Work with my Guides

Would you like to connect with my guides? 

I am offering private 1-1 sessions with my guides, the Teachers of Light!

Most people know them for their wise, beautiful, and inspiring messages that I have shared with the public for the last few years.
You may not know that I also bring them in to my private sessions with clients

Work with my Guides! 

Where these “sessions with my guides” really stand out is in shining a powerful light on your soul’s highest potential and contribution to the world – what I call your “sacred work.” And in seeing your essence and gifts, and how beautiful, unique, and special those gifts are. 

Whether your sacred work takes the form of a business or some other creative enterprise, whether you feel inspired to express in a purely personal or spiritual way, or you already have a soul-based business that needs tweaking – my guides and I would love to help you take your work to the next level, and to discover further possibilities that exist for you. If you’re trying to make sense of your gifts, if you feel pulled in different directions, or if your self-doubts are holding you back – let’s talk.

If you long to be deeply seen and understood for who you truly are…
If you wonder which of your ideas is the one that you should put first…
If you wonder if you really have what it takes, and if so, what steps to follow…

Many spiritual souls full of gifts are highly sensitive and tend to lack confidence. But those are the very people whose gifts the world needs most right now. If that’s you, I’d love to help! 

We also can look into personal relationships and other key questions you may have.

I find that my guidance responds most powerfully to sincere questions, but not so much to mild curiosity or people who “just want to know what my guides will tell them.” So look within to find the deep soul questions or needs that are moving you at this time. 

The fees for this service (for a 75-90 minute session):

1 session: $225   
2 sessions: $400
3 sessions: $575 

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I consulted my guides about this, of course, and here’s what they had to say:

“It delights us to be invited into this more intimate partnership with you, to more directly support the beautiful souls who are here to bring light to the world, which the world needs so desperately.

Of the many beings of light who have been gathering and awakening on Earth, we know that many feel uncertain about how to get through what feels like a closed door.

We would be very happy to help you open that door, help you discover what lies on the other side of seeming confusion or pain, help you witness your own greater beauty, power, and potential as a source of blessing in the world. 

That is why we are here now – to feed nutrients of spiritual confidence to those who are the magical midwives of the great transition that is underway. 

We would like to extend a personal invitation to any of you who hunger for your next deeper connection with yourself. 

We look forward to what we will unfold together.”


My time with Tomar led to so many new REALIZATIONS and BREAKTHROUGHS, she got to core ideas right away. I did not anticipate the themes that came up from her guides but they all made perfect sense and the threads we explored are full of potential. Tomar gave me the confidence and inspiration to move forward and I am excited to continue working with her – as I know that left to my own devices I’ll drop the ball. She is nurturing, supportive and grounded, I highly recommend taking an opportunity to experience her intuitive gifts. – Caroline Gaddy, nutrition expert, human design facilitator

The two sessions with you were absolutely LIFE CHANGING, VISIONARY, AND POWERFUL.
I’m  feeling a deep sense of renewal in my whole being, and your session was hugely helpful in this process. It played a key role in integrating huge changes. Your guides really supported me in such a powerful way in making the decision to complete my book, and that decision opened up so much. So many exciting things are happening  as a result.
feel energized, confident and excited, whereas previously I had been feeling vulnerable, confused and uncertain. I am very grateful for those sessions and will probably return for more when I feel the need. Now I am just on a roll of such positive forward momentum I don’t need anything at the moment. – Debora Seidman, author, coach, teacher

This has been wonderful. I can’t tell you how helpful you’ve been. I want to thank you so much for putting the pieces together that I couldn’t see myself. I now know exactly what to do and how to go forward. And everything in my life makes sense. You’ve been amazing. I’m sure I’ll be in contact with you again. I love you and your guides. – Lynne G, divorce mediator

Before the session I had a vague sense of what my innate talents & gifts were.  After the session, I felt deeply valued & affirmed, perhaps for the first time in my life.  – Marlene  E., gardener

I gained CLARITY OF MY HEART’S DESIRE and direction on how to proceed. I was given confirmation, reassurance and permission to surrender to a deeper level of who I truly am. I highly recommend Tomar’s sessions to anyone who desires true soul guidance. – Gisela M, dancer, artist, healer

My session with Tomar and her guides was MORE LIKE A TRANSMISSION than a reading. I felt the energy of the guides very strongly, which was exponentially more powerful than just hearing words.
I feel blessed, seen, challenged, and inspired to not just carry on with my mission but step into it with a new devotion and faith that I am supported. What a gift! And I know I could go to Tomar for coaching on the followup to this detailed, practical and deep set of teachings and instructions. I am grateful beyond words. I will be continuing to unpack this one for months and years. – Pam Hale, author, photographer, shamanic healer

There is such an exquisite gentleness and realness that comes through in all your offerings, Tomar! The weaving together of your own very sensitive perceptions with that of your guides is  incredibly rich and beautiful. Your words, our conversation, are still resounding. You are a wizard. Thank you!  Daphne  Rose Kingma, Author

After a day of processing the information Tomar and her guides provided, I felt lighter – energetically lighter.  CLARITY is what comes to mind. Clarity in the direction I am aiming my life path, clarity in how I see the path, clarity into myself and the stuck places, clarity on insights for my business ventures, and clarity for a love partnership and personal finances.Kerry Lee, Transformational Artist

      Thank you for your amazing work!  – Bill Wright, Acupuncturist, CA

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