VIP Days

VIP Days

The Full VIP Day can be delivered over one or two days, with a follow-up.
All VIP Days and Intensives are delivered virtually, by phone and/or Skype.

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Full VIP Day: Inspired Work Intensive (6-7 hours)

Module 1. Clarify Your Purpose and Your Business

Full hour-long Soul Guidance Akashic Record/Creative Visioning Session
Working with the Akashic Records, we will get detailed information about your essence and purpose, your highest gifts, the nature of your business, and your potential paths to prosperity – as well as the blocks that are holding you back and what to do about them. As you get clear about your “Big Why,” your energy becomes liberated!

After that we will develop your vision further, including possible forms and structures for your business, who you are here to serve, what they need and how you will solve their problems, and more – we will start to look at the “What” and “How” of your business. You will start to get a clear picture of how your business can look and how do-able it is. At this point, the energy gets very high!

(Total time: Approximately 90 minutes plus break)

Module 2. Clear Your Blocks

We will explore your limiting beliefs and will start transforming them, using the Belief Closet Process. (By doing this you will also be learning a wonderful technique that you can use on your own forever). This magical and playful approach will delight you and put you into direct contact with the creative power of your subconscious mind. You will experience the transformation of one or more fundamental beliefs that have been holding you back, providing much greater freedom and empowerment. You will have access to a transformed and expanded level of being that is extraordinary!

(Time: Approximately 90 minutes plus break)

Module 3. Spiritual Connection and Vision Your Future

Looking through the lens of the transformed belief, the newly empowered self that is liberated in that process will look into your future and will write a life and business vision for the next three years, infusing that vision with spiritual energy and power. You will establish a direct relationship with your Future Self, the one who has already succeeded at accomplishing  your goal, anchoring that goal into the present moment, and outlining the steps it will take to get there. By seeing through the eyes of your Future Self, you can also see glimpses of how your business will evolve, who you will be serving, and how. This is a very powerful experience that gives you a vision and a map to take away with you, to inspire and guide your business growth from the highest level. You will also have a simple method to reconnect to your own higher guidance whenever you want to.

(Time: One hour to 90 minutes)

Module 4. Integration and Plans for the Future

On the following day (or the day after that) we will reconvene to see  how all this new energy and information has landed and is being integrated. We will make sure you have a plan of action that you can start to follow, itemize your next steps and make sure you have the support you need to move forward creating your vision. You will have an opportunity to journal about the experience to deepen your understanding, and can  bring any questions you have to the follow-up session.

(Time: Approximately 1 hour – 90 minutes)

This one VIP Day will give you a huge jump-start into your purpose, your vision, and your business. It will also give you tools you can use ongoingly to clear any blocks you may have, and to connect to your Divine Self for guidance and inspiration. These are the fundamental building blocks that you need to powerfully move forward and create your Sacred Work.

A VIP Day is equal to more than the sum of its parts. The cumulative effect magnifies the results. This one VIP Day is the equivalent of three months of coaching. It is a deep immersion in the power and truth of your calling and will quickly launch your vision and your business. I don’t know of a better way to birth your Sacred Work, for I designed it specially for that.  I strongly recommend that this be your first step – you will come away with more than you can imagine.



Potential Benefits of  the “Inspired Work Intensive” VIP Day:


Career Benefits
Gain clarity about your highest, most fulfilling work, that you were born to do.
Leave with options for your own thriving, soul-guided business based on your purpose.
Outline your business basics: the Why, What, How, and Who.

Financial Benefits
Increase your likelihood of success by following your purpose: Alignment creates abundance!
Learn tools to finally clear the blocks that keep you from success.
Get insight into your own Personal Path to Prosperity.

Emotional Benefits
Identify and clear sources of suffering in your life (limiting beliefs and self-images)
Release endorphins by connecting to your true purpose
Create joy, empowerment, and fulfillment, by living your purpose.

Relationship Benefits 
Become more autonomous and less needy of others, so relationships become more authentic.
Attract more empowered and joyful people to you.
Relationships become healthier and happier as you do.

Health and Wellness Benefits
Release stress and frustration, known causes of illness, by aligning with your soul’s purpose.
Experience greater energy and aliveness as you step into who you truly are.
Higher frequency energy is an indicator for longevity, as well as improving quality of life.

Spiritual Benefits
Make a personal connection to your own Higher Self and Future Self.
Experience the spiritual love and support that is available to you. 

Receive more help from Spirit, in the form of guidance, synchronicities, and being “in the flow.”

I think you can see that the value of this VIP Day cannot truly be
measured in financial terms – it goes beyond that.
In fact, there is the potential for Massive Transformation!

Still, I’ve kept the fee down to make it accessible.
The fee for all of these benefits is only $1200!
(a very modest amount by VIP-standards).

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