Akashic Message: A Solstice Blessing

Hibernating Light 2
A Solstice Blessing
from the Akashic Guides

In the safe covering of darkness much is being created. Much is leaving the Earth and new forms are arriving within the shelter of the deepest internal spaces of life.

If you allow yourself to sink deep into that center within yourself
and feel safe there… And if you can there let go of what is trying to leave you and be open to receiving what is approaching in the shelter of darkness that you do not know yet… Let it be so.

Within the enclosure of that inner space of peace,
do not try to pry open the lid to know who has arrived. Just let the shifting of energies be felt in your being.

Allow the replacement of the old by the new to take place gradually
and softly, without having to look, peer within, and name the new arrival.

In the safety and enclosure of your inner space of darkness
let the new arrivals find their new home in you. Adjusting and shifting will happen and you do not even have to know what it is.

It happens while you sleep,
while your are looking elsewhere, not paying attention to the slow growth of God within you. That is as it should be.

Let the light come slowly at first from the tiniest seed,
then gradually fill your being with a soft glow as you get used to the new reality.
Softly and slowly the light swells and brightens but will not blind you.

Allow this gentle emerging of light to happen in its own time and pace
. Do not rush it.

You are receiving well the seeds of new life being planted everywhere in ripe and ready soul soil.  Do not disturb them, let them sink deep within you.
Trust this process.

Trust the dark hidden changes taking place
. Not all of you is visible, most of who you are is hidden to yourself as roots sink way beneath the surface. Let this privacy remain hidden in the proper realm of the Divine Gardner.

So are you being prepared for a new and glorious Spring.

All is well now.


Akashic Records on a “Divine” Business Plan

I asked the Akashic Record guides to comment on the question of having a “divine” business plan. Here’s what they said:

You who are reading these words will know that there is a deep and profound connection, an eternal and everlasting connection, between those of you on the Earth plane and the fields of light that embrace you.

And you should know that not only is there guidance and protection but that at this moment in your Earth’s unfolding there is being made available to you increasingly high vibratory light which you can utilize in clarifying your purpose, connecting to your true identity and uplifting the energies of the environment you live in.

Therefore going forth in your work on Earth – your walk on Earth – it is most encouraged that you use a “divine business plan” and not just the one your society’s mental and egoic agendas have devised.

Put before anything else that which most deeply matters to the life of your soul and your world. Put before all else the bringing into creation of the new marvelous realities that we see shimmering on the horizon for you.

Put before everything else your own inner connection to your personal guidance system, your own inner attunement to your higher nature, your own divine self

All has been prepared for this moment and nothing impedes your progress unless you do not step forward. 

Now is the time that you are being urged to step forward and live the light of your soul in all the ways of your life –  be they in business, in family matters, in ease of living and partaking of the pleasures of every day – it does not matter.

Who you are as you move forward has every opportunity to be lifted to a higher framework, from which everything you see is changed.

Do not let the constrictions of the fear/loss/scarcity model of dwindling resources constrict your breath. That is not the reality we see nor is it the one we wish you to be stuck to.

Open yourself to hear within your own being the eternal voice of the deliverer who brings only wellness and wealth to the heart that is lifted to hear.

Akashic Records: Why You Were Born Now

You who have crossed the threshold into this world have all agreed to be a participant in the world events that are taking place now. Regardless of who you are, you agreed. And then there are those of you who not only agreed but eagerly signed up because you saw there was a need and your shining light responded to that need. 

When there is a need it is natural for the attuned soul to respond, for the heart to open, and for the individual that you are on a soul level to want to offer your energy, wisdom and knowledge, your gifts and inspiration, in service to what is unfolding. Many of you signed up for a particular assignment. Others just said “I want to be there, count me in.”

Never has there been a greater blessing afforded souls who incarnate than to be alive at this time. I want you to take that in. The very fact that you are alive right now is proof of your courage and generosity and of the purity of your intention.

Now is a time of great movement and stirring on the earth plane and many of you are feeling uncomfortable in your bodies, minds, and emotions. That is not by accident. You are being opened, activated, and your development is being accelerated and prepared. The earth itself is moving and stirring, as are the energies all around you in the greater universal field.

Please be gentle with yourself. Do not blame yourself for whatever discomfort you may be in. Accept the journey and see it with the higher vision of your soul. From now on there will be many occasions to celebrate as well as moments of intensity and concern. But the direction is forwards.

You are all on the great ship together and the ship has embarked. Whatever seas your ship will encounter, you will stay together and you will arrive at your destination intact and in love. We do not call it “saving the world.” We call it carrying life to its next level.

Akashic Records: Finding Balance in Change

I asked the guides of the Akashic Records how we can keep our balance and equilibrium in the midst of disruptive change. This is what they said:

You are receiving daily downloads of transformational energy into your etheric soul bodies, whether you know it or not.  This is happening now on the Earth plane, and all who have prepared their vessels even partially are receiving enormous help from the forces of light who are bolstering your amplitude so that you can adequately receive the future downloads that are coming.

That is part of the instability you are feeling at times. There is an adjustment process that is happening in all of your cells and your energy bodies that is a quickening process, You are being asked to charge and recharge your energies in a way that is unprecedented in terms of the rapid changes happening – again, not just external forces at work in your world, but internal changes happening in your own fields of consciousness and soul-light energy.

Therefore, be of good cheer throughout this process. Know that you have much help on all sides surrounding you, far more than you could calculate or perceive.

Because space does not exist in the higher dimensions there is actually a magnitude of engagement and support beyond what would even seem possible, based on your human experience.

Allow yourself to be unmoored a little. That way you will float with the tides and not be thrown by the currents. It is all good and we wish to remind you, you have all agreed to be part of this great and beautiful journey.

Get ready to embark for new territories. You will not be sad to leave behind the constraints, no matter how familiar, of a constricting world once you step foot into the expanded new reality that is ever-approaching.

We send you our deepest love, blessings, and salute you for your courage and willingness to be part of the Great Game.