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Are you a women in your 40’s, 50’s or beyond who feels called to do, be, and give more of yourself?

Do you long to explore, discover and create what you’re truly capable of? 

Are you tired of holding back what wants to emerge through you, (even though you may often doubt it  – or not even know what it looks like yet)?

And is the world calling you also to step up and make your contribution? The contribution that is yours alone to make?

In fact, do you know – or suspect – or hope – that you have a role to play in the global transformation that is now gathering momentum?

If this is you, then you are a Wise Woman Waking.

Welcome! You’re in the right place.

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I’m Tomar Levine, and as a “card carrying Late Bloomer,” I know that it’s never too late to bloom. (Take my word for it!)

I also know that the time we’re living in calls for the wisdom, love, and power of the mature Feminine Energy – the Wise Woman archetype. That means that the world needs your gifts!


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