Why do we exist on Earth?


The time is approaching – no, it’s here – that we must take very seriously the reason for our existence on this planet. 

We didn’t have to come here, you know. We chose to.

And, as beautiful as Earth is in her finery, where we came from (and where our souls always reside) is more beautiful still.

We didn’t have to come here to experience the hardships, stress, and pain of a world filled with discord, dissension, and suffering – most often inflicted by humans on each other.

Yes, there is soul growth in meeting challenges and in experiencing a wide range of energies. But that’s not the main purpose of our being here.

We came here to help heal this world.  We came here to make another choice. But then most of us forgot. 

It is inevitable to forget. Life is overwhelming and we get conditioned to want things, and to believe many things that are not true.

We forget that we are Divine beings, on a mission. We forget that who we are is more than a “mere human,” struggling to survive, to matter, and to find fulfillment.
(And if we can achieve those, we’re doing better than most.)

We forget that we are expressions of a vast reality, and that this life is but one of many adventures we will have in an eternal existence.

Starting to remember is what we mean by waking up.

Remembering puts everything in perspective. Things that were important cease to control us and other things matter more.

One of the greatest discoveries you can make is that this vast reality you come from has never left you.

You remain connected, not just in an impersonal way, like the law of physics, but in a very personal and intimate way – like a friend you can talk to. 

And this relationship has a very particular function: It is designed to be a partnership.

Each party in the relationship has a role to play and together we can create miracles. Alone we can’t. We need each other. 

To fulfill our mission of healing this world, of changing course so we stop heading for destruction and make another choice – this is a job for the divine partnership between the human on the ground and the vast reality we are part of. 

Neither one of us can make it happen by ourselves.

The reason for this is that we live in a free will zone, where humans are meant to take responsibility, to become spiritual adults. We are supposed to work with the Divine realm – the vast reality – but we must take charge and ask for what we want. Otherwise it cannot intervene. That’s the agreement. It waits for us.

This asking is what is called prayer. But it’s not ordinary prayer. 

It’s not the kind of prayer where we feel powerless, scared or desperate, hoping to get saved from some dire consequence. It’s not the kind of prayer where we passively praise “the one on high.”

There is another form of prayer that is empowered: remembering who you are as a true partner with the Divine, not a mere supplicant. 

To heal anything, we must first rediscover and assert our leadership as the Divine Humans we are. For we are the only ones who can make change happen here. Even though living in the physical realm limits us, we have the authority to call on the Divine, the source of power in our universe. Because we are partners with it.

We cannot do it alone, and the Divine will not do it unless we ask.
Thus, we are the ones who can heal the world, who can intercede on behalf of ourselves and humanity once and for all and start to turn things around.

The secret I have been learning is the ability of authentic and empowered prayer to actually “make a dent in the Universe.” 

The Divine is real and it waits upon our word.

It’s time for us to find our voice.

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