Ten Steps from the Angels


Do you feel called to contribute to a more beautiful world?
Are you wondering what your role might be….
and how to bridge your “ordinary” human self with your Divine self…
the one who knows your purpose?

Do you long to fulfill your purpose and to take your next steps?

If so, you will find these Ten Steps, co-written by me and the Angels, to be inspiring, empowering, and immediately applicable to your life.

      Topics include:
    ~ The importance of self-acceptance and love on the path of Awakening
    ~ How to connect to your Higher Self and receive guidance
    ~ The two planes of reality we exist in and how to navigate them 
    ~ How to participate in the Global Shift that has been prophesied

    ~ Your mission and the importance of your power of choice
    ~ How to shine your light and be of service to others by just saying Yes
    ~ Why you were born at this important time to be a Pillar of Light
    ~ How to be a midwife to a new reality by taking one small step at a time

    ~ The vastness of the Divine plan you are part of – you are not alone!
    ~ Many exercises and practices to ground these principles in your life!
    ~ And don’t forget the illustrations (by yours truly)!

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I’m Tomar Levine, and I’ve been channeling guidance from spiritual sources – including, on occasion, angels – for over thirty years.

My mission is to support those on a path of Awakening, like you – so you can clear the barriers that keep you from fully shining your light, and make the contribution you were born to make. As a coach, mentor, healer and teacher, as well as a channel, writer, and artist, my goal in all I do is to amplify both personal and global transformation and to accelerate the birthing of a new reality.

What people have said about my
our messages are always timely and very supportive. Thank you so much for being such a visionary guide in these times!” – Debora S

I so appreciate your clarity as a channel, Tomar. These messages are crucial for our healing and evolution right now.” – Melissa Z.
“Hi Tomar, I am really resonating with these beautiful messages that you are sharing and each time I read one I just feel I want to share it with everyone…Thank you for the inspiration.” – Fiona D.

“Thank you, Tomar. These messages feel like light itself: clear and life-giving.” – Anna K.
“Thank you, Tomar! These messages are bright spots in my days.” – Sherrie S.

Beautiful and empowering messages for those of us trying to understand what the hell is going on” – Lindsley F.
“These messages are such a balm right now, sometimes the only thing keeping me afloat in what’s real versus what is apparent. Thank you.” – Claire S.

“Thank you for consistently holding up the lantern, so those on a path of awakening can see just a little bit further into the Unknown that lies ahead.” Katherine M. M.