The Sublime Mystery of J.S. Bach

I have been luxuriating in a very healing experience – an immersion in the music of J.S. Bach for the past week, as WQXR-FM, a classical music station in NYC (my home town) has been playing ALL of the master’s music 24/7, from March 21st (his birthday) till Easter Sunday.

Bach has always been my favorite – and I know I’m not alone.

I’ve been pondering today what it is about his music that affects us so deeply, placing it for many in a category all its own. And something became clear to me.

What I hear in Bach’s music is an insight into the workings of the Universe – or (as he would doubtless prefer to say) into the mind of God.

What I hear is perfection and power of Mind combined with fathomless depth of Heart, embodied in endlessly varied Form.I hear mathematical complexity, order, and fractal patterning infused with total Love. I hear each dimension expressed at full throttle, holding nothing back – with each new invention adding to the inexhaustible creative drive, energy, and resource of the Creator.

I hear infinite tenderness, passion, joy, freedom, power, playful delight, and serene detachment expressed in turn, personal and impersonal at the same time.

I hear vast structures and intricate particularity, macro and micro expressing with the same precision even to the cellular, or atomic level.

I hear fully released intensity and unstoppable forward propulsion – just as the relentless creativity of Great Mind hurtles ceaseleslly, unfolding itself through evolutionary space/time.

What is the mystery that allow a “mere” human being (he looks ordinary enough in the images passed down to us) to bring through such vast, interconnected perfection?

I bow to the mystery and accept the gift of music, as I accept the gift of life, of cosmos, of Mind, Heart, and Form.


The Seeker’s Dilemma


When I created this painting  – many years ago, now – it was my attempt to depict one image of the spiritual path. I called it The Quest or The Seeker.

And for many, many years I have thought of myself as a seeker. Seeking spiritual connection, seeking learning, seeking my way, seeking my purpose.

I think some of us are born with a hunger. And some – like me – can feel more comfortable seeking than finding. Seeking is how I knew myself. But when you are identified with being a seeker, it tends to keep your goals always on the horizon. There is comfort in thinking attainment is just around the corner, will arrive the day after tomorrow.

Eventually I got wise to this tendency in myself. It will always be part of me, but I now make an effort to stay mindful of when I am using the seeker identity to keep from taking action.

I have learned that I don’t have to be perfect to take action. I don’t have to wait until I feel completely ready. I don’t even have to be sure that I’m on my perfect path that is leading to my ultimate perfect purpose.

I’ve learned that for me the medicine is taking action – and that taking actions beyond my comfort zone actually create miracles.

Are You a Spiritual Creative? Part II

Spiritual Creatives are insightful, intuitive, and imaginative, tender-hearted and passionate. We’re great at receiving inspired visions and getting excited about them. We are not always equally great at manifesting those visions. Taking assertive action and putting ourselves forward does not come easily to most of us.

In fact, we often shrink from the idea of promoting ourselves, of selling our services, of competing in the marketplace. This was certainly true of me for most of my life. The world can seem overwhelming and frightening when you’re a sensitive soul.

Hence, we end up hiding more than we need to, to protect ourselves from possible hurt. Not only do we have thin skins; we also have high ideals. Selling often seems crass and unspiritual to us, something we shouldn’t have to do.

But it is time to free ourselves from these self-imposed limits, because this is the time when the world needs us the most. Our gifts are called for now.

The very capacities that Spiritual Creatives have in abundance – creative thinking, intuitive connections, spiritual guidance, and a desire to serve – are exactly what are needed to bring our earth and our human family onto the path of healing.

We are being called from within – from the longing of our own soul to be all that we can be – and from without – by the world’s true and urgent need.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Spiritual Creatives are the people with the greatest gifts to give AND the ones who have the hardest time getting those gifts into the world.

That’s why I am dedicated to helping you free yourself from whatever is holding you back – be it issues around money, success, marketing, and self value; or lack of clarity in your vision and purpose. Whatever it takes, I want to see you bloom.

Because only when enough souls bloom will the earth have a chance to finally become the garden we dream of

Are You a Spiritual Creative? Part I

Many of the people I work with, play with, and are friends with are what I call “Spiritual Creatives.” This includes artists, healers, counselors, coaches, and transformational entrepreneurs of all kinds. Spiritual Creatives are idealists who would also like to be realists, who seek to live soul-powered, inspired lives, serve the higher good, and make a decent living at the same time.

Perhaps you are a Spiritual Creative yourself.

If you recognize yourself in this, you have probably been on a path of personal and spiritual development and awakening for a number of years. You doubtless have many gifts to give the world, and those gifts are knocking at the door, wanting to be let out.

You may have a deep sense that you were born for a purpose, even if you’re not quite sure what that is. You know you want to make a difference, to help others, to make the world a better place. You may believe you have some role to play in the historic shift of consciousness taking place at this time. I believe you do too!

I have always felt poignantly the gap between the potential within each of us and what does or does not get actualized.

That gap is particularly painful when it comes to Spiritual Creatives, who have so much to give, and whose gifts are so badly needed by the world at this time. And yet we may be the very folks who  have the hardest  time getting our gifts out into the world.

I include myself in this category and, as a late bloomer, I am finally letting my light shine out from under that bushel. Why this is I will go into more in my next post.