Akashic Guides on Sagittarius New Moon

Screen shot New Moon SagI asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about the sacred energies of Sagittarius, as the winter season grows deeper. This is what they said:
You are right on target with your arrow, dear archer. Let your arrows shine and fly further than the furthest stars. 

You are positioned to spring forth from the bondage of ages. 

You are positioned now to release the bent and compressed energies of ages. 

You are ready now to release from the ancient grip of darkness that which will in time glow like a beacon in the heavens. 

You and all of you who are gathered now at the edge of the New – release what is within your soul. Do not keep it hidden any longer. 

You are here as a beautiful gift from above.You and only you can achieve the freedom you seek
And in doing so you you will liberate all. You will all become free.

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