Who is the Christed One?


Today is marked in our calendars as Christmas, the Christ-mass, celebrating the birth of oneness, in a single body, of the human and the divine.

That sounds a lot like you – and each one of us.

For each and every human being combines those two realities – two realms we have been taught forever to believe are separate.

We are each human and divine.

What is a Christ, anyway?
Christ – or Christed – means “anointed one.”
With what are we each anointed if not with the grace of our true origin?

Although raised in a secular Jewish home, I have had my own fascination with the person of Jesus, and with esoteric Christianity.

Nowadays I often use the symbol of the cross in my guided meditations.

Here’s how I do it:
First I invoke the vertical column of energy flowing through you, connecting heaven and Earth. (Sense that now as you send your energy down, down, down to the center of Earth and then up, up, up to the highest point above you, and feel your spine straighten and lengthen as the energy pulls both ways.)

Then I invite your energy to spread out horizontally, embracing the physical plane, encompassing all your animal brothers and sisters, and every part of the natural world.

This vertical axis and horizontal plane create stability as they cross at your heart – where many say your soul’s  flame resides. (Inside your heart is a secret chamber with a pilot light that never goes out. You can turn it up right now to shine even brighter.)

By the way, the six-pointed Jewish star similarly points to heaven and to Earth in two triangles combining the spiritual and material planes in one stable form.

The little Jewish boy known as Yeshua was said to be “son of God and son of man.” Yet so too is each one of us: in essence divine and in form – at least in this lifetime – human.

We are the meeting place of two realities. We are where the finite and infinite meet.

The times we are living in are, as you know, not normal – if “normal” is what we were used to. And we never know what is coming next.

This is a time of stress and sadness for many, while for others it is one of rejoicing and love. 

Wherever you find yourself this season, remember, you are still a divine being, for nothing can ever change that.

The truth is, you are forever divine and only temporarily human.

We all have what I call dual citizenship and it is our birthright to lay claim to what is ours. You can dial up the divine realm whenever you wish. You can call home.

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