together. I want this to be a living experience/ experiment, fed by all our energies and wisdom, evolving to reflect the needs and desires and guidance of the group itself.

I plan to offer two 90-minute group meetings each month plus sundry other opportunities and ways to connect and receive sustenance – all super-affordable, for as little as $27 per month! I am committing to lead it for (at least) a year, and you can join me for as long as you want, or leave any time, so there is no risk.  

If this interests you even a little you could do me a favor by going into your heart and sensing what would make a group that meets regularly on an ongoing monthly basis deeply fulfilling, meaningful and even essential for you. Then let me know what you find there.

I believe that what light workers need is both a home for our soul and a launching pad for our soul’s visions, to send them into the world. We need both love and strength. I intend this group to provide both.

A Home for the Soul will include:

~ Opportunities to heal deep wounds and daily difficulties.
~ Addressing issues of self worth and empowerment.
~ Heart-opening and heart-healing practices.
~ Inspiration and reminders of a bigger view above the turmoil of the world.
~ A sense of safety, home, and support you can return to.
~ Community of other spiritual and sensitive beings like you.
~ Opportunities to connect to individuals in small groups as well as the larger group.
~ Exploration of key spiritual concepts.
~ Weaving together a web of light that can hold us.
~ Connecting consciously to higher spiritual energies, both personal and collective.
~ Going on inner journeys to connect to higher aspects of self and the divine.
~ Tangible reminders of who you are as a Soul so that it becomes anchored in you.
~ Connecting to your soul’s purpose, your gifts, and the reason you’re here.
~ Knowing we are contributing to the upliftment of humanity and the world.
~ Feeling nurtured and nourished.

I look forward to hearing from you and to sending you the details as soon as they’re finalized. Remember, fill out THIS FORM to be among the first to be notified! (And don’t forget to “Confirm” the email request you will receive.)