Akashic Records: Why You Were Born Now

You who have crossed the threshold into this world have all agreed to be a participant in the world events that are taking place now. Regardless of who you are, you agreed. And then there are those of you who not only agreed but eagerly signed up because you saw there was a need and your shining light responded to that need. 

When there is a need it is natural for the attuned soul to respond, for the heart to open, and for the individual that you are on a soul level to want to offer your energy, wisdom and knowledge, your gifts and inspiration, in service to what is unfolding. Many of you signed up for a particular assignment. Others just said “I want to be there, count me in.”

Never has there been a greater blessing afforded souls who incarnate than to be alive at this time. I want you to take that in. The very fact that you are alive right now is proof of your courage and generosity and of the purity of your intention.

Now is a time of great movement and stirring on the earth plane and many of you are feeling uncomfortable in your bodies, minds, and emotions. That is not by accident. You are being opened, activated, and your development is being accelerated and prepared. The earth itself is moving and stirring, as are the energies all around you in the greater universal field.

Please be gentle with yourself. Do not blame yourself for whatever discomfort you may be in. Accept the journey and see it with the higher vision of your soul. From now on there will be many occasions to celebrate as well as moments of intensity and concern. But the direction is forwards.

You are all on the great ship together and the ship has embarked. Whatever seas your ship will encounter, you will stay together and you will arrive at your destination intact and in love. We do not call it “saving the world.” We call it carrying life to its next level.

After the Storm

This photograph is a hoax – a manipulation of two separate pictures perhaps passed off as real. However, to me it’s a work of art – a powerful image that is both an evocation and a metaphor.

I live in New York City. I am fortunate to live on high ground, in upper Manhattan. We didn’t lose power. The fierce rain and howling winds last Monday night, and the downed trees I saw the next day are tiny compared to the extreme and protracted suffering of so many of my fellow New Yorkers who live in more afflicted areas.

The storm wasn’t the only blow I’ve had recently, either. In completely unrelated events, I learned of the deaths of three people I have been close to, just within the past two months.

Now, I’m a firm believer in the continuance of life – vibrant life at that – after a person sheds their physical body. Yet I not only grieve my personal loss, but notice the pulling away of some of the underpinnings of my seemingly “solid” world.

By that I mean the familiar, the unquestioned conditions I’ve simply taken for granted – can you relate?

When things change it disturbs our equilibrium. We lose some of the foundations of our sense of safety and well being – which we didn’t even know we were relying on. The loss of these “unconscious supports” can make us feel strangely destabilized.

The supports I’m talking about could be my assumption that I can always pick up the phone and call someone – that they’ll always be there. Or my feeling of invulnerability because I think I live in a region that does not get dangerous weather.

That picture of the storm over the Statue of Liberty suggests to me the unexpected, threatening the security and freedom we take for granted – whether the threat comes as a storm, as a personal loss, or even in the form of political events that could radically  change our landscape.

I think it’s universal that we humans crave security, and so project permanence onto what is by nature going to change. I see myself doing that again and again, whether it’s with a relationship or even my own moods (go figure!).

How do you see yourself doing that? Have you suffered when you lost some form of unquestioned support? Can you think of conditions you “project permanence” onto now?

It is hard to hold the perspective of impermanence that the Buddhists prize so highly. The longing for stability lulls us. Our desire for that security goes back to being an infant in our mother’s arms – it is that instinctual and basic. We really can’t help it!

And yet, Buddhism also tells us that this is one of the chief sources of suffering. What can we do?

What I take away from this contemplation are two main lessons:

  1. Savor and cherish the fleeting, changing, sparkling, impermanent world, and allow the poignance of knowing it must pass increase its sweetness for you.
  2. Seek and find that which is not fleeting, that which is eternally present, from which all life and movement continually arise. Spend time abiding  there, in meditation and awareness.

The more deeply we are anchored in the ground of our being, the more joyfully can we surrender to the dance.

The Path Unfolds Only When You Walk On It

If you are a Spiritual Creative, you are probably conscious of being on a path – a spiritual path, a life path, or a path of self-discovery.

But being on a path does not necessarily mean that you have a clear idea of where that path is taking you. Sometimes all you know is that you want to move towards some greater alignment with yourself and your purpose, whatever that may be.

What if your vision is just a feeling, a sense, a glimmer of possibility? Something is calling you – but what is it, exactly?

There can be an enormous yearning in your soul without having to know precisely what that yearning is for.

How can you move towards such an elusive goal? . . .    Continue reading

Called to Purpose: Your Next Steps

I’ve been thinking a lot about next steps – my next steps, the next steps you in my community are making, and the next steps that I believe our world is on the brink of.

These are not just baby steps I’m talking about. I believe we’re all on the verge of something big – a true transformation.

And yet, the actual steps have to be easily do-able, or we will never take them. And that includes lots of tiny steps along the way. As we all have heard, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

What about you? Is there a journey you feel called to embark on? Is there a longing, an inner pull, maybe even a clear or semi-clear vision that you’ve been wanting to bring forth?

And is what’s stopping you that you’re just not sure what your first step should be?

What excites me most about what’s happening in the world today is the intersection of two levels of purpose that a lot of us are responding to.

Many people are feeling the call of their soul, the call of their personal purpose, whether that call is clear as a bell or still shrouded in mist.

And at the same time, many are also feeling another call, the call to share in a much bigger, planetary purpose.  . . . Continue reading