More Thoughts on Radiant Leo

Screen shot 2014-07-26 at 10.10.14 PMI say Yay for Leo – love and romance, celebration, fun, and play… all those good things are part of his domain. 

But for me, what is central are the Leadership qualities – Being center-stage, magnetic, finally standing in my power and authority, rad
iating the gifts of spirit and giving them out to the world. 

Also confidence, determination, will power, strength of purpose, resoluteness, stamina, vitality – those words thrill me! 

And finally taking the leap! No longer holding back, being all that I can be. These are the hallmarks of Leo that sing to my soul right now. I do feel I am embodying these qualities more and more – and it feels overdue – or I’m over-ripe to be Leo! I guess I have longed to stand in this space for so many year that I’m just overflowing with it now. That’s why I say It’s never too late to bloom. Blooming is glorious, whenever!

Being Leo is how we give our gifts through what is called “marketing.” What that means to me is being clearly aligned with our message and purpose and feeling empowered and joyful in standing for it publicly. The soul is not self-conscious or apologetic about wanting to shine – it just gives unstintingly. It’s the ego that gets tangled up in knots. 

Of course not everyone loves the limelight. But for those who do, it gets wonderful when the pure energy of shining can be disentangled from the confusing complications of the ego. When those tangles can get out of the way, something very beautiful and pure can come forth – think of how little children joyously broadcast themselves. Or how flowers stand up and BE totally what they are. 

I celebrate Leo!

What do you think?

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