Receiving Guidance, Releasing Fear

In a recent post I described the two voices within us – the one coming from our Higher Self and the other coming from our ego, or conditioned, or lower self.

It’s very important that we become conscious of these two voices, with their different motivations, these two sources of direction within us. We have to first make them conscious before we can work with them. Most of the time Ego-mind is what we take to be the voice of truth. We are not conscious of it as a voice within us with a particular agenda. Because it uses fear to control us, we are quick to believe it.

I think we are quick to believe this voice because fear taps into a very primal, primitive, survival instinct that is hard-wired into every one of us. Any hint of fear tends to make us fear for our survival, and that always takes priority!

In order to explore these questions, you need to hear both voices. You need to make room for the message of your Higher Self, with its vision of your highest potential, the purpose your soul took form for in this life. This is what inspires you, and lights you up. And this is where your greatest SUCCESS will come from, as well! . . . Continue reading

Do Your Higher and Lower Consciousness Collide?

Like me, I’m sure you’ve noticed that you feel radically different at different times.

In particular, I’m talking about my level of confidence, energy, readiness to meet the world, take on big goals, take risks, pursue my most cherished dreams.

There are times when I’m fired up with passion and zeal. And then there are other times when . . . well, somehow I can’t find my zeal, my confidence went down the drain, and I’d rather just quit.

What’s going on? Why the roller-coaster?

We have within us two very different sources of direction, guidance, or operating instructions, that tell us very different things – opposite things. . . .  Continue reading

Higher or Lower Consciousness? Which Do You Follow?

Do you sometimes have a great inspiration to do something big, magical, and creative? Something worthy of you? Isn’t that an amazing feeling? Expansion, feelings of power and joy and possibility.

But then what happens? Do you think about it a lot but can’t get started? Find excuses to keep putting it off? (“I’m not quite ready” is my favorite.)  Or do you start, but pretty soon you’re stuck? Does the wind go away and your sails collapse?And maybe a few weeks or months later do you find yourself wondering, as I have, “Whatever happened to that great idea of mine?”

Why do you (or I )some days feel expansive and full of trust and confidence, but the next day barely  feel able to crawl out of bed?

These inconsistencies happen to all of us. But why? . . . Continue reading

Soul & Ego: This Human Trip

What is this human earth-trip about, anyway, I found myself saying to a client today: We are souls on earth, here to unfold our potential from within. And we have no idea what that potential is.

What are we to do?

First we need to turn the spotlight of our attention inward, where that potential resides. We need to invite it to grow brighter and reveal its light and nature to us. We need to listen inwardly, so that we hear its impulse to act and express, hear and feel its messages to us, and sense its reality. It is subtle, it is quiet; it takes careful, attuned listening. We need to make a space for this in our lives.

We also need to gradually dissolve the rigid walls formed by the structures of our ego, that keep us caught in believing we are less than our true potential. When those barriers are reduced, our soul can become more free to flow and express itself, in the way that it alone chooses. . . . Continue reading