Will Women Save the World?

Today, Mar 8th, is International Women’s Day!

This got me thinking about the role of women in global transformation, and why women are so essential to creating a new reality on Earth.

Some of you know that the Dalai Lama said “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” (Yes, it’s true – he said that at the Vancouver Peace Conference in Sept., 2009.)

I don’t know what he had in mind, but I’ll tell you what think.

At this momentous time in history many souls have been born with a time-release capsule deep within our soul, programmed to go off, telling us “I must do something more with my life.. .the world needs me, how can I help?” 

Many women in particular have this time release going off now.

I believe that those of us born female chose this birth because we could contribute something desperately needed now, that is natural to women.

You may have heard that little girls are instinctively drawn to bonding and connection, while little boys lean towards individuation and competing. We’re actually hard-wired this way,it’s not just how we’re trained. 

Well, that’s just what the world needs if we are to survive:more bonding and connecting, and less separation and competing. This is what the “new paradigm” is all about.

That’s why it’s time for the female perspective to gain ascendancy: These innately female values are  actually needed for the survival of the species!

It’s time for humanity to reverse its priorities:

  • from short term gain to sustainability,
  • from wealth to life,
  • from competition, dominance, and the love of power to cooperation, collaboration, and the power of love.

From “me or you” to “me and you.”

And why is it the Western woman who will save the world?Third World women are making incredible advances too. But it’s the Western woman who, for the first time in history, has the education, affluence, and opportunity required to have real impact on the global stage.

We women finally have the freedom to develop our brilliance, creativity, and power, our genius and spirituality.

I don’t think it’s an accident that all these influences are converging – the urgent need of the world, a spiritual influx of energies, and the maturation of the Western woman.

I believe there is a force that is helping us to not just survive but thrive, and ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

You know, that instinct for cooperation, collaboration, and benefiting the whole that is natural to women? That is also the way of Nature. And Nature has always been personified as female, as mother. The Earth and Nature embody that female principle.

I think we are being helped by cosmic and spiritual energies and by the consciousness of Earth herself.

Not only women, but also enlightened men are now looking through this unitive lens. (Take the Dalai Lama as one example.) The holistic view of reality is even starting to be embraced by science!

Because of all of these amazing shifts happening together, I have great hope that we can birth the new reality in time! But only if each and every one of us does our part!

Are you doing YOUR part?

What is YOUR role in global transformation? I know you have one!



Will Women Save the World? — 2 Comments

  1. Tomar, I agree wholeheartedly we change makers have arrived here at this point in time together, although we started our journeys from different starting points – both time and location. I’d even say some of us are like gophers who mistook a warm, sunny winter day as the arrival of spring and poked their head up too soon. Spring has arrived.

    ‘Western’ women (which is farther reaching than North America) have the advantage of more years of trailblazers in our culture. We have a certain freedom to be part of or cut through traditional or modern roles in a way that men don’t. We can use that freedom and maneuverability to make change happen through unconventional channels. We can also use our history, and our future, as a way to hold the energy for women in more traditional cultures to move even more swiftly through their process of change.

    There is much Power awaiting us to tap into for making the changes we know need to be made.

    • Hi Lorraine – Thank you for your cogent comment. I agree with everything you said and like how you put it. I love the idea of gophers who were over-optimistic about the weather. Well, we’re here – however we got here! And it’s time! And yes, women on the whole have more flexibility within the culture and in our psyches to move in new directions (although I know lots of amazing innovative men too). Thanks for stopping by!

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