The Seeker’s Dilemma


When I created this painting  – many years ago, now – it was my attempt to depict one image of the spiritual path. I called it The Quest or The Seeker.

And for many, many years I have thought of myself as a seeker. Seeking spiritual connection, seeking learning, seeking my way, seeking my purpose.

I think some of us are born with a hunger. And some – like me – can feel more comfortable seeking than finding. Seeking is how I knew myself. But when you are identified with being a seeker, it tends to keep your goals always on the horizon. There is comfort in thinking attainment is just around the corner, will arrive the day after tomorrow.

Eventually I got wise to this tendency in myself. It will always be part of me, but I now make an effort to stay mindful of when I am using the seeker identity to keep from taking action.

I have learned that I don’t have to be perfect to take action. I don’t have to wait until I feel completely ready. I don’t even have to be sure that I’m on my perfect path that is leading to my ultimate perfect purpose.

I’ve learned that for me the medicine is taking action – and that taking actions beyond my comfort zone actually create miracles.

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