Why is Action So Hard? (Plus Some Remedies)

Boulder in RoadWhy is it often so hard to take action? Especially when there’s something you really want to do – like create a business that’s an expression of your soul? 
One of the things I focused on in my recent New Moon in Aries call (Aries = Action) was the blocks to action. Taking action has always been a challenge for me, so I’ve given this a lot of thought.
As a creative visionary, it’s more natural for me to think, vision, plan and imagine than to ground my ideas in action. I prefer the non-physical realms where everything is easy and quick. In the physical world it’s just the opposite – accomplishing things takes time and effort (have you noticed?).

I know many spiritual creatives who want to contribute to the world also deal with these issues, big time!

So I’m listing here some of the major blocks to action that I see. And I’ll take the top three and break them down for you – the issue, the truth, and the remedies.
(In future articles I’ll do more.)

Major Blocks to Action for Entrepreneurs: 

  • Fear of rejection or worse (Tall Poppy syndrome, Persecution Syndrome)
  • I’m not ready (Perpetual Student Syndrome)
  • Lack of confidence (Women’s Confidence Gap Syndrome)
  • Perfectionism – (Craftsman’s Syndrome)
  • Feeling stuck, no ideas, don’t know what to do (Shut Down Syndrome)
  • Too many ideas, can’t choose or focus, scattered (Creative ADD – Entrepreneur’s Syndrome)
  • Start but don’t finish (Aries syndrome)
  • Disconnect between mind and belly  (Visionary’s syndrome)
  • Memories of astral plane  (Spiritual Longing Syndrome)

Fear of Rejection (or Worse)  (The Tall Poppy Syndrome or Persecution Syndrome)
Issue: The fear of being judged, criticized, and rejected if you shine your light too brightly, get too big and are too visible. Could include fear of getting attacked or even killed if you are seen in your truth and your gifts.

Truth : 1) We’re sensitive, we react strongly emotionally. We’ve been hurt in the past and it’s natural to want to avoid pain.
2) We’ve had trauma in past lives, and carry embedded memories that can lead to irrational-seeming fears.
3) There’s a huge history on planet Earth of people being persecuted, harmed or killed for shining their light. Past lives aside, we tap into the collective energy field that holds the frequency of danger if you get too visible with your personal truth or gift.  This is real, but not personal to us today and definitely not helpful in expressing our gifts and living our purpose now.

Remedy: Treat these fears seriously. When they are deeply imprinted in our souls, they need to be addressed. This issue undermines so many sensitive, beautiful souls! Do some work on those beliefs and karmic imprints, to dissolve them. Heal the inner parts that are afraid. This is important, for without healing this fear you may be shutting down your energy source and it’s like driving with one foot on the brake.(There are many methods for healing, including EFT, which is easy to learn for free online and to use yourself. I also teach several other methods, including inner parts work, belief clearing and karmic clearing. Contact me if you want help with this.)

Not Feeling Ready (The Perpetual Student Syndrome).
Issue: This is one of many lies we tell ourselves. We say, “I need a little more training. If I just take that one course, it’s all I need. Then I’ll be ready”

Truth: Sure, we love to learn and learning is great, and there’s always more to know. But really, this is a delaying tactic. (I used this for decades myself.) Underneath it is a feeling of inadequacy and fear of risking painful consequences.

Remedy: You must catch yourself at this and challenge it. What’s underneath? Usually it’s the same basic fear: I could get hurt. What if I fail? What if people don’t like me? What if I succeed and can’t meet the expectations? Find out what your fears are and deal with them. There has to be a bigger and better reason for action than just staying comfortable and safe. At some point you must make the commitment to take actions – even baby steps – beyond your comfort zone, for the sake of what you really want. 

Lack of Confidence (Women’s Confidence Gap Syndrome)
Issue: In a recent article about lack of confidence in women, authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman wrote: “Confidence is the stuff that turns thought into action.”
If you feel, as I have, a disconnect between thinking and doing, these women say the bridge over that gap is confidence. Giving in to the anxiety, believing the lies about not being good enough, needing to excel to even dare voice an opinion, … even if these thoughts are unconscious, and what you’re aware of is slumping shoulders and wanting to give up…. this is a confidence issue. And it’s societal, not personal to you. It’s widely prevalent among women, butt sensitive men suffer from it too.

Truth:  We think we must feel confident in order to take action, but the opposite is true. Action is what leads to confidence. The way to gain confidence is by taking action. If you wait… (“I need to make one more training, get one more degree”)… until you feel confident, it will probably never happen.

Remedy: Fake it till you make it. It’s okay to pretend, in order to get past that barrier.
Push yourself beyond your comfort zone. You don’t have to always feel confident. You can feel courage instead – which is  feeling the fear and doing it anyway.
Take baby steps. Keep stretching bit by bit.
Get help – do it with friends, someone to nudge you and hold you accountable. Hiring a coach really helps.
Power Poses! By just taking certain stances, you feel more confident. Raising your arms up in a V, taking up space, is the body language of winners. Do it on purpose – your body affects your psyche. Go for a brisk walk, take deep breaths, take up space. You’ll feel like a winner! 

If you’re dealing with any blocks to action, I invite you to contact me so we can talk about it. I know I can shed light on your situation and how you can move past it. After all, we’re still operating in the aura of Aries, so let’s take advantage of that energy!



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