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Are you considering working with a mentor to help you finally discover and then birth your Sacred Work?

Do you have visions, dreams, and longing that keep eluding you?

Do you sense you have a treasure within you to contribute to the world, but you either can’t get clear on what that is, or don’t know how to get started? Perhaps you feel stuck or confused. Or if you already have a business, do you feel it doesn’t fit you quite right?

Do you feel blocked in the very thing you long for most – and don’t know why?
And are you wondering if it’s too late to start? 

Would you like to work with a seasoned guide who combines finely tuned intuition, keen insight, and grounded practicality?

If so, you are ready to apply for one of my Sacred Work Discovery Sessions.

Let’s see if we’re a good match to work together, and if we are – let’s see what we can co-create together. Because your gifts are needed!

PLEASE NOTE: A Discovery Session is NOT a free coaching session. It is a 30 minute (or more) “getting to know you” conversation. Please apply only if you are sincerely considering hiring a mentor (which means you can afford to pay for this) and want to find out if I might be the one. Thanks! 

 What Clients Say About My Free Discovery Sessions

“Thanks, Tomar, I am very excited about the wide possible vista for my future that you have revealed to me. It feels like all of my self-questioning about my future has been laid to rest in a ‘beyond-what-I-could-have-imagined’ way!”
Dianne Peck, Teacher and Author, Toronto, Canada


Tomar is highly intuitive, inspiring and able to see clearly what the soul most deeply needs to create its sacred work in the world. Her keen insight and sensitivity about the challenges and frustration that I’ve been experiencing allowed me to feel truly understood.

“She was able to touch and awaken a creative fire that has been burning inside me for many years.
Jonathan Stemer, Licensed Professional Counselor, Eugene, OR


That was totally accurate and amazing. I’ve been feeling fuzzy lately and your session clarified everything, put everything out there very clearly. Everything you said is what I’m dealing with. You’re fantastic. Thank you very much, that was very helpful.”
Su Bornstein, Eugene, OR


Note: Discovery sessions are based on current availability and the information you provide. 

Yes, I want to apply for a complimentary Discovery Session!

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Thank you!

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Tomar Levine is an Intuitive Life Purpose, Career, and Empowerment Coach, Business Strategist, and channeler of wisdom guides. 

Tomar supports those who feel called to make a difference in the world at this time of global transformation. Her clients are change agents and light workers with passion and purpose, who are ready to move forward with greater clarity, confidence, and power so they can make their contribution.

With her gifts for big-picture vision, creative breakthroughs, intuitive insight, clarity and structure, she is able to help spiritual entrepreneurs cut through what has been blocking them and reach their higher potentials. She knows that once you learn to embrace your soul’s calling and unique gifts, dissolve your blocks and free your power, you can do anything – including create a thriving business that helps change the world.