Akashic Records – What is Success?

We are excited to be addressing you on the topic of success. That may surprise you but we may define success a little differently. In actuality what we see is the destiny of each soul, their journey, and the unnecessary struggling that so often takes place as souls lose their connection to their true self.

That is the primary purpose of life on earth – to reclaim that connection, and to uplift all with you. When you are firmly rooted in your true identity questions of success are not the issue so much as What does it really take to give all I came to give? How can I serve the highest purpose of my soul and of Life?

Where do you take your next step and who are the sacred partners of your co-emerging? That is the path and those are the questions before you. Where do I go? Who am I to serve? With whom will I travel? Why am I here? 

It is a beautiful time on earth when more souls are waking up to these questions and putting them first, even before material success.  Be assured that as you enter into your path of purpose, all else will follow. It must. You are here to complete cycles, to step into higher currents of your self-expression. The old models you have for so-called success are puny, I assure you, compared to the joy and fullness of life that await you as you are ready to move into them. 

All this and more can be yours in your life time if you dare to reach for it and not “settle” for what your world has held up as success. Go further. There is more! 

What Does It Take to Succeed? The 3 Keys of Success.


I’ve been thinking a lot about what it takes to succeed. Perhaps you have too.

And I’ve come to certain conclusions. Some I’ve known for a long time, some are new awarenesses. I want to share some of these with you now.


Here are the basics:

  • Purpose. When you connect to the deepest motivation of your being, the thing you were born to do, to be, to give – you actually turn on the power source within you that will propel you forward beyond all obstacles. When you really “get” what your inner purpose is, and say Yes to it, you will start the process of aligning your energy, heart, mind, and actions around that forward momentum, to become unstoppable. When your actions line up with your soul’s reason for taking form, doors  open  for you, synchronicities show up, and your path is made clear. Because your soul is on board, the spiritual realms open up to help you. It’s a magical experience!
  • Clearing Blocks. However, most of us have all kinds of resistance, fears, doubts, hesitations, or reasons why we think we can’t or shouldn’t go forward, even if we know our purpose. We make things hard for ourselves. We each have our personal bag of “stuff” that we drag around with us, that defines who we think we are. Our “stuff” keeps us stuck in the same old place no matter how much we try to change. If we do not do the work to clear those blocks, we will continue to walk in circles, in our familiar limited patterns. The good news is, it is possible to clear them – if you know how.
  • Vision Plan. Once you know your purpose and clear your blocks, you need a concrete vision to bring into manifestation. You must take the high inspiration of your purpose and ground it in reality, by seeing the possibilities for living it in the world. From those possibilities, you must identify and choose the one that calls to you most, commit to it, and start taking actions. This is where you shift from Inner to Outer Action. And once you commit to engaging in action, there are pathways to follow and secrets to learn. The main secret that I have learned is this: Don’t give up!

Those are the Big Three, the central Keys to Success. Without any of them, you won’t get very far. Without clearing your blocks, you will continually stumble. Without a clear vision and plan, you won’t have a map or a destination. And without aligning with what your soul is here to do, you may achieve surface success, but it won’t be satisfying.

There are many other specifics that may be relevant to your personal success. For me, some of them have been deciding that it’s really okay to live on the Earth plane, and being willing to cooperate with the laws of physical reality  – for instance, those irksome limits of time and space. That includes clearing clutter, keeping agreements with myself, showing up in a responsible way.

For you those particulars may be different. We each have our history, our self-images, our lifelong limiting beliefs, and they all come up to be worked on and cleared when our goal is to bring our purpose and vision into manifestation. In fact, there is no more intense or accelerated path to self-growth and personal transformation – I highly recommend it!

Another thing I highly recommend for each of those steps is that you have a guide or wise companion. The habits of the ego will just not let us take certain steps if left to our familiar self.

I would love to be your guide on your journey towards inner and outer success.

If you would like to engage in a process of discovery to see where you are in relation to the Big Three – give me a call and we can talk – for free. You can easily contact me here.