The Light is Growing

I see a great light gathering in the world, even though it also brings with it shadows of darkness. We should not be deceived by those shadows. They are only the inevitable flushings out of the old as the new comes in with ever greater force.

I embrace each of you with the desire and wish that YOUR light be awakened ever more strongly as you reach up to become all that you truly are.

In this New Age of Light that is emerging through all of us together, you have the opportunity to experience the joy and fulfillment that is your birthright.

Know that you are entitled to complete joy and perfect fulfillment of your soul’s longing. In fact, this is the time that you were born for, and the stage is set to help you achieve your purpose in greater and more beautiful ways than you can even imagine.

A door has opened that you can walk through to greater empowerment and self-awakening. This is a truly joyous moment in the world’s history!

Please follow the urging of your soul and follow in whatever direction you feel drawn, or called. 

Take steps. Do that thing you have been waiting to do. Don’t put it off any longer!

Now is the time and you will find hands reaching out to help you as soon as you set foot upon your path.

I am also ready to help you if you should so desire (please see below for more information).

I hope you say YES to yourself, and to the blessing you are here to impart.

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