[Channeled Message] Thanksgiving Love

On Thanksgiving Day I asked my Guides what we should be thankful for.
This is what they said:

Dear ones – we hear your open hearted concern.

It is the nature of humanity to be grateful. It is the innate purpose of life on Earth to bless you and for the Earth to bless you and for you to bless each other.

This is the design and pattern of Earthly life.
So much to be tasted, experienced, enjoyed through the senses, so much to be shared and loved and received in the emotions. And so much to be discovered, to be explored, to be created through the mind.

The physical – mental- emotional life on Earth is a gift.
You must recognize that.
You are a gift .. and for that we are grateful.

You are not seeing the taking away of gifts now, although some of you  fear that.
You are not seeing the demise of what is beautiful on Earth.. not yet, not inevitably, and not inexorably.

All is not lost.. for you are here.
All is not past… but hovers in the dream of the future that you sing into being.

Song is the vibration of creation. The voice of the Mother echoes through your lips as you pray, as you give thanks, as you express your love, your purpose, your conscious intention to grow in wisdom, power, and love.

You are made in the Divine Design.
All are welcome to participate in this feast of life.
None are excluded.

You are the wise ones who have come to the birthday party bearing gifts.. and we give thanks for you. For there is a birth coming on the horizon and you are here for that purpose.

Never fear, the horizon glows with new light and arrival.
It is not too late, the dawn is barely starting.

You who are here on Earth at this time are receiving your instructions to awaken, and to step into the big shoes that have been waiting for you.
Yes, encourage each other so that you share the journey.

It is not too late, you are right on time.
We give thanks that you made the choices you did, to share in this wondrous moment and the times to come.

Do not be deceived by appearances. You are much more than you believe yourselves to be. And this moment in the world’s turning is not all it may appear to you to be.

Now is the time of witnessing the emergence of the true dimension of humanity as you give birth to your true knowing, your true love, your true awareness, your devoted hearts, your great courage, your purpose, your blazing light.

It shines ion the horizon and we see it.

Thank you.

We Can Still Soar – Don’t Lose Heart

Now, more than ever, after this momentous election, we are all aware of the challenges involved as the world moves toward transformation.

Because the world IS moving towards (positive) transformation – yes, even now.

Clearly, it is not going to be all easy sailing. (I guess you could call that an understatement.)

And whether or not you hear it that way, these events are calling you – calling each and every one of us – to get ready to step up to what you were born for.

Because if you feel drawn to serve in some way, to help bring in a better world, I believe you agreed to be on what I call the Transition Team.

It was a soul choice of yours. A choice to volunteer to be part of a large group of helpers on a very important mission, to help planet Earth and its inhabitants move through a great transition to the next higher level of their evolution.

This is the transition you came for. It’s happening now.

And it’s a difficult and painful transition, as they often are.

What you signed up for was courageous. Even heroic. Not easy.

But keep in mind that whatever your individual gifts and contributions are, they are part of a much larger tapestry than you alone. Your particular thread, when woven in with all the others, has the potential to help create a new world.

That IS what we are doing – yes, even now we are in the process of creating the new world, of making space for it, of preparing for it.

Preparation can take many forms. It can be a dirty job, as any builder or gardener will tell you.

You can’t change the world by yourself. But never forget that you’re not alone.

This is not a time to be disheartened. It is a time to reconnect to your soul’s purpose, ground yourself in the support of the Earth that we love and that loves us – and to hold the highest vision of the world you want to live in.

Know that this vision is real and important. We are all “receiving stations” for a higher truth. So trust what you sense, what you feel, what you know when you tune into that vision and open yourself to it.

The future world that is coming into existence will also help you. How can it not? As you serve it, so will it also serve you with the energy of evolution that flows through you and everyone.

That future world needs every one of us not to give up on it, but to stay steady, to stay attuned.

This is a time for resolution and committed alignment with your very highest truth and with your soul’s knowing.

It is a time for trust in the large and sacred mission that you are part of.

And it is a time to empower yourself to better be ready to deliver your highest gifts.

CHANGE AGENTS: To help the world we must become empowered

The world is at a turning point. I’m sure you’ve noticed.

We who are called to serve in some way, who may feel called to bridge Heaven and Earth, to help bring in a better world, agreed to be on the Transition Team.

The transition we came to help with is happening now. And it will only intensify.

If you’ve ever felt like you might be called to “active duty” on behalf of spirit – I believe we are being called. Not to warfare, but Warriors of Light do need strength as well as love and compassion.

We derive our strength from our grounding in what is true, in the greater purpose of our lives, in the soul presence that overlights us.

You – one of the sensitive spiritual creatives of the world – came here to give exquisite soul gifts, as a heroic commitment to be of service to this moment of transformation on Earth, to help humanity as well as to grow yourself.

Yet most of us have felt to some degree disempowered, self-doubting, inadequate  – because we didn’t fit in to the world or circumstances we were born into. The truth is, we weren’t supposed to fit in… because we came to help bring about a new world!

Yet we nonetheless feel disempowered, perhaps wounded. And we need to address that, so that we can realize what we’ve come here to do and be.

The wounds we suffered were also no accident. Part of our mission – besides giving our gifts – is to heal and transform our personal wounds. By doing that, we not only evolve ourselves, but help create a field of healing for the collective to heal those very same wounds.

What we do ripples out and affects all of humanity. The more purposeful our personal transformation is, the more of an effect it has on the whole.

That’s part of how we change the world. It can be that simple.

We are all so inter-connected. Much of what we believe are our personal burdens actually come from the collective consciousness, do not belong to us at all.  And we can use our own healing to help release humanity.

This is part of what we signed up for.

In order to become empowered as the change agents, leaders and transformers we came here to be, we have to shift that feeling of not belonging in the old world and start to identify more with the new world we are helping to bring in. The new world where we definitely DO belong, even if it’s not here yet, even if it’s just beginning to emerge.

These are the two worlds we are here to bridge: “Heaven and Earth,” the old and the new world.

First we need to wake up from the case of mistaken identity we suffer from. We have to wake up and remember who we really are.

We need to become spiritually empowered and humanly, financially empowered, so that we can sustain ourselves while we are on the Transition Team, so we can be free to give our highest gifts.

Our soul didn’t make the enormous effort and commitment to incarnate at this time in history just to be squashed and suppressed. No! We came here to transcend those conditions and transform our sense of identity and free our greatest capacities.

And we’re not supposed to do this alone, either. We came here to be part of a great awakening, where more and more of us are helping each other step into our true powers – the powers that come with being a liberated soul, a sovereign spiritual being of Light, walking on Earth in  human form.

We can wake up together to inhabit the powers we came here to remember, to express, and to deliver.

Akashic Message: A Solstice Blessing

Hibernating Light 2
A Solstice Blessing
from the Akashic Guides

In the safe covering of darkness much is being created. Much is leaving the Earth and new forms are arriving within the shelter of the deepest internal spaces of life.

If you allow yourself to sink deep into that center within yourself
and feel safe there… And if you can there let go of what is trying to leave you and be open to receiving what is approaching in the shelter of darkness that you do not know yet… Let it be so.

Within the enclosure of that inner space of peace,
do not try to pry open the lid to know who has arrived. Just let the shifting of energies be felt in your being.

Allow the replacement of the old by the new to take place gradually
and softly, without having to look, peer within, and name the new arrival.

In the safety and enclosure of your inner space of darkness
let the new arrivals find their new home in you. Adjusting and shifting will happen and you do not even have to know what it is.

It happens while you sleep,
while your are looking elsewhere, not paying attention to the slow growth of God within you. That is as it should be.

Let the light come slowly at first from the tiniest seed,
then gradually fill your being with a soft glow as you get used to the new reality.
Softly and slowly the light swells and brightens but will not blind you.

Allow this gentle emerging of light to happen in its own time and pace
. Do not rush it.

You are receiving well the seeds of new life being planted everywhere in ripe and ready soul soil.  Do not disturb them, let them sink deep within you.
Trust this process.

Trust the dark hidden changes taking place
. Not all of you is visible, most of who you are is hidden to yourself as roots sink way beneath the surface. Let this privacy remain hidden in the proper realm of the Divine Gardner.

So are you being prepared for a new and glorious Spring.

All is well now.