Bring On the Swans! No More Ducks!

Swan Flying illusQuest 2016 Prompt # 3 today came from high-level designer and brand strategist, podcaster and author, Debbie Millman.

Her challenge was:
“How would you do business as unusual in 2016 if you knew – no matter what you chose – you would not fail?”

This question makes me reflect on how I’ve done business in the past – and how I see other people doing what looks like the norm, the model, the ideal of  “business as usual.”

I have not attained that level of professionalism yet. But my own version of business as usual has  been cautious, putting out small, limited, very specific offers, often at a discount, not fully indicative of the full range of what I know I’m capable of. I’ve been operating at reduced power, with the idea running in the background of “I’ll get to that later. I’ll unleash my true work later.”

Here’s my shot at Business as Unusual for 2016:

Business as Unusual is putting my highest level creativity out in the world now; not waiting till later. 

It’s also partnering with my intuitive gifts and using them to create with. It means always turning within (or above) for direction, guidance and inspiration, for content and language – and trusting that. 

It’s partnering with my creativity, my intuition and guidance, and my highest inspiration – and putting that out into the world in as big, free, and joyful a way as I can.

It include elements of art, of inspired words, and going for my high-heaven vision! And trusting that those who are my true tribe will respond to and recognize the energy I send.

So doing Business as Unusual means joining my innate love of creative expression with an urgent message that my soul (and my “upstairs” connection) are continually feeding me… and putting out a vibrational frequency flow that combines urgency with joy, beauty, and celebration, poetry, humor, and daring.

And it means using technologies that are within my grasp, that I can use “well enough,” so long as they serve as tools for me to express with.

Business as Unusual means removing my veils. It means not trying to look like anyone else, not doing things the way I see others doing them. Not trying desperately to conform and hoping I can “pass.” 

It always comes back to the Ugly Duckling syndrome.

The Ugly Duckling question is: Why am I once again trying to be a good duck (and failing) when I’m actually a swan? Why am I embarrassed to reveal my swanness to the world? Especially when I know that the world – and my tribe in particular – are clamoring for swans!  

So doing Business as Unusual for me means not trying to conform, not trying to “pass,” not trying to follow the leader and “do it right” –  especially when I know I can’t. Because, frankly, I really suck at “doing things right.”

It means the return to that long-seen and still unresolved paradox of mine … To stop trying to be a “good duck” and continually failing… When all the while I’m really – and secretly know I am really – a Swan!

I need to fully grasp that the world wants, needs, and is calling for more Swans, not more ducks. Not more “do it this way, play it safe, impress people, look like a real professional” conformist look-alikes  (appearances to the contrary notwithstanding).

I secretly know that what the world – what people – are longing for, craving, and rejoicing in when found – are out of the box original daring creative visionary high-flying soaring angels with big white wings…. who may be extremely awkward when trying to walk on the ground… but who suddenly reveal their true nature when they glide into their natural element and take our breath away.

Yes, doing Business as Unusual for me in 2016 will be letting my Swan nature take the lead. Trusting her, rejoicing in her, knowing that when I let her lead – and let ‘er rip – I cannot fail.

My business identity for 2016 is:

Bring on the Swans! No more Ducks!


Bring On the Swans! No More Ducks! — 13 Comments

  1. This is inspiring. I don’t know why it can be so hard for us (especially women) to recognize our own power. Swan it up, you! That’s what I say. So glad Quest2016 has led me to you.

  2. Same here, Suzi, so happy we met. I just spent some time on your blog – brava! I love it! I want to know what photo program you’re using for text and photo-editing. Your images rock, and so do your words.

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    • Ha ha Philippa, there is a motor beneath the serenity. An important lesson there, I think. Yes, this quest is amazing. So happy I found it… except that I now am challenged to do anything else.

  4. Tomar, this is a fabulous posting! YES, being a swan is what we are here to be!! And also stressing your “inner connection” and writing from there is another great point! In addition, being original and not conforming is essential for this time on the planet. I so enjoy your honest and heart-filled posting Tomar. I look forward to more.

  5. Thank you, Sharon, I appreciate your words very much. Especially that “being original” is “essential for this time on the planet.” I guess that is so, that’s part of it.

  6. I like your point about using technology that serves you well and that you can use. Technology and social media should not be so difficult to use that we are spending all of our time learning about them while taking away from our time creating. Yet when we can work with it well it can enrich our experience and our ability to reach others and share more efficiently and farther.

    • I love technology and I’m just asserting my desire to feel okay about using it within my ability, even if that falls short of some ideal. Here’s for “good enough.”

  7. Wow! This spoke to me so loudly. I could feel my inner light bouncing around with its hand up,saying ‘that’s me!That’s me!’
    I’m sharing this one and re reading it. A lot.
    Thanks Tomar. Just what I needed to read.
    PS. I love swans.😉

  8. Roberta, that’s music to my ears! Yes, it’s time to liberate our inner Swans. Let’s get on this now! (And my question to you – and me – is: “What would liberating your inner Swan look like? What would you (and I) do differently? And what’s one example or one step towards doing that now – or soon?” Let’s form a Swan mobilization plan!

  9. Beautiful post, and I am so glad you see this for yourself. I think many of us are getting this message. Kind of like we are sitting on an egg waiting for it (ourselves) to hatch, not realizing that chick is gone, and we need to spread our own wings — not to let a good bird metaphor go to waste. What are you doing differently, Tomar? We’re the wind beneath your wings.

    • Carla, yes, that sense of “waiting” is so familiar. We can “wait” our whole lives away. Thank you for getting this so well. And for being the wind beneath my wings – ditto to you.

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