Which “horse” is giving you more trouble?

Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 5.40.33 PMTwo forces are equally important if you want to live your highest potential. I think of them as the two “horses” pulling the chariot of your life and work.

One is the Horse of Purpose and the other is the Horse of Power.

The Horse of Purpose is an expression of your soul. It holds the vision,  inspiration, and joyful energy of your True Self saying Yes to its mission. This horse steers your chariot with its own built-in GPS and will guide you to your destination.

The Horse of Power, on the other hand, is ruled by your ego. It is also known as the Horse of Action. With its will, willingness, intention, and cooperation, it moves your chariot forward on the course provided by your soul’s direction.

Together these two horses form an unbeatable team and will carry you swiftly towards the fulfillment of your dreams.

But what if one horse is missing, or refuses to move? Or, as sometimes happens, what if they both are AWOL?

Sometimes our Horse of Purpose is asleep in the barn and we have to find and rouse him. Sometimes he has a Pegasus Complex and prefers cavorting in the clouds to being tethered to an earthly chariot.

And sometimes our Horse of Purpose is awake, harnessed, and rarin’ to go, frisky and full of energy. That’s when we’re ready to pursue our purpose!

However, even a lively and eager Horse of Purpose needs its partner. And all too often the Horse of Action is on sit-down strike, refusing to budge.“You want me to go THERE?” he asks. “Are you crazy? Don’t you know that’s dangerous? No way, Jose!”

What ails the Horse of Power? That horse is spooked by all the fears and limiting beliefs which, while only shadows, he takes to be real. These fears and beliefs, originating in your history, family lineage, culture, and collective thought fields, are preventing the chariot of your life from moving forward!

This is true of everyone. We all have these two horses, and they both must be harnessed, well-fed, and aligned together as a well-matched pair if we are to fulfill our desires and great visions.

And almost everyone I know has at least one horse, if not both, who are NOT functioning!

Which horse is giving you more trouble? Do you have a vision of what you want to do but something keeps stopping you?

Or does your vision elude you too?

The work I do focuses on getting these two horses to function as a powerful team, drawing your chariot forward swiftly and surely.

For the month of July I am offering 12 complimentary Wise Woman Waking Empowerment Sessions, where I will help you get more clear about your two precious horses and the relationship between them – and how you can get them to work together and make your chariot fly!

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