Claire Sierra 3

Our sessions never fail to catapult me in the direction I am seeking. Every time we talk, I come away clearer and more inspired.”

Claire Sierra, Art Therapist, Life Purpose Coach, Author (The Magdalene Path)


Karen O’Brien

The depth and power of our session keep working very deeply in me. I was utterly energized by it. Your work is the pearl that has no price.”

-Karen O’Brien, Healer-counselor, NYC


Jonathan Stemer


Tomar was able to touch and awaken a creative fire that has been burning inside me for many years.

Jonathan Stemer, Licensed Professional Counselor, Eugene, OR


Alistair Smith 2

“No matter what your calling, or how fragile your connection to that mysterious genius that wants to be birthed through you, Tomar will walk with you and help you give birth to that genius and nurture it into its full blossom.”

-Alistair Smith  Visionary Author, former Executive and Civil Engineer, Perth, Australia