Yes and Thank You

Grandmothe:MadonnarMessage from the Akashic Records guides:

Beloved children of Earth, we who are not on the Earth plane are nonetheless connected to you by strands of invisible energy that ground you in the greater reality of life.

All of life is connected by these streams of energy; the life force flows through them and manifestation appears out of them.The invisible is the foundation for the visible and is the true ground of your being.

Nonetheless, while in the incarnate state, in the polarity of density and matter, many opportunities arise for you in the flesh that are unique and powerful. You are born to taste the plentifulness of creation and to contribute to it, each in your way.

Sipping at the cup of life is good but immersing yourself in those waters is even better.

Do not dive head first but let yourself gradually immerse yourself more and more, for life surrounds you with love and love is kind above all.
Allow yourself to be penetrated by the beauty and love of life and what is here for you. Do not disdain it, thinking Heaven is higher. There is no difference between Heaven and Earth on the most essential level, of that we can assure you.
Now as the Earth turns toward Taurus and the earthy beauty of generative nature, the fullness of abundance of all kinds rises to fill you. Greet it with gratitude.

The Mother beckons you. Meet her in bounty.

Hold your cup out to be filled in surprising ways.
Saying Yes and Thank you to the constant arising of the next moment is all you need to know right now.

As you say Yes and Thank you, your cup will be filled with love and kindness.


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