Akashic Records on a “Divine” Business Plan

I asked the Akashic Record guides to comment on the question of having a “divine” business plan. Here’s what they said:

You who are reading these words will know that there is a deep and profound connection, an eternal and everlasting connection, between those of you on the Earth plane and the fields of light that embrace you.

And you should know that not only is there guidance and protection but that at this moment in your Earth’s unfolding there is being made available to you increasingly high vibratory light which you can utilize in clarifying your purpose, connecting to your true identity and uplifting the energies of the environment you live in.

Therefore going forth in your work on Earth – your walk on Earth – it is most encouraged that you use a “divine business plan” and not just the one your society’s mental and egoic agendas have devised.

Put before anything else that which most deeply matters to the life of your soul and your world. Put before all else the bringing into creation of the new marvelous realities that we see shimmering on the horizon for you.

Put before everything else your own inner connection to your personal guidance system, your own inner attunement to your higher nature, your own divine self

All has been prepared for this moment and nothing impedes your progress unless you do not step forward. 

Now is the time that you are being urged to step forward and live the light of your soul in all the ways of your life –  be they in business, in family matters, in ease of living and partaking of the pleasures of every day – it does not matter.

Who you are as you move forward has every opportunity to be lifted to a higher framework, from which everything you see is changed.

Do not let the constrictions of the fear/loss/scarcity model of dwindling resources constrict your breath. That is not the reality we see nor is it the one we wish you to be stuck to.

Open yourself to hear within your own being the eternal voice of the deliverer who brings only wellness and wealth to the heart that is lifted to hear.

A “Divine” Business Plan?

The other day I decided it was time once more to get some guidance for my life and business.

I got out one of my favorite decks of Oracle Cards –  Sonia Choquette’s Soul Lessons & Soul Purpose – and pulled cards intuitively till I felt complete. That was after card #10.

When I looked through them I saw I had been given the equivalent of an inspired business plan – starting with Earth and ending with Heaven. (Above are the first and last of those cards.) So of course I wanted to share this “divine business plan” with you – with my comments.

Here are the cards I chose, in order:

1. .Build on Solid Ground . To me this means to make sure your values and your vision are rock solid, built on a firm foundation. Not pie in the sky, not inflated fantasies. But solid values, integrity, and trust-worthy practical principles. Are you fully grounded? Does your plan make sense? Is it do-able? Do you have what you need to go forward?

2. Choose Friends Wisely. Who are your companions on this journey? Who are your mentors? Starting a business can be lonely, and we need the support of those who understand and share our passions. There is great support available, both from peers and advisors. When you find the right ones, things can really take off. But the wrong friends can also take you off-course.

3. Make Necessary Sacrifices. This is a biggie – and has been hard for me. We all know that to make room for something new we have to eliminate something old – right? Information and shiny objects overwhelm and distract us. We all have cozy habits that no longer serve our purpose. Focusing on what you truly desire makes it easier to say no to what’s in your way – or so they say. (I’m still working on it.)

4. Love Your Spirit. To me, this points to the central inspiration of your business – that which your soul is here to do. Continuing to align with that, loving the purity of the impulse at the heart of your work, and allowing that love to infuse what you create will bring beauty and magic into everything you do. And it will keep replenishing your energy each time you return to your biggest Why.

5. Work With Devotion. There is a lot of work in building a business. We have to be able to dedicate ourselves to our work with love, curiosity, creativity, and willingness.Think of how an artist works with devotion – or how a child plays with total absorption. Love lifts work to a higher level. Devotion plus discipline lead to success.

6. Accept What Is. This is a big challenge for most of us – saying yes to just how things are. But we can’t move forward if we’re fighting with reality, because that hooks us and keeps our energies embroiled. Only by assessing your situation realistically can you know what your next steps must be. Learning to see with open eyes, without rejection or critique, without insisting that things should be different, frees reserves of energy needed to create your life.

7. Take the Lead. This is essential when you start your own business. You are the leader of your own business and your own life. Learn to be pro-active, to initiate, to move boldly. Let your light shine freely, for your soul came here to go beyond fear into the power of co-creation. As you start to risk and take actions beyond your comfort zone, you will be amazed at the miracles you see.

8. Be Patient. Just as you must be pro-active and bold, don’t expect to always see instant results. The biggest reason why businesses fail is that people quit too soon. Every birth must go through a gestation process first. Have faith in the rightness of your direction and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

9. Make a Plan. This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to lurch from one piece of advice to another, hoping to hit on what works. It takes a while to discern what is truly right for you. When you get clear about who you are and what you’re here to do, and for whom, then it’s time to envision what would make your business joyful and satisfying. This will naturally lead you to develop a plan. Though not written in stone, it will make everything you do flow a whole lot better if you have a map to follow.

10. Trust the Divine Plan. This may seem a contradiction to making your own plan, but it’s really a question of alignment. When you intend to align your will with higher intelligence, you will discover the best business guide there is. At the same time, trust that there is a higher plan for you and your purpose, and accept what happens as evidence of that plan – or feedback if you’ve gotten off-course. The more you stay connected to Divine Source and open to the voice of your intuition, the more you will find your business a revelation and a healing to you and to those you serve.

That’s the divine business plan the cards gave me. Does any of this resonate with you? Do you have anything you’d like to add? Do you have a divine business plan of your own? How do you relate to having a business plan? I’d love to hear.

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