[Channeled Message] What to Do Now

I asked my guides to help us see what we can do in the midst of so much struggle and anxiety. This is what they told me:

There is much turmoil within and without in the world and within your inner sanctums of being.

This is not a bad thing. There is a general movement of convulsive proportions energizing the entire globe. These eruptions of hate and fear are not the ultimate truth of who you are. But these are seeds the human race carries within it and has done so for a very long time.

If you are to reach the farther shore of your awakening, these corpuscles of pain must erupt, must be visible, must be claimed as part of your inheritance on Earth. For it is on Earth that these negative toxins thrive and have been fostered.

There are many levels of reality and in some there is only light and in some there is deep compression. In the realm you inhabit you have a confluence of both expansion and contraction that coexist as seed forms within the collective field of humanity.

You are now in a phase of witnessing and ultimately expunging by illumination the primary cause of suffering on Earth.

You do not know it but you will become free, the more you embrace the paradox of humanity.

Each one of you belongs to the whole, including those who have arrived on Earth to do heroic work. You are not exempt from the situation of human suffering or shattering.

Yet you are transplants from another world and as such you have a chance to speak in a different language and to plant seeds of another color that will bloom on Earth. You are not alone, there is help and support for your agency.

You must not try to avoid, escape or shield yourself from the pain around you, but to envelope it in your wider witnessing through the mediation of your heart.

Your job is to be a witness to the testimony of love as the everlasting and only permanent truth of life. You are not alone. You have each other. It is time to join and renew together each other’s vows of consecration for the good of all.

Drink deep from the succor of the Earth, that nourishes and renews your life.

Expand into the widest space of vision that seeks to come through you as a vessel of birth.

That is now. It is happening now.

Do not look away and do not despair. This is the tightening of the vortex and the widening of the hope. Both are true.

You need you to renew your vows of purpose and to connect with the source of your invincible knowing.


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