11-11-11 is here!

Today is an auspicious date: 11-11-11!

There has been much anticipation of this date and the new era it may herald. The triple “master number”  (11 being an important master number in numerology), along with other influences, signifies to many a turning point, a portal to a new dimension. I have heard this date described as a gateway, an initiation, a quickening on the way to the ascension of 2012.

Are we really receiving an influx of energy, to lift us to a higher frequency? I believe that is definitely happening in an ongoing way, but is there something special about today, 11-11-11? Is this the beginning of a New Age?

I don’t pretend to know the answer, but there’s one significance of special dates such as this that I really appreciate: they are focal points for collective awareness

There is much power in pooling human consciousness towards a common goal, much as rays of light become aligned, from diffusion into a single laser beam. It is a way of manifesting the oneness that we all are feeling more and more, and which 11-11-11 is calling us to remember and honor.

One of the lessons we are all learning is the power and necessity of conscious intention as the first step towards manifesting what we are called to create. How much more powerful is the aligned intention of a group, focused on a high vision.

Many of us on the Earth today I believe were born to help midwife the transformation of consciousness that is humanity’s greatest challenge and promise – and greatest necessity if we are to survive!  Joining together in collective intention is one of the technologies required to bring this about.

The crises we as a species are facing will continue to call more and more of us to come together in unity. That is one of the blessings of this time.

May the focus placed on 11-11-11 also serve as a doorway – one of many – into the re-collection of our spiritual vision and  purpose, helping us to take the next steps forward in our evolution towards becoming who we were always meant to be: spiritual explorers in a never-ending mystery.