I’m doing something for the first time… and it’s scary

WWW Website Banner USE-2I’m excited. And I’m scared.

Next week I’m hosting my very first live Meetup in New York City.

It’s called Wise Women Waking and my purpose is to gather women in the second half of life for inspiration and empowerment. (If you or anyone you know are local to me and are interested, CLICK HERE.)

It’s a big deal for me to be doing this.

For all the years I’ve been developing my current business, my focus has been on the Internet and the online world. 

I’m a huge believer in our global network and am infinitely grateful for the amazing connections I’ve made with beautiful souls all over the world. The Internet has changed my life for the better in countless ways.

But in the process I, like many of us, have become a bit of a computer-slave. My community is now more virtual than in-the-flesh, which is very different from how it used to be.

But there’s a bigger reason why this is so important. I’m breaking through a fear-barrier.

I love to teach and speak to audiences. It’s something I’ve known for many years is part of my nature and my purpose and one of my chief gifts.

Yet… it’s scary too. It’s a lot easier to speak on the telephone or a video or a webinar than to stand in front of a live audience. Any presentation of self to the public feels risky to the ego – but more so when it’s in person.. (You’ve probably heard that most people fear public speaking more than death.)

So, as a habitual putter-offer, public speaking was one more thing I’ve been saying I want to do – but was not doing. Until now.

With a relatively simple action, I finally broke the ice and launched something, and will cross that particular threshold next week. The way I look at it, whoever shows up and however it goes will be a plus. It will be a starting gate from which more will flow and evolve.

I know that once I’m in motion it’s easy to course-correct. When I”m standing still all the plans I make are just mind-matter, abstractions.

I also know that taking action has miraculous effects impossible to anticipate. I’ve experienced this over and over in my life. I bet you have too.

I have a strong creative imagination and have envisioned many amazing and wonderful things in my life… that I have never implemented. I believe this is true of many creative spiritual visionary types whose upper chakras are more active than our lower ones.

What about you? Do you also have dreams stored in the back corners of your mind that you tell yourself you’ll get to “some day?

Would you like some help moving those dreams forward? Even crossing the threshold from imagination into baby steps of enactment?

Let me know if you’d like some help thinking this through and converting your dreams to action.

And I’ll let you know how it goes next week! 

Focus on Relationships with Libra New Moon

New MoonWe’re continuing to have intense aspects in the heaven. The September  eclipses will be reverberating for the next six months, urging us to let go of patterns that don’t serve us anymore – including in relationships.

And that’s in keeping with the theme of this new moon and month: re-evaluating our relationships!}
Libra is the sign of relationships, self and other, creating balance.
Now we have Sun and Moon in Libra, plus Mercury, which finally went direct today (which should benefit our interpersonal communications). 

We also have the famous Venus-Mars conjunction – Male and Female doing their dance both externally and internally. And Venus is squared by Saturn and opposes Neptune, which will definitely challenge and cause us to re-think some relationships.

This coming New Moon in Libra: 
Monday/Tuesday Oct. 12th 5:05 p.m. Pacific, 8:05 p.m. Eastern/ Sept. 13th 1:05 a.m. GMT. (The intentions are best set around that time, or within 8 hours after, but within the next two to four days is also fine.)

The areas to focus on when setting intentions include:

  • Partnerships – Agreements, sharing, equitable interdependence, whether it’s with your spouse or your business partner. What in your relationships is out of balance? Are there any covert power struggles? Resentments? Now’s the time to rectify them.
  • Equality – Fairness and equality in all relationships (spouse, friends, colleagues, clients) is central to Libra; appreciation of self and others, and when needed negotiation, give and take, being a voice for justice, righting a wrong.
  • Harmony – Creating a harmonious environment, whether in your home or office, feeling peace and tranquility within yourself, creating beauty and art (including well designed products and pages), and appreciating high culture. This is a good time for design projects or redecorating.
  • Teamwork – Cooperation, giving and receiving support, collaboration, working with a partner, being part of a team, having others help you, and knowing when to compromise. A good time to reach out and ask for the support you need.

  • Sociability – Ability to get along with others, one-on-one interactions, networking, feeling comfortable socially, ease of communication in social settings, playing host or hostess (including at professional events). Good time to host your first Meetup (like I’m doing)! 
  • Refinement – Enjoying luxury and elegance, valuing good taste, appreciating grace in your life, gracious living, and spreading grace (including in what you offer your clients and public).
  • Overcoming Co-Dependency – Includes tendencies to lose oneself in others, appeasing to maintain peace, being “nice” to be liked (including lowering your fees), comparing, paralyzing indecision. 
  • For health it concerns adrenal glands, kidneys, and diabetes (sugar imbalance). 
Here are some tips for how to use the New Moon energy to plant effective wishes/ intentions/ visions:

1. Write them by hand. (You might want to keep a New Moon Magic journal – that’s what I’m doing. Or you could write them on cards and keep them in a drawer.)

2. Choose more than one but no more than ten wishes or intentions. (To activate but not dissipate the energy.)

3. Wait until the actual New Moon time or 8 hours after (between 8 p.m. and 4 a..m. Eastern, on Oct. 12th/13th) or within 2-4 days after that (through Friday, Oct. 16th around 8 p.m. ET). Let the wishes form and choose the ones that feel most harmonious and right to you at that time. 

4. In phrasing your intentions feel free to use words such as “I choose, I intend, I create, I wish or want to experience, I request, I ask for, I call to me…..”  One good choice is “I accept these things — or something better — into my life now, for my highest good, and for the highest good of all concerned.” And then list what you want in the present tense. 

5. You might want to say them out loud after you write them down. 

6. Some recommend lighting a candle. Or picture the paper you’ve written your list on irradiated by light burning away all anxiety around your desires. 

Keeping your written intentions where you can refer back to them later, to see which actually came true, is part of this experiment. It’s also advisable to keep your intentions in mind, especially as the Full Moon approaches, the time for action. These intentions will also be powerful to review at the end of the year!

I have also created a NEW MOON MAGIC FACEBOOK PAGE for sharing our New Moon Intentions, if you’d like to do that. Please click on above link to join me there – and click “Join group” in upper right corner if you want to join.