The Path Unfolds Only When You Walk On It

If you are a Spiritual Creative, you are probably conscious of being on a path – a spiritual path, a life path, or a path of self-discovery.

But being on a path does not necessarily mean that you have a clear idea of where that path is taking you. Sometimes all you know is that you want to move towards some greater alignment with yourself and your purpose, whatever that may be.

What if your vision is just a feeling, a sense, a glimmer of possibility? Something is calling you – but what is it, exactly?

There can be an enormous yearning in your soul without having to know precisely what that yearning is for.

How can you move towards such an elusive goal? . . .   

How? There’s only one way: take one small step at a time. When you feel that call, or feel drawn to do anything, take one step forward and see where you are then. Already the landscape will be different.

And if you don’t know which step to take? Ask for guidance.

Slow down. Breathe into your heart, and sincerely ask to be shown what you need to know. Whether you are asking Spirit, angelic guides, or your own higher wisdom does not matter. You don’t even have to know who or what you’re asking. Just hold the vision or feeling you have been given so far, tune into the yearning, and ask to be shown a possible next step, trusting that an answer will come.

Then maintain an attitude of openness, receptivity, and curiosity. Pay attention to what comes to you in the form of words, ideas, images, or synchronicities, at the moment of asking and thereafter. You can also ask Spirit or the Universe to bring you to the people, books, information you need, to open doors for you to walk through.

And when those resources come to you, when those doors open – it is up to you to step through them.

How can you know if it’s the right door? Trust your “feeling-ometer,” that place inside you that buzzes, hums, vibrates, lights up when you’re getting “warm.” Notice if you feel lighter, more open and expansive as you get a sense of what is calling you. Notice if it feels a little easier to breathe.

Here’s the thing: the path only unfolds when you start to walk on it.

You must set forth somehow, take steps, take a chance. And keep your inner focus on your highest vision as best you know it, even if it’s just a glimmer.  Keep returning to that vision when you get pulled off-course, as you will, a hundred or a thousand times. It doesn’t matter, so long as you keep waking up and returning to follow the scent of what is calling you.

It takes courage to step into the unknown, even one tiny step. And what’s calling you may require a leap. And you may not get a lot of support from those around you. But until you do step forth, until you do muster the courage to walk through that door, your destiny will be waiting for you.

With trust or uncertainty, with whatever courage you can gather, walk in the direction of what’s calling you  – even if you don’t have a clue what it is – and the universe will meet you more than half way.

Remember, taking actions beyond your comfort zone creates miracles!


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